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Affordable Western Cuisine

Affordable Western Cuisine

Featuring Gyu Nami, Wolf Burgers (PasarBella @ Suntec)
Yi Zhen
Yi Zhen

First of all, there was a super long queue and I waited for around 30 minutes. However, I still decided to try it out. It was worth a try but I do not think that I would eat it often. There were big slices of Wagyu beef slices and the runny egg with their sauce matches well with the rice. However, the portion was insufficient for the amount of rice. If you're someone with a small stomach like me, it'll be just nice. Overall, I would rate it 6/10.

$10 per bowl


First time trying this burger and it has a quite decent amount of mushrooms and the medium well beef patty was pretty good. The down side about this burger was that it was not smoking hot. The burger was quite affordable but I do not recommend ordering extra bacon because it was too dry. Overall a good experience. However, it can be further improved.


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