Albeit more pricey than coffeeshop’s but the quality of the red bean paste is good. Not too sweet and the ratio of paste to bun - 1:1. The bun itself is soft and eat it warm when it is served.

Once you had the best, you cant go back to less than the best. Durian kaki never disappoints with their Mao Shan Wang. Good service and quality of durian guaranteed. Definitely recommend.

Yummy yum yum, nothing can go wrong with ah chew desserts. The serving portion is good, reasonably priced and satisfies my craving for ice cold desserts. Definitely recommend this who are a mango lover.

Priced at $9.80, felt it was a tad bit expensive for the portion. Cant be compared to the authentic one in Taiwan but i guess this is good enough if you have cravings. Not too salty and good portions of fatty meat.

Honestly not a fan of the much raved nasi lemak dish here. I felt that the chicken lacked flavour. It could be more flavourful. Ordered the breast meat which is my usual part of a chicken. The rice could also be more fragrant with more lemak and pandan flavour but it lack of that.

Portion is all right for $3.50. The coconut is flavourful in the rice, the fillet is quite thick and chewy. Reasonable pricing for a quick and inexpensive lunch here. Reflects Penang culture amd brings people back to Penang.

This stall opens for dinner while most stalls are closed. Not bad if you have cravings for bak kut teh in the area. They have fish as well, at 17. Good to share!

Bought 3 D24. 2 out of 3 tasted really good! 1 was not that great. Their service is pretty good though. Can try their durians during the season. Quality guaranteed.

For a weekend dim sum with your family, Swatow is definitely one of the better choices. There is buffet dim sum as well which starts arnd 3pm. But before that, they sell dim sum by ala carte. If you are not a big eater, ala carte is good enough. The dim sum here is satisfyingly good and fresh and the atmosphere allows you to enjoy the place even more. Be sure to be in queue for at least 15min during the weekends! But it is definitely worth the queue.


Priced at S$3.50, you can have a pretty decent nasi lemak in this newly revamped shopping centre. The rice is heavily fragrant with the coconut taste and the chilli complements really well with it. Not too spicy or sweet. It comes with half a hard boiled egg and deep fried crispy chicken wings. Convenient for a quick meal!

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Ordered the collagen soup and mushroom soup. Didnt like the mushroom soup base as the mushroom taste was too strong. But the collagen soup base made it up for the other lack. The steamboat ingrdients were up to standard of a restaurant. Would definitely go back again and recommend this to people. It is pretty similar to Hai Di Lao, though for the soup i will be here. And the fried beancurd skin is a MUST! Only 3 seconds. Only 3 seconds.

They have mushrooms, meatballs, pork liver, egg, and vegetables. The mee sua is well cooked and soup is tasty! Rainy day comfort food. Queue is always long during meal times. They close at 3pm on Sundays.


Tansy .

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