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Looks So Good!

Looks So Good!

Featuring The Salted Plum (Circular Road), Kra Pow Thai Street Food (Far East Plaza), PUNCH, Penang Seafood Restaurant, Wen Wen Pork Rib Big Prawn Mee (Geylang Bahru Market & Food Centre), Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe, L32 Handmade Noodles (Geylang), Ah Kee Braised Duck Rice (Hong Lim Market & Food Centre)
Catherine Ling
Catherine Ling

This might be fear factor for some but I implore you to fear-less as this plate of kway chap (starting from $3.50) is what every carnivorous person should aspire to achieve. While some might deter from ordering the big intestines as some stalls do not clean it properly, which results in a stench, you can rest assure that Ah Kee does it impeccably well. Everything was so well balanced and you will not experience any strong “herbally” flavour in the braising liquid. I would highly recommend adding the pork belly/braised duck and especially the silky smooth pig’s skin.
Ah Kee Braised Duck Rice Kway Chap
Address: 531A, Upper Cross Street, Hong Lim Food Centre, Unit 02-18, Singapore 051531


Essentially straightforward comfort grub which, by virtue of the chilli padi and Japanese spice powder involved, massages the inner linings of your mouthly cavern towards ember-warm, smoke-lusty satisfaction. 3.9/5

While famed for it’s Drunken Noodles Pork, one must also order the Deep Fried Pork Belly when you visit Kra Pow!

This side is a tough fight with it’s close competitor, the Pork Collar, but it’s equally as savoury and delicious.

While you lick your fingers from having fried chicken, the fried pork belly comes paired with a pepper sweet sauce which works perfectly with the fried pork making it extremely addictive.

Sometimes when I eat “ngoh hiang”, all I want is a century egg and beancurd sheets. The latter, deepfried to super shattering crispness. Well, inside the corner coffeeshop that houses the famous Lorong 32 Geylang “Ban Mian” is a small “ngoh hiang” stall that delivers that without fail every single time.

Flavour is the name of the game here at Penang Seafood Restaurant! The food here is paaaacked with flavour, so while we loved it, might be a bit much if you’ve got lighter palates.

Our fave dish from the CNY Team Lunch; the humble CKT! Intense wok hei on the dry noodles, accompanied by generous amounts of cockles, lard and lap cheong (😘this). It’s already quite spicy, so all the sambal I prepared on the side kinda went to waste, but still a definite must-order here!

Ordered this fishmaw-crabmeat-bean sprout dish ($20). Although the dish doesn't look spectacular, the combination of chewy fishmaw, subtle crabmeat, soft wet gooey egg, and crunchy bean sprout is simply perfect! Highly recommended!
Xoxo, wet tissue no have

If you are craving a Reuben Sandwich, you ought to try the one at @punch.gram. I consider theirs to be one of the best ones around.
It may not be massive but the balanced composition of corned beef, emmentaler cheese and sauerkraut on light rye, plus the consistent quality in taste and presentation are what I like so much about their sandwich.

Been trying to get my colleagues to come to mah hood and this finally made it happen!
Note that this super duper uhmayzing hotpot is not on the menu and that you should call the friendly uncle (Richard, 98492125) at least a day beforehand to reserve.

For four of us, we opted for the $60 one and got:
✅ refillable heavenly broth: imagine a robust prawn noodle soup with a tinge of sweetness from the prized crab added into the crustacean-y sea
✅ loads of seafood: one whole crab, prawns and clams — all sooooo fresh! 🦀🍤
✅ meat++: super tender pork ribs, simmered-till-gelatinous pig tails, well-cleaned intestines, chewy skin 🐽
✅ unlimited carbs (choice of rice, yellow noodles, kway teow or bee hoon) 🍚🍜

And the bestest part? The uncle will even encourage you to bring your own add-ons! So make sure you bring some pre-washed and -cut greens, tofu and a bag of mushrooms from home. 🍄🌿 Alternatively, make a pit stop at the wet market right next to the food centre (if the stalls are still open) or go to the Kallang Bahru FairPrice (Blk 71) just in front of the hawker centre!

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