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Ice Cream Parlours

Ice Cream Parlours

I'm addicted to ice cream. Waffles, cones or cups, does it even matter? After all ice cream solves everything!
Cassie Ong
Cassie Ong

Hail from downtown Los Angeles, serves these eminently 'grammable soft-serve adorned with a decadent variety of toppings.

Four different soft-serves available each time, as the flavours rotate every two months. For the month of August, indulge in these soft-serve flavours:
• Coffee Caramel (Black, $7)
• Unicorn Tears (Blue, $7)
• White Chocolate (White, $7)
• Vegan-friendly option, Chocolate and Peanut Butter Banana ($7.50)
• Top-up $2 for the hand-rolled cones

And for a limited time only (5 - 11 August 2019), grab hold of these limited edition red cones which makes a photo-worthy patriotic dessert~

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Indulging in velvety smooth Earl Grey and Honey Lavender as we explore the hood. With a wide range of unique flavours available such as Mont Blanc Chestnut, Passionfruit Meringue and Craft Beer IPA, think will head back soon for more.

Life without ice cream? Neh, not possible for me. And why not customise your own ice cream. Choose any 3 artisan ice cream flavours which are churned daily such as Signature 80% Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Butterscotch. The platter is served with dark chocolate sauce, caramelised almonds, chocolate tuile and almond tuile on a bed of almond crumbles.


Creamy texture though it melts too quickly, subtle cheese flavour and well almost non-existent matcha. Think I’ll just stick to their mini tarts next time.


Any time is ICE CREAM TIME!! So have to reward ourselves with these botanical inspired gelato after walking in the scorching hot sun. Gotten a Double Scoop that includes everyone's favourite White Chrysanthemum and light fruity Lychee Raspberry. Even after a full meal we just can't help but enjoy them with great pleasure, especially Ms Yong!


Indulged in chocolate ice cream with peanut butter and finished with swirls of gooey fudge and Reese's peanut butter cup. It just hit the sweet spots!


Dessert before dinner is just so tempting. Throwback to the other day when we had Matcha with Nama Chocolate soft serve layered with Azuki bean. Thick matcha swirls mixed with milky nama chocolate, layered with slightly sweet bits of Azuki. While it was satisfying, I'm still rooting for their houjicha and goma instead. However not sure if I'm the only one who feel it, but they are pretty over priced for something so small.


Gula Melaka Coconut Toast is still one of the best thing to have at Dessert Project. Creamy coconut ice cream drizzled with Gula Melaka atop thick but fluffy toast. Seriously who can resist this combination!


Having freshly baked waffle with single scoop of hazelnut milk chocolate soft serve now sounds pretty enticing. Made of pure Italian hazelnut paste, French cream and 55% chocolate couverture, its rich and creamy plus am glad to find bits of hazelnut in it. We choose Gula Melaka Mochi to go along but found it lacking, perhaps other toppings will be more brilliant.


Whether the sweet Strawberry Cream Fraiche or refreshing Mango Yoghurt, both are great addition for your Christmas gatherings. Specially launched for this season so hurry get them before they're gone!


End work and will love to have some Avocado Soft Serve ($7) now. Using a higher ratio of avocado in the soft serve mix, each bite you'll be delighted with the rich creamy avocado. Top with salted corn flakes, desiccated coconut, and of course Gula Melaka!


One of the parfait is Tsubu, that has an assortment of toasted buckwheat puffs, gula melaka sago, grilled dango and a senbei

Being matcha fan, we can't miss this season flavour, MATCHA. While smooth, their soft serve has a more creamy taste then the bittersweet kind I personally prefer. Add $3 to ensemble your parfait with freshly made Puffle aka 雞蛋仔 that has sauce such as Chocolate, Nutella or Speculoos drizzled over. It might get a bit messy while eating, so best to find a seat before sinking your teeth into these.

A bit of sweetness can drown out a whole load of bitterness. So I’m always having sweets 🧁🍧🍡

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