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Featuring Mo'mor Izakaya by W. Martin, Ryōri by Sushiro, Sandaime Bunji, Tokyo Joe, Buta Ramen, Yakinikutei Ao-Chan, Ramen Hitoyoshi (HarbourFront Centre), Chikin, Yakitori Lounge Hibiki, Shio & Pepe (Emporium Shokuhin)
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Good quality beef, very tender and very thinly sliced. Extremely mild flavour, incl the broth at the bottom of the bowl. I don't think they had shichimi but this would have been perfect since it's a good canvas.

Get anything strong flavoured on top, except cheese. I'm pretty sure this is Gouda from the way it solidifies after cooling, and the richness is there but it isnt strongly seasoned either, so it overpowers the beef and still doesn't solve the seasoning problem.

Maybe the spicy sauce would be a good pairing.

PSA this is separate from the "kopitiam area", it's a turn about a corner away

90centz For the mini one, which is honestly enough for one pax.

Good as ever, their standards across branches seem quite promising

Choice of inari, don't choose shrimp as it's fishy. The sauce is chili-crab inspired

Don't get the charsiu, it's hard

Ajitsuke tamago pretty on point

Mazesoba was not bad, I liked the inaniwa udon but there could have been more meat. The bowl is pretty deep so there's q a bit of noodles, and the topping is only so much so when you mix it up it becomes a slimy carb dish which tastes okay instead of a balanced meal. Heard complaints of spice level and pepperiness of spicy mazesoba, probably better to stick w the original. Not sure if it's a communication mistake as our meat sauce already came with chili flakes inside, and others complained of level 1 spiciness tasting like level 10 lol.

The soup was q clean and I particularly loved the pickled ginger. It was very sweet and not strong tasting at all, much try for those who don't usually like pickled ginger.

4 thin slices of pork, and 2 thin slices of beef. Everything tastes pretty good, incl the wakame soup that's v clean(bonito base? Can't see anything indicative of the source of umami). Only problem was the portion, 6 thin slices of meat probably isn't enough for most people, regardless of the quality of beef. The sunomono(pickles) were nice too, light and sweet

Soup was q oily on the top, and thick despite it not seeming like a usual white tonkotsu. Maybe it's a tonkotsu shoyuu?

Anyway it was alright but the noodles don't travel very well, it turns quite stiff but it's better once u leave it in the hot soup to soak for a while. Quite a generous amount of ingredients though, esp considering the 1 for 1 deal. The chili paste was not bad tho, mainly chili flakes but it does change the whole taste.

Rather dry, but very difficult to complain at its price point with the 1for 1 deal running on chope rn

Pretty good, I particularly liked the sauce which was sweet and slightly piquant, tying everything together. Would recommend

Again, generous portion of beef. Cream sauce was addictive but the sweetness was expectedly a little jelat toward the end. Overall still not bad, we preferred this over the volcano


It's ok, the beef was quite generous and rather tender too. But the sauce was slightly weird. Idk what's inside but there's this smell, doesn't translate to taste thouvh. There's a heat that could be a long lasting burn, luckily it's rather muted. Overall it's ok, esp since the beef is q decent

They have a kabayaki-esque sauce u can add as well

Clean, a bit more flavour than it seems, and the oxtail was very tender

The ume was hard and so difficult to eat, but it does a nice job or perfuming the rice with a citrusy fragrance to cut thru the fattiness of the meat

Tell me that doesn't look like A5. Totally melts in your mouth, really lucky to get such a marbled piece despite it being supposedly A4. Flame the exterior, rest it as the fat renders more, and enjoy. Gets jelak so don't order too many of this first

Would travel for food

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