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Charmaine Xu Simin
Charmaine Xu Simin

Shop Name: Yunomori Cafe
Location: Kallang Wave Mall
Food Ordered: Hot soba set with onsen egg and potato salad
Price: $10.80++
Verdict: Super refreshing and revitalise food with large portion after a good dip!
Return?: Yes

Shop Name: Hood Bar and Cafe
Location: Bugis+ #05-07
Food Ordered: Asahi
Price: 3bottles of Asahi for $34++ (cannot remember but it was a promo)
Verdict: Was there for the live band (吃喝玩乐 that has Miaoru, Spruce, Nat and Fatt) and surprisingly got 3 free oysters as they were having Monday Ladies Night offers - free oysters for all ladies in the house.
Return?: Yes I like their resident band!

Shop Name: A.R.C. Coffee
Location: 29 Sultan Gate Singapore 198477
Food Ordered: 1+1 (Not in picture), Cold Brew, Cake (cant remember the name but probably tiramisu)
Price: 7 for 1+1, the others cant remember
Verdict: Probably the only cafe with tempting cakes that opens after 8pm. I am blessed to be able to enjoy my moist cake and rich coffee (1+1). I still prefer the coffee by One Man Coffee at Upper Thomson as this was more on the acidic side.
Return?: when I have no place to go at night in that area and need a place to chill


Shop Name: Food Anatomy
Location: Tanjong Pagar Centre B2-04
Food Ordered: Beef Rendang Rice, Nasi Lemak, Yuzu Salmon Rice(Not in picture), Teriyaki Chicken
Price: $6.80 for 2 cubes
Verdict: Interesting savoury that taste exactly like the actual food but all packed down to cake sized like. Dun worry about the portion, 2 of it is sufficient for a lady and probably 3 is sufficient for a male. The cube seems to be freezed and microwave to hot upon orders. And thats probably why some of the meat has a strong smell.
Return?: when i lose my appetite and needs some happy food.

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Shop Name: Kushiya
Location: Westgate B2-K4
Food Ordered: Kimchi Sliced Pork Don
Price: $6.80
Verdict: Pork slices slightly overcooked, a bit hard to chew. Would have been better if it was served piping hot.
Return?: I will give this one more chance.

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Shop Name: Kushiya
Location: Westgate B2-K4
Food Ordered: Premium Steak Don
Price: $10.80
Verdict: The beef was nicely grilled given the size of the shop and although it was not the freshest. The rice was well done too making it tasty with all the sides and mains.
Return?: Yes cos cheap and good

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Shop Name:Barnyard Servery
Location: Shaw Towers Level 1
Food Ordered: Fish&Chips
Price: $9.90? (Cant remember correctly but had it during weekday lunch special)
Verdict: Comparable with Fish&Co and Mahatten's: Fish was fresh and the batter was fried to crisp. Portion was relatively big as well.
Return?: Probably when I run out of places to go in that area.

Green Dot at Westgate #01-08
Left: Mushroom pot rice set - $9.90
Top right: Rendang - (cant rmb price)
Bottom right: Laksa - $7.90
Not in picture: Wintermelon Tea (cant rmb price)

If you feel like having bak kut teh soup without meat, try the meals at GreenDot with herbal soup. The mushroom pot comes with lots of veggie. Laksa is not too gelat either. Reasonable price for a decent vegan meal.

Top: The Usual $18
Bottom: Goat Cheese & Forest Mushroom Omelette $15
Beverage: Cafe Mocha $4.5

Nice ambience, good place to chill in the day. Huge servings of eggs. Flavourful mocha.


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