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Geri Hor
Geri Hor
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Pricey, but I can’t imagine not ordering it when dining here! Ooey gooey yummy comfort is why I come here. Also great beer and chic spot, love dining by the bar. Fab service too! This is pictured without the spring onions.

From The Masses at Beach Road; a new casual dining concept serving contemporary cuisine by Chef Dylan who previously used to co-own Saveur.

C+C actually refers to the crabmeat and caviar that tops off the pasta here — the starter portion costs $9 and a larger portion suitable for a main costs $14. A pretty light but umami combination of flavour that puts the meal to a good start. They seem pretty generous with the caviar here.

Garlic fried rice comes with a rather large serving of beef cubes and onsen egg. Beef cube was stir fried with red wine and give a nice flavour to it! Mix the onsen egg into the rice to give the rice an extra oomps!

I finally got to have a taste of the recommended and totally instaworthy Berry Muffcakes. I felt it was more of a muffin top served up like a pancake - texturally it was dense like pound cake, served with cubes of ice cream, berries and flowers. Not something I would order for breakfast (which is what my friend did) but quite nice for dessert!


Ordered the lamb chop, super delicious.

Place is very easy-speaking and hippie-style, for those who are super foodie, it is a must try out place!

Wagyu had a nice flavour from the fats and was quite nicely blackened, however the meat was slightly chewy while the fats were soft. On the other hand, the pork cheeks were utterly stunning, with a crispy, incredibly smoky surface and super tender inside. Quite liked the creamy, slightly sweet sauce drizzled over but not the minced pickled ginger which tasted a little weird here even if it did serve the purpose of cleaning your palate

Specializing in their steaks, the restaurants aims to bring in seasonal cuts from different producing countries so that diners will have a unique experience each time they patronize. Having a motto of bringing farm to table, Steakville aims to deliver a meal of quality and honesty. Pictured is the Signature Hangar Steak that will set you back at only $15 (we had an additional 150gms for a topup of $13); a perfectly seared 150gms of lean beef served simply with a house leaf salad, truffle mustard and Maldon seasalt, which the latter acts as an enhancer to further bring out the natural flavours of the beef. For a different cut and with a little bit of fats, you can also opt for the Hunter’s Ribeye Steak ($24); a juicer steak that brings a different flavour to the table.
Address: 91, Bencoolen Street, Sunshine Plaza, Unit 01-56, Singapore 189652

Went to the one at JEM, located at level 1. Saw a few reviews from Burpple and decided to give it a try. My friend ordered the Seafood Vongole while I ordered Ru pong (shown on photo) the taste of the vongole actually felt choky at first because of the spiciness but got used to it after awhile. The one I ate was really delicious and worth the try! Filled with mozzarella cheese and generous portion of mussels. It was really creamy and tangy. I like it very much and would definitely go back to try the other dishes!

It tasted somewhat like Spanish Paella but what differentiated this dish was its flavor with an omph to it yet not too over savory. Rice which was cooked in prawn bisque has fully absorbed the essence of it relishing hints of umami flavors. Fresh succulent light tasting prawn and scallop has complemented the heavier tasting chorizo pretty well.

The dish married the smokiness of Chinese sausage claypot rice with the steamy moistness of paella, with the ikura providing explosive spurts of salty pleasure in your mouth with the rudeness of a circa-2000 Janet Jackson sex-jam. 4/5

More about The Obelisk on the website:

Best part is they crack the shells here for you so it’s easy to just eat them

With more than 620 stores across Korea, they offer healthy pizza dough with a Korean twist.

Chicago pizza is made with black rice dough like Real BBQ Chicago ($26.80, 9” pizza) whereas Premium Pizza such as Mango Ocean ($19.80 for 9” pizza, $23.80 for 12”) uses green tea dough that is exclusive to them! Other worth noting dishes include the Bibimbap Tower and range of crispy Korean Fried chicken.

Pizza Maru
Address: 1 Northpoint Drive, B1-191 South Wing, Northpoint City, Singapore
#pizzamarusg #피자마루

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