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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Funny how this place is called casual dining

It's basically braised pork belly, DK why the previous reviews pictures show such a deep colour. The sauce isn't dark and the pork was super tender. The fattiness, again, doesn't translate to jelat at all.

Anyway very well executed, it's the super soft kind and the sauce was sublime. It's based on the dongporou flavours but it's arranged to make it seemingly lighter but still contain those notes. We lapped it up

Friend said avocado pairs really well, I got some avocado tasting deficiency I realised lately so I think can trust him

Mustard doesn't work at all, it's too sharp for the mellow flavours of the pork and it's not good on its own either

It's not THAT mini, at least 100gm of A5 in there.

The components were all tasty, from the light as air garlic chips to the tobikko. Beef was well caramelised, though the fat could be rendered abit more as this wasn't melt in your mouth(tender and flavourful as it may be). Even though it's more than 50% fats it's not jelat at all. Not bad, too expensive for this execution without BB

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Not as dry as I expected(not to say it's good), and very bland inside

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Not bad, there's a certain crunchiness from the high fat content

UPDATE OMG THEYRE NOT KIDDING, IT'S REALLY PATAGONIAN TOOTHFISH. At first I tot their translation is wrong due to the price. Patagonian toothfish at 17bucks is an absolute steal!!!! It sells for 60+ a plate at upscale restaurants. Given the texture though I'm not surprised, ridiculously fatty. MUST TRY!!!!!!!! This translation is definitely accurate, I checked w my Japanese teacher

the stall translate as toothfish, which is probably wrong?? It's definitely not silver cod tho, that is gindara

The first mouthful was absolutely life changing. If there's a fish equivalent of A5 wagyu, this is it. It melts in your mouth, quite literally. So incredibly fatty and cloud-like, but the oil does get jelat after a while. The sweetness of the saikyoyaki pairs q well with the fish, though after a few bites there's a bit of bitter aftertaste, which combined with the fattiness of the fish, makes it jelak. Get this to share, and you'll be very, very happy. I didn't queue for this but I imagine it would be worth the 20-30mins queue. Must try!

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Ooooooo the fish was so fatty and flaky. There's a slight crisp on the skin too. The only imperfection is the seasoning, it's only on the surface and on a single side, so when it's faced down, the oil washes away the salt and makes it bland. Protip: drizzle some of the well seasoned oil onto the fish in your bowl for an explosive mouthful

The other items in the set were all above average. Now I understand the insanely long queue(starts forming at 5pm for dinner!!!)

I would say it's a must try, I didn't have a lot of grilled fish but this one is unique(it's v different from the keisuke one which is abit more what you expect). Idk what they do to the fish here but it's so soft and lacks any fishiness

I went at 4pm to avoid the crowd

Okaka Furikake was q lacking, tamagoyaki was worth it, and the teriyaki ckn was abit lacking as well

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Not too bad, the ebiko was a bit more generous than I thought. The unique flavours didn't clash which was surprising, since I didn't put much effort into deciding whether the ingredients worked well w each other. Ultimately you're your own chef and their execution is already pretty decent, no one else to blame except yourself if it's not good. All these flavours were but a hint, nothing particularly jarring. Asparagus was worth it

Neither wagyu nor sukiyaki

At least it didn't taste like what it's sold as. The beef wasn't the most tender, and the abundance of onion turned it into a zichar dish lol. Luckily shichimi was there to save the day. Not bad by any means but maddeningly mediocre

Usually not avail for dinner, but it's the special today(is it lucky or did they not manage to sell the lunch portions lol)

Probably the best oyako don I've had, though I haven't had too many. It's v creamy from the raw egg yolk and the barely set scrambled eggs, perhaps abit too creamy. Not v greasy obv but abit jelak. Perfect for those who love creamy raw eggs.


Not recommended at all, the eryngii mushroom doesn't pair well w pork. Go for the classic combo of pork+enoki

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Would travel for food

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