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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Dont get the meatballs, they're rlly soft and way too expensive, not even that good.

At first i tot it's damn overpriced until i had my first spoonful of soup. I wont say it's definitely worth it, but i can certainly appreciate the time and effort that went into it to justify the price. Duck Char siu was rlly v good, super tender and full of flavour. They do not use the ends of the duck breast so that each slice is the same size, possibly contributing to the cost(one piece of duck Char siu add on is 3++). Soup was rlly strong and intense, full of duck "gameyness" but not unpleasantly so. For someone who prefer stronger Broth, i absolutely loved it and was very satisfied. The thickness of the soup also meant that the bowl was actl q filling.

I also felt that Spinach was a rlly good veggie to go with such a thick soup, so that's a rather brilliant innovation for ramen

This little bowl costs 10bucks. Wow

I Gotta say the duck was pretty darn tender and u get about 3 slices worth of lean duck meat(they remove the skin for this dish, so let them know if u want the skin and fats on). The wasabi paste was fragrant but it luckily it didnt have a corresponding heat. Mixed w soy sauce, it was actl not that bad, but probably not worth the price. Btw the bowl is deceptively shallow in the photo, it's got some depth to it and u get a average serving of rice in this "Small" bowl, which means it's probably too much if u order a ramen also. The amount of rice is probably because else the wasabi would be too strong to consume easily, it's by no means dry or too difficult to eat

Another choice off the beaten track and another jackpot. This is again one of the dishes that i would never order in a restaurant, due to my preconceptions about how it could possibly taste. Really brings to mind the scenes from shokugeki no soma when erina challenges her father's stubborn conception of "ideal Cuisine", that taste different from what a certain dish usually taste like and lead to incredible results.

The fried rice was pretty decent, though it's not really like other great Fried rice I've had. Egg was on point as well, and the sauce was well balanced and not too much such that it doesnt soak thru the rice. A must-try, simply cos it's not really like normal and is actually good

The sauce looks like the kind i would hate, but dayum it was superb. Slightly viscous, and full of umami, it's a far cry from Traditional pork belly with Minced garlic but it's really undeniably good. A must-try here, and a decent portion(though considering the price, that's to be expected)

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Something i definitely wouldnt order by myself, but since we dk what to order, and the waitress recommended it, plus my friend was down with flu, this happened. IDK WHY BUT EVERYTHING HERE IS BETTER THAN EXPECTED. The soup was surprisingly enjoyable and not Plain, while the seafood was of a very satisfactory quality too. Noodles were great, the Thin slightly chewy kind of ramen. Dont get me wrong, this is a solid dish, but idk if i would recommend if other Noodle dishes they have can outperform expectations similarly.

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Really very very good lol. Didnt imagine it will taste like this, so homely and juicy yet very enjoyable. Chock full of ingredients and yes, somehow once u put the tomato sauce in it just seems Plain without, despite how good before u try it with the tomato sauce

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Didnt eat but brother said was really bad. Both the texture and the taste. I could see some parts stuck tgt and thus some surface werent Fried lol

Again, one of those super soft kind of pork powl that boasts an absolutely luxurious texture. The sweet sauce complements it well, as somehow despite its extremely fatty cut it wasnt greasy at all. A winner from gochisou and pretty darn worth it

Pork was q tender and it tastes very much like a chinese home cooked dish:stir Fried pork w onions. Thus not really teriyaki but if youre craving for something homely, this is the way to go

Exactly what it says, kimchi was rather strong but not that spicy. Whats impressive is how the natural flavours of the pork surface even though it's coated in such a strong sauce. Quite amazing and really proved they're not using any old pork

I expected their takoyaki to be good but i really didnt expect their okonomiyaki to be this meh. It's not crispy at all on the exterior despite the Char, and they went really easy on the toppings as well as the sauce

Would travel for food

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