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Cheeeeeeese 🧀

Cheeeeeeese 🧀

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Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim
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Sandwich starts after 11am so we managed to try the very decadent 3 Cheese ($19). Served on Rosemary loaf which I had previously picked for the Honey Mascarpone toast. Crisp crust, chewy slightly fluffy bread, mild tang and nothing to fault☺️

Using 3 types of cheese, stretchy and incredibly sinful, it was served with.. carrots which I didn’t touch but I appreciate the balanced diet😂/ potential crunchy sweetness that may help to cut through the richness?? Major cheese lover here so I easily finished it but some may find it too jelak I guess - so yep good for sharing (calories).


Favourite comfort food! There’s the option of creating your own mac&cheese but we went for the fuss-free signature Big Cheese ($8-S) of pulled beef mac&cheese with a hint of truffle oil (not too overwhelming), topped with gruyere cheese. Creamy gooey with a slight cheese pull and although they were very generous with the cheese, it was not too jelak. Pretty good snack or you could go large as a meal.


Massive and very satisfying cheese steak sandwich 🥪! Crisp toast with gooey cheese in between, pretty decent beef slices, topped with more shavings of cheese - so much cheesy goodness without any greasiness. Served with a side of rocket and roasted bell peppers to take off a little of that guilt.


Personally really loved this Grilled Camembert Toast! Creamy French Camembert cheese on a crisp toast, nicely placed so you’ll get a bit of cheese in every bite. Drizzled with rosemary honey for a bit of sweetness and subtle fragrance. Makes for a great starter/ snack and it’s a lovely space to take a break in between shopping.

Thank you #burpple for the invite and @gastrosmiths for having us! 😋


No-frills simple comfort food in the form of this insanely stretchy grilled cheese sandwich - 3 types of cheese are used here; mozzarella, fontina and cheddar. With crisp buttery brioche. It might harden pretty quickly so if you’re not eating it on the spot, just heat it up again! Kinda wish it was more cheesy 😛 and if it had the classic pairing of tangy tomato soup, but it’s just me. Pretty decent at $6.90 for this 52 Grilled Cheese. Available only at 52 Sandwich Shack, now opened in the basement of Raffles City!


52 Sandwich Shack, a grilled cheese sandwich kiosk, is a new concept by @dear.nesuto that will be taking over the space of Koki Tamagoyaki!

Here you’ll find different versions of the comfort food. Apart from the classic, simple 52 Grilled Cheese that I personally prefer, the Sliced Beef with Onsen Egg is a pretty hearty option. With three types of cheese (mozzarella, cheddar and fontina), sweet, tender and juicy shabu sliced wagyu beef, balsamic onions that helps to cuts through the heaviness of the dish for those who aren’t huge fans of cheese. Served with a side dip of onsen egg.

Not the best around but I love grilled cheese sandwiches, tho I’ll be sad to see the tamagoyaki go. 😞 Grilled cheese tamagoyaki sandwich please?


Often, it's the simplest food that are difficult to impress but here's a Grilled Cheese ($11) done right. Order this for that instagram-worthy cheese pull. I'm probably overusing the term comfort food here at Alter Ego but I have a weak spot for all things cheese and this was made to perfection - golden brown and crisp while remaining light and fluffy. Pull apart that toasted perfection and there there, the glorious oozy gruyere and taleggio cheese! But that's not all - add the tender, braised short ribs (+$3). And dip them into the light tangy tomato soup/dip. Your tummy will thank you.


Can't stop thinking about this "Provoleta" ($17) - We were told that it was heavy so we gave up ordering another dessert but as it turns out, we loved this so much and well, it wasn't gelat until the very end when it started to solidify. So try not to wait too long to dig in. Think piping hot, stretchy, savoury melted provolone cheese in its golden brown glory, with crunchy almonds for an added contrast in texture, and sweet, sweet Oregano honey for a good balance in flavours. Definitely a good starter. Get this to share though it was so good, I can probably finish it all by myself!! 😛



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