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When you're feeling the pinch, that doesn't mean you don't have to eat well! Here are the places where I've had great meals at wallet friendly prices!
Dex Neo
Dex Neo

Sous vide and then grilled, the steak from 5 Senses looked promising. Sadly, it was quite tough and chewy which was a bit of a let down after all the hits here (still tasted good though but you'll get a good jaw workout). 😖

I guess it can't be helped at the price you're paying but there's many other awesome things to order here (their carbonara, anything with salmon, the CUSTARD APPLE 🍎 😍) so don't worry about it. 😝


Newly opened on the second floor of Bedok Point, 5 Senses serves up wallet-friendly western dishes making it a great place for a small family dinner or gathering with friends. 🍴

The salmon was one of my favourite dishes we had. Delightfully soft and moist yet it came with crackling fish skin! Most places fudge this up but 5 Senses manages to deliver a spot-on salmon. 👌 I do wish they'd serve it with without the peas, corn and carrots that looks like it comes from a frozen package but that's a small complaint for a salmon dish at this price.


Ohh, this packs a kick! 😘🌶 Truly reminded me of the awesome, head-clearing tom yum soups we had in BKK!

A really simple bowl of noodles in fiery tom yum that we slurped it right up – never mind the impending tom yum brain. 😵 Don't forget to get the add on deep fried egg bits ($1)! Sprinkle it on or dunk it into your soup, tasty either way! 😋


Fried rice paradise, babaaaay! 😋
Just a simple quick dinner option that never fails to satisfy. This cozy joint in east village serves up great grub at amazing prices! 💵
With good wok hei, flavour and separate grains, this normal looking plate of fried rice impressed. It even came in a portion almost big enough for two to share.

This was a simple dish of eggplant in a spicy garlic sauce but it was pretty satisfying! Eaten with their signature Yangzhou Signature Fried Rice ($3), it really hit the spot for comforting, home cooked food. 😊

We were really surprised with the portions and quality of the food! Looking forward to visiting again soon and trying out a whole bunch of other food! 🍛


Who thought a bak kut teh shop would be selling such cool dishes like this? 🍲

This Fried Laksa was the most fun and exciting plate on our table at Rong Shu Xia Bak Kut Teh. Wet and quite lemak, it's kinda like hokkien mee but mixed up with the spicy coconutty flavors (and guilt) of laksa. 😂

I was quite underwhelmed by the actual bak kut teh though, which didn't pack that herbal kick you'd expect from the JB-style BKT. 😣 But at those prices and variety, I'm sure everyone can find something they'd like!


Body's been telling me to stop but I keep putting them 🔥🌶🔥 in me!
Open two doors down from well known Nakhon, both eateries were full when we popped by. Helmed by the former chef from Nakhon itself(do I sense a little drama behind this 😝), you know the food at Nangfa is gonna be good too.

Get the Tom Yum Soup ($6) for all your sweet, sour and spicy needs. Did wish it had a bit more of a kick though - think the mala from the other day has damaged my tastebuds 👅 The Minced Pork in Basil ($6) is another great sharing dish which actually comes with plenty of long beans too so you don't really need to order another veg dish. You might also want to get the Thai Stuffed Chicken Wings ($4 for 2), crispy with crunchy chunks of water chestnut.🍗

Total bill for 6 dishes we ordered :$40! (The table of 3 who ordered 3 dishes were judging us). So definitely great value for your moolah! 💰


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