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Noodles For Lyfe

Noodles For Lyfe

Featuring d'Good Café (Holland Village), Miam Miam (Westgate), Rasapura Masters, Jia Xiang Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee (VivoCity), Pho Street (Westgate), La Braceria Pizza & Grill, Sunny Korean Cuisine ([email protected]), Xin Wang Hong Kong Café (YewTee Point), Xin Wang Hong Kong Café (Jem), Toast Box (Paragon)
starmist 06 .
starmist 06 .

Ranks in the top 5 noodles for me. I LOVE this!

Noodles comes with a wee bit of clear gravy (water, is it?). Char siew is crunchy and vegetables are fresh. What's awesome about this is the overall taste! What sorcery is this taste?! So so delicious and leaves you wanting for more More MORE.

Nobody I've introduced this to had any bad word to say about it. It's awesome. Go try it.

(Apologies for the blurred lousy photo, I was in that much a hurry to eat it.)

$7.90 and 4.6/5

#noodles #sarawak #kolomee


I went for the non-chili option and no regrets there. Fills me up good, but just a tad too salty for my taste. Still good though!

$5 and 3.6/5


This is my personal favourite at Xin Wang HK Cafe. The cream mushroom pasta is a sinful delight when you want to indulge. The chicken chop... Oooh. The skin is crispy and delicious and the meat is tender. It's not something one would choose at a HK cafe but no regrets.

$11.90 and 4.3/5

#pasta #xinwang #chicken

This is at Toast Box Paragon, facing Mouth Elizabeth Medical Centre.

$7.40 for a plate of simple but yummy cheesy chicken chop noodles and a hot drink! Drink can be anything from coffee, tea to barley. I love how they added cheese in this dish and how it all come together. Comfort food when I have had a hard day. 4.0/5

#noodles #toastbox

A simple beef kimchi ramen which is actually instant noodles in disguise. Still, it makes for a good "cold weather" meal and costs only $5.50. :) 3.7/5

#korean #ramen #noodles

Love this place. Lurrvvvvvveee this place, with its cozy setting, friendly staff, great warm service and good food.

This is a Chef's Special and probably a seasonal dish. The amount looks small but let it be known that it is very filling and good for sharing if you are ordering appetizers and desserts. Truffles are plentiful and go well with the dish's base. Might feel 'jelak' after a while though.

$26.00. 4/5.

#pasta #labraceria


This mimics the Sarawak Kolo Mee shops around Singapore, or maybe it IS one of them. Ingredients are slightly different from the original but it tasted just as good. Love it! Willing to pay $7.90 for this. I eat it without chili and it is awesome. 3 prawns, 3 wantons, char siew, minced meat, vegetables, and noodles in a light tasty sauce. Mmmmm... 4.3/5

#kolomee #sarawak #noodles #mbs #marinabaysands

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I had approximately 30 mins to rush through dinner but it was a pleasant experience (I'll talk about that later). Food came fast. Noodles were springy and cooked with tomato sauce (that caught me off-guard but hey, Macau right, what was I expecting?). Pork chop was great. Tender, juicy and crispy at the same time. $13.50 inclusive of GST.

I was seated facing the counter and noticed the employees at work. One person stood out - the waiter who served me. He was prompt, attentive, quietly hardworking, fast and basically all over the restaurant serving people, making drinks, taking orders, etc. He served my plate with one hand behind his back and a bow. Woah, and I'm usually not easily impressed by people. I am amazed at the way he never stopped, and he was consistently courteous and smiley. So even though I don't make it a point to review anything else apart from the food, this time, I have to. 4.9/5 for service by Mr. Zhi Wei.

#macau #hk #noodles #xinwang #porkchop

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I order the Miam Miam Spaghetti All The Time when I go to this place because it is so fantastic! Break open the perfectly warmed egg and mix it with the rest of the dish for a delicious, light but gooey beautiful mess. Dish consists of tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, vegetables, eggplant (which I took out), onion, and spaghetti (of course). A thing to note: the menu only indicates the large dish which can be too heavy for people. Ask them for the "single portion" version, which will be a couple of dollars off. $13.80 for mine, excluding GST. 4.4/5

#pasta #miammiam

I had wanted light soupy stuff, hence I selected this place for its Pho. This is their Beef Tender Pho, which costs $9.60 inclusive of GST. It was kind of oily; I wasn't sure if the oil came from the soup itself or the fatty beef slices. I expected the usual beef slices for Pho, but these came with the meat sandwiched between rows of fat. It's okay, just unexpected? I'm easy with food, but even for this, I'm not sure how to take it. 2.9/5

#noodles #pho #viet


$16.00 w/o GST gives you this delicious plate of Fresh Prawn Alfredo Pasta with six prawns (yes, I counted). Portion is filling for a female with slightly-big appetite. 3.8/5

#pasta #hollandvillage

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