Featuring The Sushi Bar Dining (Ngee Ann City), Tonkatsu by Ma Maison (Mandarin Gallery), Hana Restaurant, Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant (Far East Plaza), Café&Meal MUJI (Paragon), Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin (ION Orchard), Menya Takeichi (Suntec City), Idaten Udon (CityLink Mall), Grand jeté cafe & bar, OTOKO (Sultan Plaza)
Valent Richie
Valent Richie

It was my first time trying their Ebikatsu and despite the battered coating getting a little soggy at the bottom from condensation, it’s still a winner for me. Reason being the part that counts the most, the chopped up prawn within, tasted fresh and sweet and was of a lovely bouncy bite. Adding on gigantic gobs of the accompanying tartare sauce made it even more enjoyable.
I would not hesitate to have this again on the days when I’m not in the mood for pork.

No matter what your pick in regional or preparation style. It’s served here.  A not-so-common variant is the chicken paitan ramen served at Menya Takeichi. Despite it not being the tonkutsu gut-bomb that stays with you longer than a cheese steak from Park Bench Deli, its still one to get.

Made from chicken bones boiled for hours, the broth comes with an aggressive creaminess. The yolk of the simmered egg is gooey and violently orange and the slices of chicken breast are still surprisingly tender. Chilli threads add unnecessary but welcome pizzaz. Be forewarned that the thin noodles soften quickly so get slurping fast.

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All reasonably priced, the sets offer a good variety of tofu dishes such as my order of 豆乳おばんざい鍋御膳 Soy Milk Obanzai Nabe Set (1980¥).
Presented with an amazeballs homemade Sesame Tofu, silky Tofu Chawanmushi, Kyo-Tsukemono (pickles), Five Grained Rice, White Miso Soup, tangy Ponzu sauce for the yuba, Nama-fu Dengaku (Roasted mugwort and sesame fu covered in Miso paste) and homemade Warabimochi fordessert. The steamy pot holding soy milk and miso sauce (homemade tofu, fried tofu fritter, yuba/homemade soy milk skin and Kyoto vegetables) was also light and delicate. Chewy, savoury and sweet, my first experience with Grilled Namafu was incredible as the miso paste really brought out the distinct flavours of the wheat gluten. Furthermore, made with sesame and kudzu vine, I will visit them again just for the Gomatofu. Truly satisfying, each component was able to complement yet shine, making this a wholesome meal to have at any weather. 📌〒616-8384 19 Saga Tenryuji Tuskurimichi-machi, Ukyo-ward, Kyoto-city

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Tasty chicken curry rice, definitely better than Washoku Goen one. The rice is tasty Japanese rice, the portion is just nice, and this plate costs $14.90. Muji also sells the butter curry sauce itself if you want to cook it at home.

The place can be quite crowded so better avoid peak hours. Cosy and relaxing environment to have lunch or dinner.


This old favourite haunt of mine seems to have gone on a slightly healthier slant. Or at least that’s what I felt after my visit there last month.
Nearly all of the grilled items were seasoned with less salt than usual. Was this light-handedness with the sodium a permanent thing or a one-off I wonder? Has anyone who’s been there recently encountered the same?
I’m not complaining as the food was still pretty tasty but I did miss that guilt-inducing deliciousness that‘s part and parcel of eating anything with more than ample salt.

Look out for Tower B and you should find a sign.
The beef curry is full of flavor - not bad.
The double decker tonkatsu sandwich is also a must order. Just order 1 full sandwich and it'd be enough to feed 2.
Will be back.

Found this in small Japanese stall in the Sultan Plaza hawker centre, the chicken teriyaki is served with onsen egg, soup, salad, and rice. Quite tasty and affordable ($6) for a full Japanese set meal.


Crunchy and tasty salmon roll, comes in 8pcs and they cost $16.90. Highly recommended.


This is soooo delicious! For $20 nett, this is worth it. Also got free ice cream for buying a set with a promotion from J Passport.


Usually a dish is either delicious or just a novelty. But this one covers both. For $18, I really enjoy this flying udon with the salted egg yolk sauce, which is quite spicy but I am willing to endure it because it is just so nice to eat.

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This chicken charsiew udon is one of the tastiest I have encountered. Since I like matcha, I opted for Matcha udon (add $1). It was great and I could taste the matcha that blends perfectly with the chicken charsiew and the udon soup. Would come back here for more.