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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

This single plate ruined our experience. We waited 50mins for this, despite repeated reminders

Soroban was alright

Feet the exterior has a bit of unpleasant sticky chew, centre was quite good

As people probably know, their skewers come from the sister restaurant beside

Ckn crown was well charred, incredibly crispy at the edges and with a soft sticky texture in the middle

The heart was pretty decent as well, bite was good

Well this is pretty decent, the broth felt abit more salty than the most premium ones, but really they're all about the same

Ingredients were all okay as well, esp the more rare ones here like the bean curd bag with mochi

Nothing too crazy, despite the high praise from some other burpplers

This is the full, 2 pax set. It's really quite pathetic

The beef isn't particularly good even, not melty. It's decent, esp if you cook it to medium rare. Quite easy to overcook tbh, so be careful

The whole idea of the place is Dashi, l wasn't particularly impressed. It's alright for sure, but if you don't say anything I wouldn't imagine this is a 100bucks Dashi place at all

Not to mention the portion is srsly tiny, idk if it even feeds 1

The larger portion comes w more noodles only, ingredients same. This is more shiok but that's more authentic in terms of ratio

Anyway motsu and wagyu were both quite good, it's a good yakisoba for Singapore standards for sure

The set is off menu, they come around asking you. Basically for 7.8++ you get the kimchi seafood teppanyaki plus 2 rice. Quite worth

Not v kimchi, seafood was good and it's really a cabbage stir fry that's nonetheless quite enjoyable, things were properly cooked, q mild

Very, very good for Singapore standards. Sweet, super soft beef intestines, in a very savoury miso based broth that's slightly sweet, despite the pale white colour

The beef doesn't look v impressive but it's really good, v tender and thus rly rlly worth it

Min 3 pieces

Radish was quite juicy. Abit fibrous though

Seaweed was good

Meatballs were firm, they burst properly and the filling was juicy

Having just had oden from an izakaya, I would say the difference is perceptible, but honestly in terms of umami the difference is not that great and this is much much more value for money

Honestly right, all their oden taste the same. Mild, some bite, not super super tender

Really not my kind of thing, and they're very very pricey. I know a lot of people like it, I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you know you like strong flavours and textures then this really isn't the place to be splurging, splurge on the grilled stuff instead. I know I'm coming back for anything koji marinated

PSA they require everyone to buy a drink. But at least can be just nonalcoholic, e.g. oolong at 5++ which is reasonable for an izakaya. However this is for good reason, most of the food needs something to accompany, e.g. cheese would go better w drinks rather than on its own

Quite decent, with small bits of very chewy ham. But damn ex

They literally take the oden piece out and make a dish w it

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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