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Most Wantan'ed List

Most Wantan'ed List

when you sometimes get that craving for that cheap but awesome stuff
Jimmy Chuah
Jimmy Chuah

Came across this recently opened place in skudai while getting my bike serviced by the skilled mechanics of Motormatic across the road

The Thai ice tea is really well done, sweet but not too sweet, service was prompt & friendly and the ambience was clean, welcoming

The kitchen staff were real Thai people and it showed in the food, there was also a real kick in their Tom yum soup, ask for less spice if you're not sure

My picture shows their Thai beef soup noodle, it's a dark broth style which I'm not as familiar with but very nicely balanced and welcome for a cold rainy evening such as today

It's become a place I regularly look forward for a stopover between Johor and KL

Depending on the dishes, around RM 15 - 30 per pax

A decent albeit unspectacular plate of wantan mee

Noodles are of the thin variety, could use abit more tossing

Sauce is little bit sweet and sticky, likewise for the char siew wantans were quite small

Medium plate including a drink costs around RM 10

Could be a convenient bite if you're passing by as they have some parking right in front


Amidst all the old hardware stores, Hung Kee looks every bit the part like it belongs there and a successful long time operations itself.

Char siew was very nicely balanced, it had both lean and fatty meat, encrusted with sweet chewy outer bits

The sauce was on the less heavy side with a hint of shrimp in it somehow and noodles were also quite springy.

But the real deal here is their wantans, super fresh and loaded with flavor, a sure delight as you bite into it

Approximately 8 to 11 RM including a drink


Came to check out a bike shop at Taman Molek, but most shops were closed due to Malaysia day and chanced upon this dim sum eatery that was opened

Yam char siew pastry was good, outside was a nicely crisp but not fluffy and the char siew also decent, as evident again with their char siew bao

The siew mai was good too, fresh ingredients and packed well

Custard buns were freshly steamed but I was already feeling full and didn't feel like eating too heavy, so took that away

Including a sour plum drink, total damage about RM 23
Overall, quite enjoyable and a good choice if you're around the neighborhood but not something you would specifically travel long distances for

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Pretty good, ordered the big portion and quite full now.
The noodles are thinner than your typical wantan noodles and there's not a lot of gravy but the sauce coated quite well and evenly.

Quite oily, char siew was nicely caramelized with decent amount of fats, you can choose the type of meat you like.

Certainly worth a shot to come check them out, very reasonable prices
Large bowl of wantan mee RM 6.80
Soya bean drink RM 3.00

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