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Featuring Kabe no Ana (Jurong Point), Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle 阿宗麵線 (Ximending), Taipei, Taiwan, CoCoICHIBANYA (The Star Vista), Pen&Inc, Myeongdong Kyoja 명동교자 (Main Restaurant), Astons Specialities (City Square Mall), Sizzling Stonegrill (Johor Bahru City Square), NTUC Foodfare (JWC 679), 丼賞和食 焼き物vs刺身丼 丼專門店
Boon Keng Ng
Boon Keng Ng
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Both the Chef and other customers were staring while I devour this monster. Sandwiched between the charcoal buns were four thick juicy patties which had the thickness of a Quarter Pounder patty each. Though cooked well-done, the patties were still flavourful. The additional banana fritters and drink comes at $3. Banana fritters were kind of greasy so do take note.


Assembled with premium ingredients like salmon, unagi and tobiko which blend perfectly with one another. Their house made secret sauce was rich and creamy, with a tinge of sweetness which I suspected that mayo was part of the ingredient. The last touch of aburi added the charred flavor. This dish may be a little jelat for one, so do share! Do try out their salmon belly soup too!

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Opted for the cheese, the cutlet was light breaded with panko, resulting to a light crispy texture along with the stretchy cheese beneath. Perfect snack between the day.

There’s only one item in the entire menu, the dish turns out to be a delight. Though we were starving, the Chef patiently cooks individual portion to the perfect timing before delivering it to the next Chef for the toppings. After mixing it, the thick noodles absorbs the peppery sauces and it somewhat reminds us of the nostalgic, Bar Chor Mee. The ingredients paired perfectly and we had no problem slurping till the last bit. Do note that they serve a small bowl of Japanese rice to be mixed with the remaining sauce. 📷 @whereisthelav

The famed ox bone soup tasted light and clean, where you can further customise its flavors with the condiments provided. I strongly recommend you to order the Mandu version, which comes with both Mandu and the thin beef slices. Korean Mandu is the upsized version of dumpling and it’s filled with minced pork, chives and other vegetables. It’s a hearty meal especially in the cold weather.

With a variety of flavors available, I ordered the green tea flavor which turns out decent. Though it’s slightly too milky, with just a tiny hint of green tea, I can’t fault it for its economic pricing, especially when it’s located in the touristy spot. There’s two different store so do look out for this store that’s selling at 2,000 instead of 2,500.

Some may be put off by the exterior and the cleanliness of the store BUT you shouldn’t care about them cause it’s the food that matters! Although they use the generic instant ramen, but the seafood is highlight of the dish. They were extremely fresh and sweet tasting. Along with the robust broth that is boiled with tons of ingredients, they made me slurp to the very last drop. It’s definitely a must-visit in Jeju.

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Stranded at the outskirts, we barely had any choice. This healthy basket comprises of meat skewers, mash potato, croquette and a locally grown tangerine. Tasted decent, meat wasn’t overcooked but wished the portion was bigger for the price. What surprises me was the green coloured food which turns out to be toppoki.

Black pork was just MEHHH. This is the real deal. Fried fish fillet which was cooked to perfection. Along with a wide assortment of vegetables that is cooked upon order each order. The best part is that, it comes along with 2 ABALONES that is shucked and stir fried on the spot! This store is hidden in the fish market which opens only on the late evening.

Vanilla ice cream was rich and creamy but not overly sweet. The puffed cereal gave the additional crunch to the bingsu. It comes along with both condensed and evaporated milk which was well-balanced but the cocoa powder. Not too shabby, but the melon bingsu still seemed to be the most value for money.

Beneath the snowflakes are layers of chocolate shavings. Chocolate and green tea powder added the hint of bitterness which balances out the flavor. Small cubes of brownies added more texture. Served with two scoops of green tea ice cream which tasted decent.

Tasted refreshing, green was indeed of high quality but was slightly sweet IMO. The serving was pretty large. Super worth it cause we got it for “1+1”.

Nom, nom, nom. Always thinking of food. 😁 Follow me on Instagram: @blahblahboon

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