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Featuring Rookery (Hong Leong Building), Mo'mor Izakaya by W. Martin, Ryōri by Sushiro, Tokyo Joe, Buta Ramen, Shaburi & Kintan Buffet, Sandaime Bunji, Ramen Hitoyoshi (HarbourFront Centre), Chikin, Yakitori Lounge Hibiki
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Part Of the lunch menu, we decide to try our luck and surprisingly they allowed us to order it Ala carte

Super thick, with sth crunchy on top thats sort of like Fried lard in effect. There's some sort of veggie at the bottom as well, but dk which element of the taste it contributes to as the Broth was so thick and complex. Like chicken ramen Broth but even stronger, a must try

Utterly delicious

Complex flavour? Check

Nearly Melt in your mouth texture? Check

Crispy Grilled skin? Check

Served with fruity yuzu sauce. The single dish that warrants a revisit. MUST TRY

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This is the first of 3 orders we added on after we finished our meal.

We couldnt get enough of the awesome texture of the chicken neck, so we ordered Ala Carte. Usually served with ponzu, we changed to tare and that proved to be a great decision. The sugar in the tare caramelised to produce an intense smoky aroma, and paired with the tender chewy chicken neck, produces a dish that delivers on such high expectations

With an incredibly pleasant chewy texture, the chicken neck captured our heart and possibly justifies the price also. Not a large portion, but more than if u ordered chicken neck Ala Carte, this is definitely for those who cant stop at 4 pieces of chicken neck. Served with ponzu, garlic chips, Spring onions as well as home made yuzu paste beside(taste unique, good enough without)

A rlly Small plate, the slightly soft and chewy texture was okay along Side the ponzu and chili flakes. Tho it wasnt crunchy at all which i expected from other reviews

An absolutely ripoff for the quality of food.
From top clockwise, truffle Grilled edamame, chili flakes lotus root with barley miso, Grilled eggplant with shoyu foam, yam with salt flakes.

Edamame had a nice smoky aroma

Lotus root was probably the best item as it had a noticeably different taste from normal lotus roots. The barley miso was an interesting blend of tanginess, umami and sweetness.

Shoyu foam was overly salty, and has a jelly like texture. It doesnt combine well with the creamy texture of the eggplant, which means the eggplant is still not seasoned and the foam is still rlly salty even if u chew both tgt.

Yam taste like normal yams, and not rlly used to it being served with salt flakes.

This season's veggies simply arent too impressive, and you cant rlly taste the quality, even if it really was shipped from japan.

Slightly numbing with a nice aroma from the peppercorns, this is slightly overpriced as it wasnt as crispy as i expected, esp for 3 wings

Doused in sweet sauce, this wasnt as good as i rmbed(Grilled with just salt) but it's still incredibly juicy and rather crispy

Creamy and slightly crisped up, the liver didnt have much unpleasant aroma and i particularly loved the mustard seeds to counter the Small amount of iron taste. The mustard paste is potent so go easy

This one was Grilled pretty well and has a nice texture. Served with curry powder and matcha powder(q mild) that's interesting but better to do without

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Without the head chef, the consistency of the food might not be ensured, as i learnt the hard way. Not that it's bad, it's still rlly good, just not as good as it could have been

Rlly delicious. The ponzu and chili flakes go well with the almost meat-like texture of the chicken heart(but slightly chewier, in a pleasant way). Saw some burpplers' say that it has a slight crunch which was unfortunately absent in today's plate


NOTE THAT the tori zukushi menus etc are all unavailable during lunch, only lunch sets and Ala Carte skewers are avail during lunch

Rlly rlly crunchy, this has a great smokiness and is basically a chip. Served with mushroom salt that doesnt taste of mushroom at all, but is rlly salty. The salt flakes here are all rlly salty so so easy on them

Would travel for food

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