Japanese FTW

Japanese FTW

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Freshly-cut sashimi chunks topped a big bowl of light soy sauce don. For $21.50, this is pretty worth it. I could barely finish this huge bowl! 3.8/5

The BEST ramen I've ever had in Japan (aside from Ichiran) was this nondescript place which I didn't even get its name. Sister and I were hungry in between lunch and dinner and we popped by a ramen place along the street, down at a basement where they sold kazan ramen. My my, the ramen got tastier and the soup got thicker and yummier as it continued to bubble and boil. I will never forget that shared stonebowl of ramen.

Back to Singapore, I've always wanted to try due to my experience in Japan. I admit I wasn't expecting the flat and straight type of noodles and thought it would be the thick, wavy type. The ramen served looked like ee mian, so I thought I would be disappointed. BUT, lo and behold, the dish was great! Very tasty, full of vegetables and the soup was awesome. The theatrics of the sizzle of the soup when poured into the bowl was a sight to watch.

To top it off, when you're done with your ramen, they would give you a bowl of rice to dump into the soup. I can't emphasize just how satisfying this felt and how fulfilling the meal was.

$15.00 for the small bowl and 4.2/5

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It used to be good. It used to be way way better.

Granted the dish has changed slightly. It used to be angel hair pasta cooked with something very similar to mentaiko (but I can't recall the name). I guess EN revised the dish.

Came in a cream sauce, EN was not stingy on the mentaiko and it was worth the amount I paid for. The issue I had was that (ironically) it was too...fishy. I know I know, why eat mentaiko when I don't want the fishy taste? But like I said, it used to be good. It used to be way way better.

Don't be mistaken. This new taste disappointed me simply because I remembered and loved the original. Who knows, you might like this new version?

3.6/5 and $16.20 inclusive of GST

#mentaiko #ENbar #EN #pasta

$6.90 gives you melt-in-the-mouth teriyaki salmon and rice sufficient to keep you full for half a day. Vegetables were too few, but I don't eat these anyway, so...

Good for filling up your stomach but don't expect ultra high standards like those you'll find Japanese restaurants.


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Many would think you'll get subpar sushi at a place with cheap sushi. I must admit that Sushi Express has its hits and misses and sometimes has more non-sushi plates than sushi.

A notable delicious "hit" plate would be the special limited Aburi Salmon plate. Warm and melt-in-the-mouth, I was pleasantly surprised by it and often look out for it. It's better than aburi in other more atas restaurants. Aburi dishes need no soy sauce, so you can just take and have it.

For this plate alone, 4.1/5. $1.50 per plate.

#japanese #sushi #salmon

This, oh this.

Thin straight noodles in a tonkotsu broth with miso paste and garlic oil. Negi, cabbage, slices of pork and flavoured egg. Everything comes together in a harmonious blend. What can I say? Once I was doubtful over the hype of Ippudo, then I tried this and I stood corrected.

This ranks in the top 3 ramen in Singapore for me. Slurps!

$19 for this. 4.5/5

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For $6.50, you get Japanese (short grain) rice, pickles, one stick of chicken balls, two sticks of chicken and one stick of pork, all drizzled with their awesome secret sauce.

I had this in town, which means it is one of the cheaper meals around. It fills me up nicely. The chicken balls were melt-in-the-mouth. Other sticks were alright.

The sauce just made everything good. So 3.6/5.

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This is DA BOMB, I tell you. I was having a bad stomach flu and I *had* to take dinner that day. The Kaisendon don was so good I finished everything even though I didn't have appetite. Anyone who loves Japanese MUST EAT THIS. Fantastic!

$16 and 4.8/5


This is Heaven in a Bowl. Everything came together harmoniously. Every bite was ooooh... Orgasmic. The last time I've ever felt this way about food was when I had Ippudo's Akamaru Ramen. I can eat this every day. TAKE ALL MY MONEY. $8.80 for a Small with two types of fish for your choosing. 4.8/5

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This is their dry truffle ramen which I have eaten a couple of times. Overall, it was delicious. The char siew was tender and fatty. The egg was gooey and cooked to perfection. However, I would really prefer if the ramen was served warm and not cold. That was the only thing that stopped me from enjoying this meal. Serving was pretty small for a female with slightly-big appetite. Cost less than $20. 3.7/5

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