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Oh Sweet God!

Oh Sweet God!

Craving some sweets? This list could help you out with that! You'll find macarons, eclairs, tarts, mini pastries among the encyclopedia of desserts in this list. Hopefully you'll find some SWEET recommendations!
Zul Latiff
Zul Latiff
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[Seasonal Flavour for Limited Time only] I had a go at Matchaya’s (@matchayasg) latest seasonal flavour, the Shizuoka Oolong. I got as an addition to their Black Honey Popcorn Milk Tea ($5 + $2.50)

It’s like the modest, introverted sister of Houjicha - elegantly toned down in its earthy flavours. It also takes on an icier texture, which does make it refreshing, as opposed to the usual creamy texture which makes it heavy. Not bad, I’d say, especially how it melds with the genmaicha, milk and kuromitsu. A lot of roasted, caramel flavours happening. 🤩 (7.4/10)


[Available on Burpple Beyond] This flavour was part of their Lunar New Year special as well. Aside from being beautifully adorned, they captured the orange flavour so gorgeously - it’s tart but in a very balanced way. 🙌🏼 (8.4/10)


[Available on Burpple Beyond] If there’s one thing that L’eclair excels in, it’s the way they manage to capture the flavours.

Every eclair is not just a delicious choux pastry, but a meticulously designed one that takes into consideration of how each component will hit your tastebuds and palate – especially the brightly-flavoured pineapple custard-cream and the immediately-gratifying pineapple compote that is taking cover in the choux puff. 😍 The finesse and the flair that you can find in one of these is insane. This is truly the work of a pastry chef who doesn’t just have the mastery at what they do, but the unwavering fervour for what they do.

I think this felt like a refreshing and new experience to eat a Pineapple tart even though it doesn’t stray far off from the original in many ways. This has floored me. Without a doubt, they deserve a score like this one. 🤘🏽(9/10)


Beard Papa is currently running Sakura as their seasonal flavour. Given my weakness for the sweet stuff, I really couldn’t resist getting a cookie-crumbled cream puff for myself. 😍

It has a really subdued sweetness to it though, and the flavours present were redolent of a mix of rose and lychee. I’m glad they got it right…I hear concentrated sakura has a tendency to taste like detergent?! Big YIKES. 😨 (7.5/10)

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[Restaurant Available on Burpple Beyond] It pains me to say that I did not like this…at all. I honestly found it overbearing in terms of sweetness. I’ve had several bread and butter puddings in my life, and none of them have been as criminally cloying as this one.

To put it as viscerally as I can, it was that kind of sweetness in which you can feel ephemeral burns at the back of your throat. This was coming from not just me, but my friend too, who was curious to try some when he saw my strong reaction to it after taking my first bite. So I’m very sure I’m not exaggerating anything here. 😩

A couple of of the fruit loaf slices weren’t adequately soaked in the custard as well, which was a shame. The fruit loaf was admittedly dense though, so I suppose it was an inevitable limitation. ☹️

I’ve also kindly told them my feedback on it, and the person attending to me justified the quality by saying there are a lot of sweeteners that went into this:
• vanilla
• cream
• sugar
• fruits in the slices of the loaf

He went ahead and added with an understatedly defensive tone, “maybe it’s just your taste,” because other people have apparently said good things about it. 🤨

Umm…let’s just say that I totally disagreed, albeit peacefully. At least I’ve already shared my concerns with them personally before posting about it online. For me, I just hope to be able to be of help, in the case that it’s in tandem with how other customers feel. And from there, they can make adjustments their recipe so that they give them a better experience — good enough to make them want to come back. 🤷🏽‍♂️ (2.8/10)


I’ve forgotten just how good Lady M’s mille crepes are. In fact, it’s actually been about 6 years since I last had anything from this establishment. But man, wolfing this down had me wondering why I’ve missed out on their desserts this long.

The Marron Mille Crepe, which comes at $9.50 per slice, is a testament to the adage that hard work pays off. Crepe pancakes, chantily cream, marron bits, painstakingly assembled layer by layer, gather to unleash one of the most satisfying textures you’ll ever get in a cake. I imagine constructing this dessert to be tedious and time-consuming, which makes me appreciate it even more.

The only shortfalls to this though, were its steep pricing and that the flavour of the chestnut is too faint to discern. I couldn’t get the unique sweetness of a chestnut. But otherwise, this was pretty marvelous. I’m planning a next visit as we speak! (8.1/10)


This was a fairly delicious and decadent breakfast, boasting a trio stack of thick American-style pancakes. They come with a topping of your choice:
• Blueberry
• Banana Walnut
• Chocolate Chunks

It also comes with a mini ramekin-looking bowl of their maple butter that will significantly amplify the quality of the dish. The first bite floored me, especially the way that maple butter hit…that was everything. 🤩

The service deserves a mention though. The bespectacled guy was affable, approachable and proactive, which made me feel welcome as I was alone. You know how it be like with social anxiety and everything. 🤣 (7.5/10)

1) Share this with somebody. Don’t make the same mistake as I did - I thought its portion was completely manageable alone, but wow…I was already STRUGGLING halfway through. 🤪

2) Reserve a table for this place through the Eatigo app. Some timeslots allow you to dine in at 30 - 50% off the regular prices, which was what I did. I dined in solo at 4pm and I got it at half price. Trust me – if you’re a budding foodie and haven’t gotten it yet, you will need it. 💯


I mean this with absolutely no tinge of malice, but I have to admit that this wasn’t any better than the cake that I tried. In fact, it was a far cry from it. The Belgian waffles were awfully dry, hard and felt - for a lack of better word - lifeless. 😕

Personally, the only save here was their Matcha N°1 gelato, which packed enough astringency and sweetness to pair smoothly with the waffles, albeit barely.

If they could find a way to incorporate freshly-made waffles, this would slap for sure! Otherwise, forgive me for saying this, but this felt like a highly uninspired dessert. 😩 Consider going for the other things on their menu, really. (4.8/10)


I would love to say that my socks were knocked off by this, but I’d be preaching a lie. Sure, the layer of azuki provides a sweetening contrast to the vegetal, bitter taste stemming from the matcha (which wasn’t that intense to begin with), but unfortunately, I couldn’t find a reason to be compelled with this. Really, I could try to sugarcoat it, but the fact of the matter is – it didn’t manage to make an impression on me. 🙁

If you haven’t tried this yet, I can tell you that you won’t be missing out on much except for the opportunity for an Instagram profile spice-up. Given it’s steep price point, you might want consider going for their other cakes. I saw Honey Earl Grey, Goma, Lemon Meringue among others, all of which piqued my interest. 😍 (6.8/10)


[Mystery Flavour Ended] The season of Melon as a mystery flavour has come to an end a few days ago, but here’s a picture to evidence the time I gave it a go! 🤩

One of their sweetest and most summery mystery flavours, which is a good thing because it works perfectly as a balm during the scorching days (aka everyday)! Also, this place seems to have revamped their menu a little bit to include more drinks - their Matcha Calpis Milk is pretty good actually. The combination of the umami of the matcha and tartness from the Calpis Milk is quite unimaginable on paper, but sensible and pleasant on the tastebuds. 😘


As you may have heard of the disappointing news, Artea’s much-raved about soufflé pancakes are departing from their menu come 20 January. 😣 By no fault of their own I believe – from what I understand, V*voc*ty’s management does not want to approve of them selling it. But based on their posts and replies to people, they do plan to bring it back at another place and time soon! That’s in the works! 🤩

Their pancakes were conspicuously jiggly. I’ve had some soufflé pancakes before, and they can’t compare to this one. 😧 This one was incredibly delicate in the centre - it’s how I imagine it’d feel like to make an incision on a cloud. I wish I was exaggerating. All the mango items imbued the dish with a tropical freshness, which is certainly a welcome addition and I think would hit home with us Southeast Asians. Besides mangoes, they do have a cut piece of melon to accompany all of them. 😂 I think the only things that might make you think twice are: the long waiting times (15 to sometimes 60 mins) and the wallet-singeing prices. 😧

Still…they only have 2 days left before they vacate the menu, so if you’re keen on trying this, MAN you better GO before it’s too late! 😋 (7.5/10)


I must be honest for a moment – when I first tried their products after they opened up a bake outlet at Djitsun Mall in Bedok, I was sorely disappointed. Their cruffins were hard, too crusty, unnecessarily sugary and dry + flaky on the inside. My love for Brotherbird just waned from there. That was 4 months ago.

Yesterday, I decided to give them a shot again. This was a spontaneous purchase as me and my brother were exploring CT Hub for snack options, and the place we went there for, Deliveroo’s Editons, was closed. 😔 Anyway, they had a pretty nice section of bakes in their current lineup! Yet, of all the flavours, the Taro was the one calling out to me…like…do you guys feel that way with food sometimes?! Because I do, and I am not ashamed to admit that. 😨 Hahaha I digress.

What a turn-around this was! This has very well reignited my love for Brotherbird – chewy, bready,
moist croissant with an exterior of an amazing crispness. And the part that really matters – it’s stuffed with taro filling! 😍 It’s super shiok when I was having this and finally got to the filling because it made for a substantial bite! Happy-inducing is what this was.

You know…I was wondering why I felt like life had been breathed into me today. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty damn sure this was partly the cause of that. 😋 (7.5/10)


Calories more like I don't care-lories. Behind the tasty sights lie always a story to be told! 👽

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