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After Work Eats

After Work Eats

Featuring Omoté, Kok Sen Restaurant, Mad About Sucre, Thus Coffee (Jalan Kuras), SPRMRKT (Cluny Court), WORD., Guksu Restaurant, Cheek Bistro, Mi Casa Kitchen & Bar, LeBan HK Cafe
Zack Goh
Zack Goh

The dish that gave me the deepest impression was the chicken liver waffles. It was a harmonious mixture of flavours in your palette. Savoury from the chicken liver parfait, sweet from the date jam, and salty from the waffle crust. Certainly delightful!

The lamb steak was cooked to perfection, very tasty! Beware though, it can be a little too fatty or oily for some of us.

All in all, the food in this place was great. Wine selection was wholesome, and service was immaculate! Well done!

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New cafe in the hood, taking over the awfully chocolate cafe. Friendly staff, chill atmosphere. I ordered the Thus Breakfast. The eggs were poached and muffins nicely toasted. There were sides of baked beans, yoghurt, veggies, bacon and sausage. Distance is a little remote from the usual Upp Thomson stretch. A hidden gem, I would say.


Contrary to my friend's belief, it takes a lot to move me, but I always believe in giving credit where credit is due.

This new food outlet I believe, excelled in almost all aspect of their business. The restaurant decor was elegant, with large open glass windows that you could see what the chefs are making in the kitchen. The restaurant was spacious, offering indoor and outdoor seatings. The service crew has an amazing and pleasant attitude. It was always a nice moment interacting with them.

As for the food, we had their rainbow burger, called the Handsum Burg, their Between Two Buns (essentially cheeseburger - $12) and their battered Mushrooms.

Their rainbow burger ($20) was 10/10 instagrammable, and not just that, it was surprisingly good! I mean, the patty was juicy, the bun had a nice chew to it, and the spicy peanut butter sauce complemented the whole burger quite well, resulting in a well rounded, and while hearty, still not as jelak burger. Price wise, it is a little on the expensive side though.

The other dish worth mentioning is the fried mushrooms ($10 for 5). The fried skin on the outside was nice, and the mushroom was so juicy at every bite. Loved it.

I give credit to the crew for putting in tremendous effort in making the customers happy and occupied. They would go round asking if you needed anything, and are responsive to cues and requests.

While the area is a little out of the way and I've seen cafes come and go in a short time there, I truly wish them the best and continue to keep up the spirit!

Was I moved? You bet!

PS: don't stand outside while waiting. Got bitten by mosquitoes just now. >

Highly recommended.

I was intrigued by the open kitchen concept where everyone can see the Chef (Micah) preparing their food. The food was really good. I had the carbonara, and my Friend had the prawn pasta. The pasta was really fresh with a good bite. The carbonara came with fresh pork bits (not ham/bacon!) and the sauce was really savoury! The prawn pasta was equally impressive. :D

Don't miss this place out for a good dinner! Will definitely be back. ;)


Nice atmosphere, nice food. Staff was friendly, though feeling a little rushed from them. The food was great. Portions were huge, so I'd say it's quite worth the price. Ate till we dropped. 😅 total price for the meal was $50 for those items in the photo.
Value: 3.5/5
Taste: 3/5


This small little shop tucked at the back of Thomson Plaza serves value for money Japanese dishes. Their chirashi don is priced at an affordable rate of ~$12 with generous serving of fresh fish cuts and roe. The portion is slightly smaller than what is offered outside, but enough to fill your stomach. Their sushi platter looks amazing too! If you're not a sashimi fan, their smoked duck don is recommended.

Overall, the food here is value-for-money, and, albeit not amazing, does not disappoint. Do give this place a visit the next time you happen to be at Upp Thomson!


Had the omelette rice (plain) with a spinach, corn, bacon combo topping (~$17.60). Staff was friendly, they reminded us of waiting time, and helped us with clearing utensils and giving us small plates for our mini birthday celebration there for a friend.

The rice was not too bad. I must comment that the texture mixes well with the curry, ensuring the rice is well coated with their savoury curry; not too dry, not too soft. As for the egg, my Friend thought it will be wrapping the rice like an omurice, but it's just an omelette laid over a pile of rice. Nevertheless, the egg was well cooked.

Things are a little bit on the expensive side here though, despite the portions being quite small.


Salted egg everything here. Their salted egg yolk sauce is the best. No doubt about it. Everything about it is just so good. The right amount of saltiness, spiciness and sweetness. Super yummy!

This place is closed for renovation in the month of September. Do check it's Facebook for updates!


Golden egg fried rice with sweet crunchy prawns with a side of Shanghai Style Drunkard Chicken. Served with a side of Juicy Xiao Long Bao. What more could you ask for! Presenting to you my best choice to go to for Chinese food!

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Pictured foreground is the big prawn hor fun cooked in sambal-ish sauce. It's spiciness is exciting and somewhat challenging for me in the hot and humid weather (read: sweating buckets). Is it too spicy? Not really. Think of it like your sambal fried rice. The Hor Fun was extremely delectable, with a good amount of fragrance and 'wok hey'. The gravy itself is kinda on the saltier side though (quite generous on the MSG, I think). Ingredients are also quite substantial, the fresh prawns are so satisfying. A great dish! Perfect for a cool weather day.

Pictured at the background is the 金銀蛋上燙菠菜 (Various eggs in broth and spinach). Safe choice, generous serving, but somewhat on the salty side too (I don't have a high tolerance for saltiness).

Just want to insert a comment on the waiting time. The Hor Fun came almost 20 minutes after the veggie came. The service staff seemed to have a tendency to also mix up orders, as the trio seated opposite us kept receiving dishes not meant for them. Oh well, just an observation. Anyhow, good crowd, good atmosphere, friendly staff.

Value: 2.8/5 (Two dishes, $27)


"It's so good it's going on Burpple."

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