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Geri Hor
Geri Hor
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We had the Original Poke Shaker ($17) and Umami Omega ($17). Ever had the feeling of not wanted to finish your food so it can last a little longer? oh man :’) my fav part of the dish is basically the crispy kale chips with addictive lime avocado (i’m such a sucker or avocado 😭) AND THE SALMON ohhh god. It was our first time trying buffalo wings ($14) and we didn’t expect it to be THAT sour. Is it meant to be like that? oh man it was a cultural shock but overall experience was GREAT & will definitely head back to try more stuff.

Assorted Cheese Platter [$12], Deep Fried Calamari Arrabviata Sauce [$22], Sautéed Prawn Garlic and Olive Oil [$20], Burrata Cheese and Parma [$38/M], Risotto Porcini Mushroom [$38], Capricciosa [$26], Homemade Chocolate [$12].

Happy hour from 5-7pm for the Menabrea beer 4btl for $25++!!!! 😍😍 Sooooo cheap!!! Highly recommended the Risotto and Burrata cheese and Parma ham! 😋😋

A place to drink and chill after work 🍻🍷

Prices stated before GST & SC.

Awesome possum hands-down mind-blowing ribs at Camp Kilo today. We thought it was good the first time we had it, but this second go was — if possible — even better. The ribs were moist, juicy, not entirely falling apart and still retaining a nice bite; and most importantly, generously slathered with that luscious BBQ sauce. What makes this different from other outstanding ribs I've tried, is how the meat was clearly well-seasoned and salted, tasty enough on its own without solely relying on the sauce for flavour.

Pain perdu ($16)-cinnamony, exterior is crusty but inside is incredibly pudding like and moist. Did not expect to get such good french toast here 4.75/5

Located just a stone's throw away from Botanic Garden MRT Station is The Garage, a two storey colonial house that was formerly a stable for cars. It is now home to two concepts, Bee's Knees and Botanico. By day, Bee's Knees serves hearty meals, cakes and coffee on the first floor, great for chilling out on a weekend with the kids and pets. While the mains at Bee's Knees didn't impress, we recommend ordering the beautiful, floral-themed pastries like the Honey Lemon Rosemary Tart ($7) and the Banoffee Tart ($7) for tea break instead. Come nighttime, the second floor concept, Botanico, dishes out well-executed, beautifully plated dishes in an elegant space, great for a date night. If there's one item on the menu that you must order, let it be the Chargrilled Iberico Pork Belly ($26). The wickedly good dish that Burppler Shawn Loh describes as a "hot, steaming and incredibly soft, moist and fatty porcine kiss" is guaranteed to satisfy all meat lovers. Pro tip: On a cool night, opt to sit outdoors and take in all of the surrounding lush greenery.
Avg Price: $40 per person
Photo by Burppler Shawn Loh

Was intrigued to try this extra thick spaghetti and really enjoyed the extra bounce. I think the current version uses pappardelle though, but the Thai curry sauce is still the same plus the usual suspects — crunchy yellow squash pieces and sweet big chunks of crab meat. Although the sauce was considerably mild for a curry and wasn’t too rich, the Thai basil leaves did a pretty good job of brightening up the dish (unless you’re not a fan of liquorice).

Mind blown. Crustacean essence was rich, decadent and intense, with generous portions of chunky crab meat and roasted cherry tomatoes. Love the spicy breadcrumbs for the kick and added texture. Pasta was also cooked to perfection. You really can’t stop at one spoonful!

Will be back for the pizzas!

Smoked egg wagyu uni ($12 for a pair) - all the yumminess compact into one mouthful swift move. Tasty! 😋
. Crab Arancini ($12 for 4pcs) - gone in 3 seconds! Very soft & creamy!
. Burrata cheese with San Daniele ham ($15) - not the best that I ever had but got standard lah 😋
. Fresh Japanese Oyster & Ikura ($8 each) - totally overloaded with the Ikura but was super fresh & juicy! Just shoved the entire goodness into your mouth to enjoy the outburst. Could be slightly salty for some 😘
. Grilled squid with spicy tomato sauce & squid ink sauce. The sotong was soft & chewy and well executed & complimented with the sauce
. Luka Housemade Wagyu Bresaola 30g ($12) - savor this air dried salted super dark red beef ham with your favorite drink 😀
. Salsicca ($14) - Luka housemade sausage was soft & nice! Love those radishes too 😘
. Gamberi ($15) - grilled prawns with garlic, mustard seed & curry leaf 👍🏻 But why the prawns so skinny huh?
. Wagyu Beef Tartare ($16) - fantastic to share in group as it seemed like we had overdose of tartare for the nite. Wish it came with more fries (potato fritter as the menu stated) 😜
. Tuna Negitoro Crab Meat Ikura Tartare ($15) - not bad lah but I’m not a ‘tuna’ fan 😅
. Trippa ($16) - beef honeycomb stew with egg. Not my cup of ‘baked beans’ 😜
. Wakasagi Fish Fritto ($13) - looked good but I didn’t try, not very keen on fish, especially pregnant ones 😅

6th review! Def one of my FAV restaurants. The cold pasta is undoubtedly one of the best. Friend decided to be greedy & ordered an entire cold pasta for herself so i finally got to try a different pasta!! 😁
Previous: 31Mar
>Scroll left for more pics!<
Rating: 9/10
Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes
Pros: Service improved. Consistently good food. Generous servings. Everything u see in two plates is actually 1 serving. ❤ the cold pasta. Crab meat penne comparable, but still prefer @pastafrescadasalvatore 's version. White asparagus (seasonal) was superb! Very good lamb chops, t-bone beef & pistachio ice cream too.
Cons: DON'T attempt to finish the cold pasta by yourself, it's extremely jerlat. Apple tart not fantastic.
Price: S$202.44 - 2pax, finished everything

But this isn't about what you need... this is about what you crave with all the fire in your soul... homemade taglioni, quality butter, rich stock and enough truffle shavings to make Batali blush... make sure you eat this one with people you like, or else it's going to be impossible to share... #burpple

Japan’s number 1 Kushikatsu Chain with over 165 outlets just in Japan is here in Singapore!
Beside their must try Signature Kushikatsu, you should check out this Chiritori Hotpan + Risotto ($18.00/2 pax for beef, $16.00/2pax for pork) Sizzling hotpan dish of beef slice / pork served on a bed of beansprouts, topped with beef offal and chilli powder.
Cover charge of $3.00 for sauce / cabbage per pax, no 10% service charge.
Location: @kkt.sg 3A River Valley Road, Merchants’ Court Clarke Quay Block A, #01-01B, Singapore 179020
#kushikatsutanaka #burpple #burpplesg #sponsored

Aged carnaroli rice cooked in house made dashi stock till creamy consistency. Mushroom lovers will be happy to hear other than shimeji mushroom, Chef uses dehydrated enoki and shiitake shavings giving this dish a rich earthy flavour. It makes my mouth water just thinking about this dish. Can’t wait to be back for more!

Address: 775 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198743

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