Ho Chiak in Penang

Ho Chiak in Penang

Foods are literally everywhere around the streets in Penang. Gear up your foot to explore some of theses foods around Penang.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

If you gotten the chance to eat the seafood here, do order some satay from the stall here as well.

Unlike the usual satay you have in Singapore, this satay already grill with peanut sauce. So you don’t need to dip anymore while still can taste it.

This is their popular vegetable dish which they cooked with a mix of different vegetables, such as petal, four-angled bean, lotus root and terung.

If you enjoy eating prawn meat, then you should try this dish from their menu.

Also available in different style of cooking, my recommendation would go for the kam heong; which they fried it spicy and salty.

They have a few ways of cooking for their white clam shells and I personally love the steam version.

They cook it with lime, garlic, ginger and chilli.

Coming to Penang you should never leave without having some local seafood. Here at Teluk Kumbar, a short drive from the airport you will find one of the popular seafood restaurant here.

Their crispy sotong comes with super crispy skin but the sotong inside remain soft and delicious, and the size is also very big.

If you looking for some hiking activity in Penang, I would recommend you the locals’ favour over at the mainland.

Tokun Hill at Bukit Mertajam is a popular hiking spot and at the bottom of the hill, which is the entrance; you will find this very popular resting place.

Most hikers would grab some meal after finish hiking over here, the Tea Valley is a hub serving tea and foods.

If you come on weekend, they have this special item on the menu. Their dry curry pasta only available from Friday to Sunday.

Pasta topped with lots of ingredients and the curry is spicy enough.

Penang has lots of places selling rojak, and there’s this one stall at Bukit Mertajam that always attracts the locals.

Rojak Orang Hitam Putih at the corner shop here served a pretty decent plate of rojak here. They use dark sweet sauce and topped with lots of peanuts.

Top Taste Bread at the industrial area of Prai served their toast bread with different ingredients and you will be spoil with the choices.

You can choose from lots of items to include with the bread, such as ham, chicken floss, cheese, egg and just named a few of it.

For people working in the industrial area of Prai, this is a well-known breakfast place for them before getting to work.

At the corner near to the main road, propel coming for Top Taste Bread usually will go with their half boiled egg first.

Unlike what we usually get in Singapore, here they already break the egg and put it in a cup, then place it in a hot water.

So you could enjoy it directly after awhile.

Sincerely Crafted Cuisine is a plant based restaurant suitable for everyone. Their meatless menu let you enjoy guilt-free foods in a very calm space.

Only available over the weekend, their version of nasi lemak used hericium mushroom rendang and sweet chili sambar with coconut rice. Topped with egg fried sunny side-up, cashew, mushroom crisps, puffed beancurd and long beans.

The bowl may seems small but the portion definitely make full after. Full of taste and spicy that worth getting.

Although most people would come here for their coffee, tea and drinks; they also served proper meal here as well.

For the morning, I would recommend you to go for their french toast, which was decorated very nicely.

The savoury sweet french toast is accompanied with sliced bananas, chocolate rice puffs, plants and flowers, together with crushed pistachios with a dollop of sweet cream cheese; drizzled with caramel.

Definitely a wonderful brunch to begin your day here.

Still remember wanted to come here in early 2020 when they just opened but was turned away because of lots of people here.

Then pandemic came and delayed until today only get to visit this super popular cafe in Penang.

Not obvious signage from outside and you can enter only from the side with its super big door. Inside you will be greet by spacious and minimalist interior. Now I know why this place can be so popular.

I actually came few days back in the afternoon but also turned away with the long queue waiting for available seat. So I would recommend you to come in the early morning when the day still young, which plenty of seats still available; before the crowd appear.

The iced mocha is still strong even with ice added. Tasty and enjoyable.

Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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