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Pasta La Vista 🍝

Pasta La Vista 🍝

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Muriel AvdH
Muriel AvdH

Execution wise, the beetroot pasta in this dish had a good bite (compared to the other three recommended ones that we had), but don’t order this unless you’re sharing as it’s hard to finish on your own. The sweet potato and pumpkin filling isn’t for everyone. And if you’re worried about the beetroot in the pasta, it doesn’t have any earthy taste.


This was rather disappointing as the sauce wasn’t enriched with enough cheese to give it that creamy goodness. It also did not have enough pepper kick.


The tagliolini’s lamb sugo sauce was more flavourful compared to the bolognese, but again, the pasta was a tad overcooked. Wish it was saucier too!


The pappardelle in the Kandahar St Cicheti is one of my favourite dishes there, so it was a pity the spinach pappardelle was overcooked here and the bolognese was under-seasoned and underwhelming. 3

On the bright side, service was friendly and attentive, and they have a well-curated selection of wines including natural ones.


Preferred this over the Tom Yum Cremoso – simple but packed with umami. Pretty generous with the prawns too.


A classic done well using ribbons of mafaldine pasta! Love the ruffled edges that trap more of the four pepper (black, pink, white and green)-kissed, pecorino-enriched sauce in every strand. Yum yum!


We were looking forward for this to be seasoned for heavy palates (like their other dishes) especially since it features anchovies, but surprisingly it fell flat. It was really hard to ration the sole fillet lolling atop the dome of underseasoned pasta. Hopefully just teething issues!


Wonderfully cooked chewy cavatelli slicked in a cheese-enriched tomato sauce with lots of sausage bits and a handful of rocket leaves. So, so satisfying!


I'm usually skeptical of fusion dishes but I'm glad this proved me wrong. I really enjoyed the addition of aromatics and slight heat from the rempah that took things up a few notches in this squid ink pasta. 😋


Love that crisp, deep-brown sear on the light potato ricotta pillows strewn all over a bed of mushroom velouté with an assortment of forest mushrooms. To further enhance the umami impact of the dish, it arrives with a generous layer of Parmesan shavings too.


Pork sausage and octopus (red wine braised) may not be the most common bedfellows that come to mind when thinking of pasta sauce combinations, but the flavours worked seamlessly together (especially with the fennel seeds), cloaking chewy chunks of cavatelli in its umami, tomato-ey goodness.


We were warned that this was a love-it-or-hate-it kind of dish — I suppose if you only read the menu and expect to savour a crab bisque based dish, then you'll probably be disappointed.

Thankfully, when we were placing our order, the very friendly staff clarified that the penne will come with something more akin to a spicy chilli crab sauce. While we felt that it wasn't as spicy as described, don't get this unless you're a fan of sweet, tomatoey sauces.


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