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Always Room For Desserts

Always Room For Desserts

Featuring [CLOSED] The Laneway Market, Cedele Bakery Kitchen (The Star Vista), Starbucks (Raffles City), Tampopo (Ngee Ann City), Tea Tree Cafe (Heartland Mall)
starmist 06
starmist 06

This red velvet slice was baked the English carrot cake style and very light. I had this after a full meal and it didn't weigh on the stomach. Rather expensive though. 3.8/5 and $7.

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With all the Gong Cha and Koi cafes around, I didn't think I would try other bubble tea. This was introduced to me and gosh, it is delicious! (And so pretty!) They have a menu of many drinks I would like to try. This is Aloe Vera Passionfruit with (pink) pearls. 😍😍😍 $4.10 and 4.4/5

#drink #bubbletea

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Let's just preface it by stating this: I love this place; I really do.

I had wanted their Thai Iced Tea cake but they did not have it today so I settled for this Earl Grey Lavender slice. But look at this slice. A thin, limp slice, toppled over on the plate. I mean, where is any ounce of effort even? Oh, it is not too bad, but really not worth the $6.05. Totally disappointed today, not even going to bother rating it.

I was a Starbucks fan way before people started jumping on the bandwagon to "be cool", and have tried most of their (cold) drinks. This is my first though. The combination of chocolate and green tea could never go wrong, and this tasted almost like a dessert. There was a wee bit of jelly in it which added texture to the drink. Be sure to scrap the sides of the cup for the chocolate. $7.60 for a tall. 4/5

#starbucks #frap #greentea

Believe me when I say I like ultra-heavy cheesecakes, but this light-tasting cheesecake from Tampopo Grand is the exception to the rule. Makes you feel much less guilty having it after a full meal of ramen/rice. Take your time to savour each mouthful. $7.00 before GST. 4.2/5

#cheesecake #tampopo #cakes

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