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Brunch Hangouts

Brunch Hangouts

Featuring The Populus Coffee & Food Co., The Lokal, Botanist, PUNCH, Oscar's (Conrad Centennial Singapore), D.O.P Mozzarella Bar & Restaurant
Nic Lovesfood
Nic Lovesfood
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I'm a savory breakfast kind of person but thankfully, hubs is a sweet breakfast person. So I could order my grilled cheese sandwich and have his earl grey pancakes for dessert!

The pancakes were intensely earl grey without being over powering. Topped with a poached pear drizzled with Japanese black sugar syrup and sprinkled with a some crisp and buttery crumbs.

Interesting deviation from old school. I like!


Family friendly hangout where adults can enjoy free flow gin & tonic and beer.

Did I mention that lobsters are free flow as well? ;)

The antipasto platter was decent though the burrata was not as creamy as I would like. Burrata lovers will know exactly what I mean. You can find good burrata at Valentino (Turf City) or No Menu (Boon Tat Street)

The stewed Italian Octopus that was supposedly a house special/favorite was not outstanding.

The homemade Scialatielli however was pretty good. For cheese lovers, you will find chewy bouncy scialatielli pasta coated with a thick creamy Cacio cheese and black truffle pesto cream sauce. This is served in a Cacio cheese bowl. Yes, in a bowl carved out of a Cacio cheese. It definitely left an impression. Suggest that this be shared as it can get 'jelat' after a few mouthfuls. Cheese lovers can scrap the cheese of the cheese bowl if they want the already cheesy pasta cheesier.

We ended the meal with a good tiramisu. We always joked that if an Italian restaurant cannot get this dessert right, they cannot pride themselves as an Italian restaurant.

Perhaps we will return to try the other pastas.


Nice place to chill out. Service was great. Food was reasonably good! The coffee could have done better with an extra shot. Will be back to try the remaining of the menu.

Top right: The Breakfast Platter
Bottom right: Guac Smash
Bottom left: Corned Beef Hash

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Overall a fluffy nice pancake, though the toppings could be more to balance the bite as the pancake is relatively thick.

Well just looking at it makes one bright and cheery!

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The cut chilli and dill cuts the richness of the scrambled eggs, making it pleasantly easy to eat without feeling jelat.

I love that the croissant is buttery and crisp, even the parts topped by the scrambled eggs. Portion is generous for ladies.


Simple yet so satisfying. Butter crusted outer layer is so fragrant.


Pay for my own meals.

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