Cafes To Check Out

Cafes To Check Out

Have some time to hang with the squad but lost as to where to go? Here's an authentic guide on what I feel are good places to go! I'm not sponsored (sadly)
Nicole Kwok
Nicole Kwok

I am still intrigued by their odd hemispherical shaped poached egg with the slightly rubbery edges. But the brioche was flavourful and the salmon was fresh. The eggs could use a little less time in the water as the yolks were not as runny as I would like. Well but I'm a sucker for egg benny and smoked salmon so it was still a good meal. Also, i like craftmen. The people are usually friendly and the vibe is 👍🏼. No stress, very Ang moh. Natural light and just watch people pass by.

Simple. No side of salad or other stuff to glam the plate up (the plate quite glam already la it's stone-hipster alert) but the Benedict was on point. Think crispy English muffins toasted to perfection, fried crab cakes that are crispy, stuffed with crab meat and have a great char to it (aka wok-Hei) and perfectly poached eggs with slightly tart but decadent hollandaise. One word - YUM. It was really good... so good that me and the Friend ordered 3 to share. Aka 3 English muffins, 3 eggs, 3 crab cakes each. Too bad they are closing now as the American style diner was so easily accessible (right next to the MRT), had large seating capacity, and was really pretty. Although it was quite costly, it was worth every single penny 👍🏼 hopefully they will bring their signature creations to Montana so pig in me can continue indulging 😍

SPOILT FOR CHOICE. that was what came into my mind as I studied the revamped menu today. And disclaimer: this isn't even my first time there. In the end, after wishing I was a cow (for their 4 stomachs) I decided on the Assam crab waffle. I was hoping for the tangy yet spicy dish I love so much and having read many raving reviews about it, my expectations were high. The waffle was large and crab pieces were chunky and fresh but the dish in general was slightly... underwhelming? The waffle had a yellow hue to it but there was no distinct taste and the sauce provided was not spicy too. Quite disappointing as I love my food spicy. Still, the pig in me had to ask for extra sauce and finished everything anyway. Also, I had the fries which were on point. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside👍🏼. The Friend had the burger but only ate half because she was on the "carb free" diet. Pig in me was secretly happy and ate the tender fried chicken 😍. Pig in me will continue to go back to try the other items, especially their other burgers and sweet waffles.

I personally prefer skinnier fries but this slightly thicker fries was still delicious! 😍 loved the caramelised onions and relish was delicious. Will be back to try the other dishes. Love their all day breakfast menu

This dish was delicious beyond believe. Not too expensive and I will absolutely go back to have this again. Eggy, sweet and slightly tart. Delicious.

This dish was good because the quality of the salmon and hollandaise was good. The asparagus had a good grill on it and the avocado added a nice touch of creaminess. The brioche was also very hearty and delicious. Service however was slightly half hearted. Water was not even served and prices were rather steep

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The checkered cake sponge was very soft and fluffy which made it a very light and delicious cake to have even after a hearty meal.

However, I was disappointed in the matcha eclair as the choux pastry was very hard and not worth the $6 at all. Very disappointing.

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Big sandwich topped generously with mushrooms, bechemel sauce and cheese. Really good sourdough too. Crusty and strong bready taste. Delicious abeit it being slightly expensive.

A healthy bed of quinoa and sautéed vegetable which a thick fat slab of unagi. What sets this dish aside is the runny onsen egg which is done to perfection. Service is fast as most ingredients are prepared and only require warming. Don't be taken aback as it still taste deliciously fresh. The coconut drink was Super refreshing especially in the hot Singapore weather. Hidden in Duxton, I would specially make the trip just for another bowl. Love this rustic cafe

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