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Bread, My Favourite Carb

Bread, My Favourite Carb

Featuring Just Dough (Suntec City), Wu Pao Chun, Bakery Brera & Fine Foods, Plentyfull Bakery & Deli (Great World)
Katherine Catapang
Katherine Catapang

Love the baklava croissant. Not too sweet, unlike the toothache inducing traditional baklava. Rose beet croissant was just ok. It wasnt buttery enough for me, tho im glad the rose flavour was truly discernable.

Loved this, will definitely buy it again!

Disappointed with this, the filling was sooo little.

Matcha bun with red bean cream cheese inside. Pretty darn good.


Pretty pricy for a bun but this was nice and fluffy!

Generous with the filling. Great if you love coconut.

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Loved this! Came across this shop at Suntec City that sells steamed buns with various skins and fillings. Love purple sweet potato so I really enjoyed this! Bun to filling ration was just right. The mantou is supposedly flavoured (here it is spinach and charcoal) but you won't be able to taste it hah. Makes for a colourful bun though, and I think that was the whole point.


Thought this was a tart but the base is actually bread! A good treat.

First time trying a cruffin (croissant + muffin). Here's the lovely cross section. The chocolate filling is similar to the ones you can find in choux puffs. It wasn't cloyingly sweet which was great. We ate this straight from the fridge but the cruffin remained soft and chewy. I liked having the choc cream cold actually. Would come back to try the other flavours!


My boyfriend chanced upon this bakery near Farrer Road MRT and was surprised to see that they sell pandesal. Pandesal is a humble bread originating from the Philippines. It's usually eaten for breakfast with whatever filling you like. When I'm in the Philippines I usually eat it with corned beef or peanut butter, cheese is a common choice too. However, I think it's already good on it's own that it's not uncommon to have it plain. Pandesal is characterised by the "sand" on its surface, as the bread is rolled in bread crumbs before baking. Anyway, so my bf bough a pack of 5 for $3 and it was good! I wouldn't say it is authentic, even the owner said they used different ingredients, some fancier stuff. But it comes really close!! Their version did taste very slightly sweet, and was also soft and chewy, which is how pandesal should be. The only thing that was missing was the slightly crunchy/crusty exterior. But then again I've eaten some pandesal in the Philippines that lacked that characteristic too. If anyone is wondering, the owner is Malaysian an stayed in the Philippines for a while. Te bakery is quite new, only opened this year! My boyfriend talked to the owner and her children for a long time and got all this info haha. Would be back!


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