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Satisfying Grubs

Satisfying Grubs

Probably the most straightforward title for any of my lists. The only thing better than great-tasting food is great-tasting food that will satisfy every end of our hunger. This list aims to showcase the places with those.
Zul Latiff
Zul Latiff

▪️ You can expect to wait for about 30 mins on a weekday evening
▪️ It was nice of them to offer free flow of tea whilst we were waiting in the queue for our seats
▪️ The omurice set was of pretty good value ($9.90), even with the addition the teriyaki hamburg ($3)
▪️ My friend thought the fried rice could have used a little more flavour, but I felt differently
▪️ I thought its neutral taste was the perfect counterbalance to the to the umami-packed demiglace sauce and the chicken hamburg
▪️ My friend mentioned that the egg could have been silkier, while I thought it was not overly contrasting from the texturally softer ones in the dish
▪️ The addition of spicy chili flakes and dried parsley will make all the difference here
▪️ The highlight of the dish here was (un)surprisingly the chicken teriyaki hamburg. I noticed it was flavourful at every way through the patty

I remember having an awful breakfast and lunch beforehand, so it’s safe to say that this was the saving grace! I’m already having thoughts to go back if the opportunity ever presents itself. 😍 (7.7/10)


[Restaurant Available on Burpple Beyond] This was much more gratifying than the Bread and Butter Pudding for sure – the smoky, woody undertone from the char added a dimension to this dish. The lemon caper sauce’s creaminess and tinge of tartness also injected a lip-smacking quality to it as well, which helped this dish make a stellar first impression.

However, I will admit that after awhile, it left more to be desired as its taste gradually regressed to that of an ordinarily delicious fare.

I highly encourage using Burpple Beyond for this because you get another one of their Bestseller main, but for the price of just ONE. Whew! (7/10)


The Margherita Pizza from Bruno’s Bistrot is honestly a personal favourite that delivers every single time. There are days when I’m feeling like I could use a pizza that isn’t doughy in its pie crust, something that is much more authentic and true to its culinary origin…I turn to this one! 😍

The pizza is thin, but packs a satisfying bite and a megaton of flavour to it – cheesy, salty, tangy, a hint of astringency among others. The pie itself had that signature crust-cracking sound that Colette from Ratatouille was referring to while identifying and discerning good bread. 🥖🍞 This marked quality is something you’d typically not expect on a pizza flavour that prides itself on a couple of ingredients or more. But alas, you don’t need all the good ingredients in the world to create a good dish – just a few powerhouses to unleash a force of flavour. 🌪

In short, all I’m saying is that this is the real deal! (8.6/10)


A really decent find at the Poolside canteen in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. This was at the stall called King Kong Curry.

A couple of gripes though – the deep-fried breaded salmon was a little too flat for my liking, and the cheese omelette wasn’t that stimulating. However, the demiglace sauce was where all the savoury flavour was hiding; every spoonful of this dish should definitely have a bit of it or you’re likely to find it bland and unexciting. 😬🤫

Also, don’t be fooled by the nondescript-looking drizzle of orange sauce – that thing packed a spicy zing, and was like a torpedo of heat! I’m not exactly complaining - it actually did help to spice up the dish! 🔥 (7.2/10)


I’m currently embarking on a project in regard to the dine-in concepts for Foodpanda and Deliveroo, and I couldn’t leave without trying something from there!

I ordered the Wagyu Beef Burger from Wolf’s Burgers, which came absent of any vegetable. I’m not complaining, but it’s probably the first time I’ve been served a burger in its bare glory of meat and cheese. The flavours that gushed out onto my palate…that was pretty damn life changing. The meat was much softer and more flavourful, and the sauce, which I believe was mayonnaise, if not a form of aioli, emboldened the beefy taste, so every bite was insanely delicious.

For $14.90, I feel the price was very reasonable. It’s something I wouldn’t mind paying for just to try it again. I really haven’t had a burger that bowled me over this much whew!


Word has it that RONIN has the best, if not some of the best, scrambled eggs in town. Earlier today, I went down and tried it for myself and I…quite liked it, I must say. 👀👅

It had this uncanny taste of tofu to it though, which would make sense as to why it is very creamy, curdy and soft. It was pretty plain in taste as well…I think it could’ve used a little more seasoning. Hence, I’m not sure if I totally dug it in that regard, but the texture was something I could definitely get behind! 🤙🏽

Also, I added $3.50 extra to get the wilted spinach, which I felt was a nice addition to the dish, with its slight crunch and kiss of saltiness. 😋 (7.5/10)


Perhaps I was having expectations that were too great for this, which was why I wasn’t actually bowled over by it. Objectively speaking, these fries were pretty good – each piece’s crispy exterior and a delicately fluffy interior made for a satisfying bite that comes with a scrunch that befit ASMR video standards. Yet, I can’t help but feel like I’ve had this before somewhere…and I can’t quite put a finger on it. 🧐

They have a selection of sauces to go with the fries, but because I’d chosen their Special it came with a mix of a white and brown sauce and diced onions (thankfully it wasn’t raw, or else…). The flavours here were pretty much reminiscent of a couple of things we may be familiar with – mayonnaise obviously and McDonald’s curry sauce, both of which are easy to enjoy, I’d say. I believe it was this lack of newness in the taste that dampened the experience a little. 🙍🏽‍♂️

But overall, I wouldn’t say that it wasn’t worth the try. In fact, it was decent, really. Perhaps the next time I come by, I’ll look forward to the other things they offer on their menu! (7.2/10)


I can promise you that this is better than it looks. 😂 I got the regular-sized bowl of Jasmine Brown Rice, Broccoli, Button Mushrooms, Onsen Egg and Orange-Glazed Salmon at an additional $2. While the protein component of this dish was generally delicious, it’s a darn shame that the orangey flavour was present only in hints! Would’ve been floored if it was more dynamised. But besides that, this was hearty, flavourful and really satiating - great, and kind of an economical meal to have when you’re in the area!

Low-key though, I can’t help but feel a little weird writing all these this because a number of people I know who have tried this weren’t exactly fans of it…in fact, they had pretty strong opinions about this place. 🧐 (7.4/10)


One of the best mac and cheese dishes I’ve had in a long time can be found in the café by day and pub by night, Park at Holland Village!

Thick, creamy béchamel, gorgeous browning and served to you sizzling…I swear the Truffled Mac & Cheese was already divine and cathartic from the get-go. It was very aromatic and it was super flavourful, both of which made this all-around delicious and lip-smacking. 😍

It may seem like there isn’t much to distil from a regular mac and cheese, but really it’s a simple dish like it that allows for a seemingly endless miscellany of ingredients. In this notion lies the opportunity for one to create something artful and next-level. 🧐

Both my friend and I agreed that the portion for this was a lot more daunting than it looked. That sort of alludes to the gripe that I had with this, which was how overbearing it got towards the last few bites – ‘jelak’, to put it simply. Yet, I feel that the problem can be solved by deciding to split the portion with a friend or two? Or take your time with this dish, because every bite deserves to be savoured.

What can I say? This was quite the stunner. 🤤❤️ (8/10)


[Tasting, Pending Halal Cert] Before the fries chicken and the deep-dish pizza, we started off the tasting at Pizza Maru with their Bibimbap Spam Tower.

This is a glorious mess of savoury, comfort food flavours. There are elements that make it such, like chicken luncheon meat, the unmistakable layer of kimchi and an meandering drizzle of what I believe is sriracha mayo. You’re supposed to cut this like one of those burgers that are too thick to properly bite.

Nothing too groundbreaking or beguiling about the flavours, really - it’s just good ol’ deliciousness. I think it made for a surprisingly appetising starter! (7.5/10)


[Tasting, Pending Halal Cert] Probably the cheesiest pizza I’ve ever had, so much so that I daresay they’re to die for. Pizza Maru’s 9” Real Chicago has double portion of mozzarella cheese (or 600g), some of which are stuffed into the middle of two pizza doughs.

This is made with black rice dough, with the extensively delectable toppings - pepperoni, plenty of mozzarella, string and parmesan cheese, maru tomato sauce, basil and even a dusting of icing sugar.

This is served in a pizza pan that is hovering above a lit candle to ensure it stays warm and melty for as long as indefinite. This was so shiok and mind-blowingly decadent. Not everybody could bring themselves to love it, but all of us were definitely thrilled to be reminded of the feeling of indulgence. Personally, I enjoyed it very much. It also reminded me of a classic deep-dish pizza from Chicago, albeit with a few differences. (7.9/10)

Everything was so well-made – the broccoli, the cherry tomatoes, the torched mentaiko-laced salmon (cooked sous-vide by the way) or the exceptionally bouncy onsen egg.

The hunk of salmon was amazing - it is cooked sous-vide first, so the texture was consistently soft from the crust to the core of the meat. The torched mentaiko gives it a stamp of saltiness which made it really shiok!

Besides the salmon being so good, so was the egg! Don’t let its coagulated appearance fool you - its yolk is still intact enough to break majestic runny-ness. It’s still exciting to think about it again.

This costed a whopping $19, which is the only thing that will keep me from coming back more often. However, the quality didn’t let down at all. Pictures may not do it justice, but trying it is the one way to know that. And I’m really glad I did! (8/10)


Calories more like I don't care-lories. Behind the tasty sights lie always a story to be told! 👽

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