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Pasta La Vista 🍝

Pasta La Vista 🍝

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Muriel AvdH
Muriel AvdH
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Preferred this over the Tom Yum Cremoso – simple but packed with umami. Pretty generous with the prawns too.


A classic done well using ribbons of mafaldine pasta! Love the ruffled edges that trap more of the four pepper (black, pink, white and green)-kissed, pecorino-enriched sauce in every strand. Yum yum!


We were looking forward for this to be seasoned for heavy palates (like their other dishes) especially since it features anchovies, but surprisingly it fell flat. It was really hard to ration the sole fillet lolling atop the dome of underseasoned pasta. Hopefully just teething issues!


Wonderfully cooked chewy cavatelli slicked in a cheese-enriched tomato sauce with lots of sausage bits and a handful of rocket leaves. So, so satisfying!


I'm usually skeptical of fusion dishes but I'm glad this proved me wrong. I really enjoyed the addition of aromatics and slight heat from the rempah that took things up a few notches in this squid ink pasta. 😋


Love that crisp, deep-brown sear on the light potato ricotta pillows strewn all over a bed of mushroom velouté with an assortment of forest mushrooms. To further enhance the umami impact of the dish, it arrives with a generous layer of Parmesan shavings too.


Pork sausage and octopus (red wine braised) may not be the most common bedfellows that come to mind when thinking of pasta sauce combinations, but the flavours worked seamlessly together (especially with the fennel seeds), cloaking chewy chunks of cavatelli in its umami, tomato-ey goodness.


We were warned that this was a love-it-or-hate-it kind of dish — I suppose if you only read the menu and expect to savour a crab bisque based dish, then you'll probably be disappointed.

Thankfully, when we were placing our order, the very friendly staff clarified that the penne will come with something more akin to a spicy chilli crab sauce. While we felt that it wasn't as spicy as described, don't get this unless you're a fan of sweet, tomatoey sauces.


Don't be too quick to dismiss this meatless pasta as this turned out to be the best dish we had during our meal here.

Learnt that they add Japanese butter to enrich the sauce plus seaweed to give it a lip-smacking umami edge. Couple that with al dente ribbons of tagliatelle plus chunks of eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, squash and cherry tomatoes, and I'm a happy camper. So goood, I wanted to lick my plate clean!


Don't let the extra $3 for this option dissuade you if you're opting for the lunch set ($18/$23 for 2/3 courses), I promise it'll be worth it!

The fish is pan-fried to a golden brown crisp finish with flaky, moist insides. The linguine aglio olio was al dente and seasoned just nice, further enhanced by the concentrated fish stock ("natural jus") and the tomato concassé's umaminess!


Get this if you're not in an adventurous mood and just want comfort food. I like the extra ladleful of tomato sauce atop the alternating meaty sauce, pasta sheet, and cheesy layers. I wasn't expecting it to come with a salad, but glad that it did as the zippiness of the dressing really helped to cut through all that richness. 👌🏼

Do note that this took some time to arrive (almost 30 minutes), so it's probably not a good option if you're in a rush — perhaps it's best to check beforehand how long it will roughly take to be safe.


I was a little sad when I didn’t see the must-try Butternut Squash Agnolotti (top left) in the revamped menu, till the waitstaff informed me that I was fortunate enough to try the last few portions left! 🎉

But now that the well-loved parcels are no longer available, the potato-less gnocchi (bottom left) currently represents the meatless delegation. While it won’t be fair to compare, I’d say it’s a pretty tasty replacement. Despite using roux as a base instead of potatoes, the resulting dumplings weren’t too chewy. Even though the corn purée base was light with a pop of texture from the roasted corn kernels and mushroom slivers, only order this if you really like corn. Can't say it's one of my favourite riffs of gnocchi, but it's defo a more than good enough meat-free option.


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