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Natto 🍌
Natto 🍌

I love uni. I'm on team uni all the way. So when @unigallerysg opened up, I was eagerly looking forward to trying it out. And yes I finally found a lobang so decided to go for it because I #neverpayfullprice

We got the bara uni ikura chirashi lunch set that comes with salad, miso soup, and green tea for $39.90++. We got the uni mentaiko pasta which sadly only comes a la carte for $38++. We decided to get some appetisers because #GREEDY. We tried the shirako (sea bream milt aka LE SPERM GLAND) for $23++ because the monkfish liver was not available. We also got 2 portions of shiro uni for $55++ thanks to @ladyironchef's 1 for 1 uni deal. #dontsayibojio

The shiro uni was nice and creamy and had a stronger briney flavour compared to the bafun uni I got for my bara uni ikura chirashi lunch set ($39.90++). I would order again if not for the price because my heart pain since one portion is only 30g.

My fave dish was the shirako but the flavour was amazing and the texture was delicate. It felt like eating a giant ikura, slightly tough exterior yet smooth and slightly creamy once you pop it in your mouth (the euphemisms never end). Yes, 100% must order when you visit this place.

Chirashi was really good because you can't go wrong with ikura and uni. The anchovies were a great addition. Added a crunchy and umami element to the dish. I wish they put more! It really enhanced the chirashi don. Really clever.

Sadly, the pasta dish was the most disappointing. Entire pasta tasted bland and hardly any mentaiko flavour at all. The uni portion appears similar to the chirashi but failed to shine in this pasta even with the almost-not-there mentaiko. I would avoid this. Stick with the chirashi.

Overall, the damage was close to $200. Was it worth it? Well, maybe not, but as a once in a while treat, I can somewhat justify it. #UniGallery also has its own loyalty scheme where you get 5% cashback to use for your next visit. And you get another 5% cashback when you use Fave Pay so you could potentially get 10% off. Luckily there was a Fave Pay promo code DOZEN for payments over $60 so I got $12 cashback too. So yup, pretty sweet! #burpple

This time featuring ramen from Bari Uma. The ajitama itself looks nice and bouncy. Perfect yolk consistency. Just look at that oozing out. However, in terms of flavour, it was a tad bit mild compared to some of the other ajitama I've had (still love the one from Tsuta). The ramen itself was flavourful without being overly salty. I didn't have strong urge to chug down water afterwards. The chashu was tougher than I would like it, but the fatty parts were awesome. All in all, it was a solid well-rounded ramen. Would like to try the light broth version next time!

JPassport is running FREE double toppings for the month of April! #dontsayibojio

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💪 But unfortunately this high tea failed to impress. While some items were nice, others were merely average. Clotted cream appeared a little grainy and curdled. It was also rather tangy but apparently it's supposed to taste this way. The server insisted it was clotted cream but I'm pretty sure it tasted more like creme fraiche or even whipped sour cream. No thanks, I like my cream smooth, thick, and full. (Not a euphemism I swear.) Out of the savouries, the minced beef croquette was my favourite. The mushroom and chicken tart and smoked salmon multigrain sandwich were a bit of a letdown. Egg sandwich was pleasant though. Out of the sweets, I like the chocolate marshmallow tart the best. Macaron was really average and tasted artificial. And please, no fruit in my scones! 😤 #antifruitsconecamp

It was a decent high tea I suppose but nothing to shout about. Too bad I missed the scotch eggs. Sadly don't think I'll be back to get this again.

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Match made in heaven. Matcha lava cookie with Thai milk tea sherbet. Yes please! 🙋‍♀️ Cookie had a nice soft semi-crumbly texture. Lava filling was appreciatively generous. Thai milk tea really complemented the matcha flavour. We couldn't stop at one. I love this dessert so much I want to have it every day! 😍

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The cow cow sundae! 🐄

I have heard mixed reviews from friends. Some have said the overrun was too high, and some have said it was nice and creamy. To me, the texture was slightly denser than McDonald's soft serve. I got the cheese and milk twist, and honestly, I felt the flavours were too similar and would have preferred to get one or the other to really appreciate it. The cheese flavour was really subtle. But I enjoyed the cheesecake. That was probably my favourite part of this sundae.

Would I get it again? Mmm, I'm hesitant for the price of S$8.50 but if I do, I will only get a single flavour.

Anyway I bought a 30-piece 3 flavour pack of cookies for S$38 so that will tide me over until the next time. 😂

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Ladies, he's still single so if you want to catch any of this action, head on over to 👉 @an.drewdrew

We waited an hour for this! I'm so glad I got the shirayaki version. Read online that it's not as impressive as the normal one. So I was really reluctant to get it initially. But I pressed on and trusted my gut instinct. And super glad I did because I preferred this over the normal version. It's also because I don't typically like the strong unagi tare flavour so I liked the light charcoal taste of the shirayaki. We also got the kimoyaki, unaki, and mentaiko. If you thought we were greedy, the couple next to us ordered more side dishes than us. 😂😂😂 My rationale is that I'm not gonna bother queueing another hour so I wanted to try everything one shot!

Highly recommend the shirayaki with freshly grated (perfection!) and unaki.👍 #burpple #food #foodinsg #foodinsingapore #foodporn #lunch #unagi #manman #igsg #sgig #omnomnom #nomnom #dietwhatdiet #fatdieme

My bro suggested salted egg yolk tendon at Ramen Champion so we went there. He got that and I got the chilli crab version. We also decided to be decadent and got the camembert tempura. Oh my gawd, yessss, who cares about calories when you're eating deep fried cheese? 🧀 The chilli crab sauce was good too and not too sweet (I prefer it to be more savoury). I found myself wiping the bowl clean. The salted egg yolk sauce was flavourful and thick too. And nice of them to provide another small plate of it for dipping your tempura.

We just had tendon from Tendon Kohaku last Sunday but guess you can never have too much deep fried goodness? 😂

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This time, we headed out to Umi + Vino at Emporium Shokuhin. I got the Hokkaido scallop & konbu pasta and my bro got the blue swimmer crab pasta. 🍝

Okay, I did not have high expectations for this, but wow I actually really liked it. It was not life changing, but it was very enjoyable to eat. Great umami taste, light and not jelak at all, and portion was just nice for me. Pasta was softer than al dente but if you're like me who always orders soft noodles at ramen places (I know both the Japanese ramen and Italian pasta gods are ready to smite me for this blasphemy), this was perfect. Scallops a bit tougher than I would have liked, but overall it was a very solid well-rounded dish, and yes I would totally get this again and might even try the chilled version. (I preferred this over the blue swimmer crab one.) 👌

Book with @eatigo_sg and get up to 50% off total bill! We went at 11.30am to get this deal. But if that's too early for you, use an OCBC card to get 1 for 1 mains/steaks every weekend! Remember to use eatigo via @shopbacksg to get $2 cashback (link in bio)! #neverpayfullprice #dontsayibojio #Burpple #eatigo #foodporn #foodinsg #foodinsingapore #food #lunch #omnomnom #nomnom #dietwhatdiet #fatdieme #igsg #sgig #pasta #arethereanymorehashtagsicanadd

But has my life changed for the better? Maaaaaaaybe. I might be biased though. I prefer my hakata tonkotsu ramen, but what I appreciated was their ajitsuke tamago. Oh my God, you could dive right in and swim in that.

But other than that, it's a decent well-rounded light soba. I would have preferred if the chashu was a bit more fatty. It was dryer than expected. Truffle was strong enough. Tip: Worth paying $1 for the yuzu wanton. Think it was the next best thing after the egg. There was a pleasant yuzu aftertaste to it. 😋

Would I go for it again? Sure, why not. But only if there's no queue. (But I definitely enjoyed this more than Hawker Chan's chicken.) #Burpple

I like that it's well marinated. Heard the rice isn't good so we got the noodles instead. But whether worth its Michelin star...? Welllll I'm not too sure about that. 🤔

Think I need to pace myself with all the good food I'm going to eat in the coming weeks... Need to go gymming every day liao... 😂 #burpple #checkoutmyselfportrait #youseewhatididthere

So you can say I really love froyo. Black Mamba's charcoal froyo falls under the creamier, thicker variation which I prefer compared to the likes of Yogurtland and Sogurt. But other than that, it's just a normal typical froyo. The charcoal doesn't make a difference to the flavour as it just tastes like a generic tarty plain flavoured froyo. Toppings were also quite limited. But I quite like the chocolate biscuit topping, which reminds me of Anita's Cookieman signature topping in Sydney and llao llao's chocolate toppings. Sadly nothing compares to the flavour and texture of Twisted's froyo in Sydney which I consider to be one of the best froyos I've had. My quest for Singapore's top froyo continues I guess. 😔 #burpple

be cool, sodapop!

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