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(Never) Hungry In HK

(Never) Hungry In HK

Featuring Capital Café 華星冰室, The Coffee Academics (Causeway Bay), 天仁茗茶旺角, Modos (摩豆), Tsim Chai Kee Noodles 沾仔記, Yee Shun Milk Company 義順牛奶公司 (Jordan), Star Cafe 星座冰室, A La Bakery, Kin Hing Ah Por Tofu Dessert 建興亞婆豆腐花, 周記點心 + 茶餐廳
Michelle Kayla Tey
Michelle Kayla Tey
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Comparison is inevitable when it's just across the street from Mak's Noodles. I prefer TCK for its overall satisfaction; the portion is definitely more generous here, and the broth sweeter and more intense. Despite the bigger bowl (looking at you Mak's), the noodles retained its delightful spring the whole time. The dumplings were generously filled with fresh, crunchy prawns, while fish "balls" were soft and sticky, similar to the fish paste in steamboats. I'll be back.


This was nothing like the robust Borscht-style soup I was expecting, the tomato broth here is definitely lighter on the palate and it grows on you. There are many variations available; the cheese version being the most popular. The slice of cheese went pretty well with the combination and wasn't as overwhelming as I thought it to be. Pretty tasty, but not something that I'll specially come back for.


Savouring a taste of tradition in a rustic stall right in the middle of a fishing village. My first time having traditional tau fu fa, and I was pleasantly surprised at how different it is in consistency from the tau hway we have in SG. Here it is watery smooth and disintegrates on the tongue almost immediately, with no powdery aftertaste. Its delicate soya bean aroma is enhanced purely by honey, which you can add to suit your taste. Give this a try if you do visit Lamma Island!


The humble Hong Kong street snack is given a modern update with delicious-sounding flavours such as Earl Grey, Matcha, Taiwanese Pineapple Cake, Pork Floss, and then some.

I highly recommend the Lava Honey Eggette (HKD23), which contains fragrant honey orbs that pop delightfully with every bite. The Red Cheddar Cheese Eggette (HKD25) is slightly edgier, great for fans of sweet & savoury combinations.


Totally warrants the perpetual queues. Toasty tea notes perfumed the creamy soft serve; I also appreciate that it was only lightly sweetened to enhance the uplifting fragrance, not mask it.


Steamed milk so luscious it's like spooning fresh cream into your mouth. In the background, the canary yellow steamed egg is smooth with an eggy fragrance, quite like egg tofu.

Years may have gone by but this one fact remains: No one does steamed milk like Yee Shun.

Looks pretty but tastes 🐑. Not worth the HKD29 methinks. #hongkong #burpple


It was chock full of goodies such as fish paste, dumplings, radish, beef balls, so generously portioned that they completely buried the instant noodles underneath. This was about HKD47 and totes worth it. #burpple #hongkong #lammaisland


Silky smooth with chocolaty notes; the cracked black pepper, though interesting, takes some getting used to.

He satisfies my mouth with good things ❤️

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