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Oh Sweet God!

Oh Sweet God!

Craving some sweets? This list could help you out with that! You'll find macarons, eclairs, tarts, mini pastries among the encyclopedia of desserts in this list. Hopefully you'll find some SWEET recommendations!
Zul Latiff
Zul Latiff
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Back at one of my usual spots after running some errands. Black sesame and chocolate…another pairing which has never crossed my mind once, but after trying it for myself, I had a “why didn’t I think of that?!” moment. 🤯

Their hot chocolate drink has a little bit of bitterness, characteristic of the taste of cocoa powder. The black sesame adds depth to that bitterness as it injects it with a prominent roasty, and a meekly smoky note. I enjoyed it. It was really like a type of like a mocha I’ve never had before, to put it in a loose way. 😧


I must have had too many matcha products in my life because the Matcha °3, which is supposedly their most intense-tasting one, only borderline satiated my cravings for the shaded green tea. 😂 But still, even though I’d happily profess my love for green tea in all degrees of intensity, I always set my sights on the more bitter range. Hvala came close to hitting the mark, if I have to be honest.

And also, the Hokkaido Milk was a welcome addition as it can help to neuter or subdue the umami, bitter taste of the Matcha °3. Come to think of it, I think may be a little too overbearing if if you had the Matcha °3 on its own. This means that both flavours made for quite the perfect pairing.

Just take note though – they don’t provide samples for the ice-cream, so you have to be certain of your choices already even without an opportunity for risk aversion. 🤪


A very interesting drink. It combines two ingredients – matcha and houjicha (roasted green tea) – and this mesh was something I’ve thought of as taboo, for the longest time. There’s nuance in the flavour - the grassy, bittersweet flavour of the matcha dances with the earthy, coffee-like flavour of the houjicha, which results in a pretty darn good drink. 😍

Besides the product, I think their aesthetic deserve a mention because everything about it - logo, presentation, interior design etc is very very clean and easy on the eyes. They have a more premium feel to them, that’s for sure.

This drink was courtesy of the owner of Hvala, which I greatly appreciate! I’ll be back one day for sure. 🙏🏼


[Available on Burpple Beyond] I like spending my Christmas eve gorging on all the food I can get…and so I headed down to Sugarhaus’s to treat myself and some friends to waffles and ice-cream. 🤩🎄

Their waffles are quite brittle and not as substantial as some of my favourites’, but their gelati are decent! Each flavour packs a strength — besides the Kyoto Matcha Adzuki and Sour Cherry, we also got the Hazelnut and Earl Grey Lavender — which may be a sign of it being less authentic and repel tough cynics. 🤔 However, the good thing is that they weren’t too sweet, and I can imagine young families enjoying it. It would of course, be better, if someone among them had Burpple Beyond. I’m just saying. 👀😂

The place is decked out quite beautifully as well, which was a nice touch to the experience. Also, they don’t have alcoholic products in the array of flavours offered, so it can be enjoyed by more people. 🙏🏼 I quite liked this place! (7.5/10)


[Available on Burpple Beyond] Didn’t use Burpple Beyond for this cause I was alone when I got these, but what matters more is that the donuts were pretty darn good. 😋

Unlike regular ones, Haritts’ donuts showed no sign of oiliness. They were a hefty in thickness and were incredibly fluffy as well, so if there is ever a title for “Donut with the Best Bite”, they can take it in a heartbeat. 😍 What really left an impression on me was how redolent it was to old-school donuts that you’d get at those neighbourhood bakery and confectionaries. This sense of nostalgia - you’ll rarely get it in any food, but when you do, you know you’ve struck gold.

Where room for improvements is concerned however, I would agree with other reviewers who have pointed out the mealy amount of flavours in the donuts. Couldn’t really discern the matcha, chocolate, white chocolate in the bread. 🤔 For flavours that had fillings, the flavours really came ALIVE. 😧

I apologise for the poorly-edited photo though. It was captured from the wrong position, so trying to rectify it during editing and make the colours pop was practically impossible. 😭😂 (7.6/10)


Truth be told, this was taken ages ago. I just never got around to posting it. 😪 I whipped out the raw photo, edited it a little and here I am finally sharing this.

Yet though, I still haven’t forgotten how disappointed I felt with this dish that day – it was way too sweet, which was an unusual occurrence. It’s the kind of cloying that leaves a prickly pain in your soul. I’m inclined to believe it was a one-off thing as I’d been to this place a few times before and they all had food that were ironclad in quality.

If anything, the brioche was pretty damn good. So soft and substantial in bread - that’s how I like mine. 😍


Tried this sometime ago, so I can’t recall exactly how it tasted, but I do remember it having an undisputed moistness to it and a subdued minty flavour that paired so gorgeously with the cupcake’s deep, dark chocolate flavour. 🍫🍃

Every bite went by too quickly with this one…I definitely needed at least a couple more to feel satisfied. 🤣 (7.6/10)


I wanted to try their Pumpkin Spice Latte the other day I went to Starbucks, but they were sold out! 😞 At least there was the Zombie Frappuccino, which was a black sesame drink with a red syrup, for which I can’t seem to discern the flavour. 🧟‍♂️💉

Interestingly, on the day I got this, there was a snaking queue. I was trying to figure out why the lines were so long until one dude in front of me said something about a 1-for-1. And true enough, they actually had their Halloween promotion of a buy one Venti drink and get another one free! I felt so blessed, that I had to get an Iced Chocolate on top of this one. 😂💀

And in case you’re wondering what the drink tastes like, it hardly tastes like kurogoma. Instead, it’s redolent of barley with a smidge of astringency. I’m not mad at it, really. 👀

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[Available on Burpple Beyond] In recent times, I don’t think anything has made me happier than knowing that Sunday Folks is on Burpple Beyond. This means 2 plates of waffles and their signature towering helix softserve for the price of 1! 🤑🤩

I had the Roasted Pistachio flavour on my latest visit (i.e. the dish in the foreground). I really liked the modest, balanced nutty and roasted flavours of the softserve. I’ve tasted some more intense flavours of Pistachio for sure, but it still made for a bosom pairing with their semi-crispy, and slightly eggy waffles. Hence, no need for the comparison sometimes, because it’s all about what works for each restaurant. 🤗

If there’s one thing I don’t understand though, it’s the handful of reviews that have critiqued its drop in quality. Based on my latest experience to this place, the quality of this dish has remained on the same level as before. If anything, it’s that their service doesn’t feel as enthusiastic as it did at the peak of cafe hopping in 2014/2015. Yet, the service staff were all still pretty friendly. 🧐 (7.6/10)

For more reviews of places with Burpple Beyond, you can check out my list “BB Talk”! 🤓


[Available on Burpple Beyond] I’ve always been keeping tabs on the list of places that have gotten on board the Burpple Beyond boat. So when I found out about Dohkie’s addition...boy did I IMMEDIATELY make plans to come here. 😛🤣

They are a humble space located at the basement level of Havelock II, which is located just opposite Hong Lim Park. I came by on a Saturday night, and the emptiness was actually pretty unsettling and eerie I won’t lie. Still though, nothing was going to stop me from getting some sweet treat for myself. 🤩

In their arsenal of cookie dough flavours, they have:
🍪 Original
🍪 Peanut Butter
🍪 Lemon
🍪 Brownie Batter
🍪 Cookies N Cream
🍪 Birthday Cake

I got the first three in my first try and it may have very well sent me straight to cookie heaven. Rich, smooth and chewy are just some words to describe it. It’s straight up candy! But I think that having it with their softserve would have amped up its taste. Especially since my friend pointed out how he could taste flour and sugar in it. Given how decadent it is too, it can get a little sickly after awhile - especially in my case as I had three dollops in one sitting. 🤧 (7.4/10)


This marks the first time that I tried Matchaya’s kakigori, and what a better way to step into the shaved ice territory of the menu by trying the seasonal version of it?! 😛

Kabocha translates to ‘pumpkin’ in English, and embodies a creamy, smooth and marginally grainy texture. It’s healthier and has a more satisfying thickness than a regular sauce or ganache. Sweetness, on point as always. I can always count on Matchaya to shave the sweetness level in all that they do. The dark sandwich cookies also gave it a crunch component, which prevents it from being too ‘jelak’ or sickly.

I just don’t understand one thing though - I can’t quite grasp the idea of people detesting pumpkin in terms of flavour. Because I personally thought it was as neutral as it could get, and it had that uniquely pleasant sweetness from something as starchy as potatoes, sweet potatoes and this. (7.2/10)


These pancakes fell a little short of my expectations if I have to be honest. I could hardly make out the taste of earl grey in the three-tier pancakes. The other components of this dish (white chocolate Macadamia crumbles, Kuromitsu, poached pear) dovetailed decently, but somehow couldn’t deliver a punch of flavour upon union. 😩 Still though, the best moment of this dish was having a piece of the supple, sweet-like-summer poached pear (contains no alcohol) with the pancake. Its lucid flavour complements the deeper tones of the chocolate sauce, even though some have said that it offsets instead.

This place seems to pivot its selling point on evoking the uptown brunch culture though – for one, they’ve decked out the place sumptuously in monochrome, post-industrial theme, with high ceilings lending to its spacious feel. ✨ The items you’ll find on the menu are also what you’d conveniently expect to see in those of the slew of cafés in Melbourne (i.e the mecca of brunches). Coming to this place also endows you with some status, I believe - it’ll make you feel like you’re that ‘atas’ alpha male or bad bitch. Anyone in denial of this can feel free to correct me! 🤗😬

If you’re coming here to feel assuaged by food, well…prepare to feel like you’re missing a little something. But if you genuinely enjoy partaking in the brunch experience, I believe this place is definitely the one that nails it in that aspect. 😯 This insight was something that I realised only in hindsight. (7.5/10)


Calories more like I don't care-lories. Behind the tasty sights lie always a story to be told! 👽

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