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Featuring Montana Singapore, Stateland Asian-Fusion Cafe, Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), Haakon Superfoods & Juice (Holland Village), Poppy Pops (Jem), One Ice Cafe (JCube), Lady M (Westgate), The Daily Scoop (SOTA), Smoothie House (Westgate), TaiPei Seoul Cafe 台北. 首尔
Cylene Tan
Cylene Tan
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really really sinful, but also good. love the contrasting temperatures between the softserve and the fried donut. not jelak at all! kind of filling though, so have a modest dinner beforehand if you plan on having this as dessert 🤪

available in the medium $7.90 option too!

had it as a post-lunch dessert and it was super refreshing! the crunch of the granola and nuts serves as a nice contrast to the soft and sweet fresh fruits and the frozen acai blend. great for sharing! :-)

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Quite excited whenever Merely Ice-Cream releases a new flavour. While the texture is a tad off from their other offerings (which black sesame, admittedly, does make everything a tad drier if it were to be the main ingredient) being a little more crumbly and somewhat less creamier, the notes of roasty black sesame is really prominent here without being too cloying nor heaty for the throat. Yet another flavour I wouldn’t mind ordering whenever I am here (which seems to be quite often these days!).

One thing I have to say about the waffles is that they are unbelievably good! I stopped talking mid-conversation when I had my first bite because I could not believe how amazing it tasted. My friend and I would highly recommend the southern fried chicken waffle and red velvet triple stacked waffle! Don't be afraid to explore the savoury waffle sections of the menu, trust me, you will be giving your tastebuds a wonderful experience

I'm a cake person. And it's just terrible that i have to fall in love with their cakes cos these are so pricey :(

The Signature have always been my personal fave and the bane of my diet. The Matcha was okay but i guess perhaps cos im not a huge fan of matcha so i may not be the best judge. The seasonal flavour was the Earl Grey which was really fragrant and tasted like the milk tea from bubble tea shops haha. Sweet and milky and fragrant. 👍🏼❤️

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The best Bingsu I've ever had so far !!!!!! And it is really oreo overload. A definite YES especially for anyone who loves oreo. They were so generous with the serving & it was only $6.80!?!?!?!!?! with no GST/Service Charge! Damn damn damn worth the price

This is Royal Milk Tea Napoleon Pie.
Like a mille-feuille meets waffles, this ‘Napoleon Pie’ is like a waffles sandwich, but includes elements of the Bubble Tea with addition of milk foam and pearls.

Check out their other NEW offerings

How about some Hokey-Pokey Ice Cream Bao ($6++), Flower Pot Of The Day ($16++) or puffcone ($1.50)?? Tag your ice-cream buddies now!
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Writer: Lorraine Ge
Photo credits: @jaehyunmin

Taking over the pets cafe at Jalan Leban is Tai Pei Seoul Cafe. Saw that they have this Tiramichoux here which got me pretty interested for how much I love good Choux puffs. It's almost the same size as the one from Dulcet & Studio, though the puff could be a little more crisp over the top — the pastry was a little dry but still decent though a tad monotonous texturally. Inside, the coffee cream comes in a way similar to ice-cream; cold, creamy and smooth though very light in flavour, mostly drowned by the cocoa powder and chocolate sauce which provides for the "tiramisu" flavour. A little hard to convince at $5.50 for one though. They do offer a few mains and other desserts such as waffles and Honey Toasts as well.

Tai Pei Seoul Cafe is situated at 10 Jalan Leban, Singapore 577551.

🍫🍨#thedailyscoopsg #thedailyscoop #burpple

One of their specials will be the Milo Dinosaur Waffle ($8.00) where you can choose any ice cream flavor (Salted Mister Brown was selected in this picture) and have it on top of a milo powder sprinkled x chocolate waffle! Super decadent! 😌😋 Oh and I had the Mao Shan Wang ice cream ($3.80 for a Junior Scoop) to satisfy my durian craving 😍😍

I've had many iterations of this heavenly pairing before, but The Daily Scoop blows them all outta the water. The thick, sticky Cinnamon Cookie ice cream clung to my fork and the brownie stubbornly and was the perfect marriage partner to the crumbly, moist yet slightly crispy brownie. The Cinnamon Cookie ice cream is not cloyingly sweet, but just enough to complement the chocolatey, sweet brownie that crumbled in all the right places. Swirl this already sinful pairing around in the supporting cast of dark chocolate sauce and icing sugar and you have effectively broken all Ten Commandments. Please excuse me while I find the nearest church so that I can confess this sin and seek forgiveness.

🌈🌈🌈 📷: @cylenetan

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