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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Gyutan is one of those meats that if thinly sliced, really doesn't matter which cow it comes from. Because your tongue is all muscle, so A5 tongue doesn't have much intramuscular fat either

This means that this cut here is very value for money and it's absolutely delicious if done well. Char lightly on both sides, flipping constantly to ensure it doesn't overcook. There should be a bit of blush and minimal caramelisation. This gives you a chewy crunchy bite that's not inferior to any atas place

The soup was fragrant from the use sesame oil.

There's 2 kinds of sauces given and it's quite a pleasure dunking the meat into the sauces. Decent quality meat at a fair price.

Really different experience from upscale yakiniku restaurant where you would feel like it's a waste to dump high quality meats in sauce. So both are good in their own way and you can't compare them, much less think of this as a substitute

XM is extra meat, less rice. Didn't feel like the meat was that much more than normal(supposed to be 165%?)

It comes w this weird gochujang sauce which wasn't bad but it's mainly just salty. Beef was really tender and thinly sliced, mildly flavoured. Pretty solid gyudon as expected of sukiya

And yes the egg is cold. I think it's for hygiene reasons because even if it's left at room temp it wouldn't be this cold. This actl annoys ppl, myself included

Reasonable prices, primed for expansion. Would be great if the queue becomes shorter once there are multiple outlets, currently there's quite a few ppl who come just cos they miss sukiya in Japan

Yakiniku only had 3 sizes, unlike gyudon with 5 sizes

It's definitely less tender than the simmered gyudon but still not bad. The sauce is not like yakiniku either, it's mainly savoury. Garlic sprouts were fine, quite a rarity in Singapore. Ofc not v spicy

It's been so long since I had sukiya in Japan so it's hard to compare but I would say at least it beats yoshinoya here. Queue was quite long on a Sunday dinner tho, 30mins?

Pictured is 6 after we ate two lol

It's still good but there isn't much integrity, can't rlly rmb whether it was like that last time. Nonetheless there's almost no queue now which is fantastic

I think overhyped. It's definitely the best I've had but doesn't mean you get blown away.

Their topping were fine but what makes this bowl is definitely the sauce. That's some amazing nutty sauce that isn't jelat yet packed with flavour. Really unique and there's cashew nut butter, peanut sesame, shoyu and chili oil inside(on top of other things). Noodles were good too.

This was medium heat and the thickness of the sauce means you can barely taste the chili(though you can definitely feel the heat). Their chili flakes are hot on their own. I suggest going for medium to not mess with the taste of the sauce

After mixing in the egg, the bowl is extremely sweet. Quite unexpected but not too bad.

Their dashi is fantastic too, great depth of flavour

Overall delicious, just try to ignore the hype

The spicy one is not spicy at all

Orange one is really strong w the zest, but surprisingly when mixed into the noodles it's rather mild. Not bad

The kelp one doesn't taste like much

Basically the beans are split. This brand is superb, there's a lot of effort in the design from the box that's unique(can be torn on one side and opened normally on the other) to the umami sauce

Except their natto is average. Kinda watery. What a pity. The umami of the sauce doesn't come through when you mix everything.

Finally I've tried one of every brand from donki. Kajinoya is by far the best and most authentic, the rest of the brands are subpar(up to the individual flavours I've tried)

Basically same as the peach but grape

Texture was the same, complexity was again astounding but this was more perfect due to the mitigated bitter edge. There's 2 halves of juicy, deskinned grapes inside

Onsen egg was sitting on top of the leaf but it didn't stay after the travel.

Anyway this was no sukiyaki, more like gyudon basically. Nonetheless, it was decent enough. The rice and toppings were separated, rice was proper Japanese rice.

Their beef was of good quality, it's slightly chewy but because it's sliced so thinly, there's bite instead. You can also see the marbling.

Basically, it does satisfy cravings and set the minimum standard for a gyudon anywhere. If a restaurant can't accomplish this(literally lose to supermarket), just take gyudon off your menu.

Finally broke my streak of 9 unimpressive food. Worst streak I've been on since I started burpple, by far

This is the 125g portion, which is about 2 mouthfuls. Jelly is the soft and crumbly kind, with no bite. But the flavour is absolutely sublime. Impressive complexity from the fruit juice, and the peach slice was soft and juicy too. There's a bitterness which if reduced, would have complemented the jelly perfectly. Nonetheless, it's a must try

Would travel for food

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