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Jodie L
Jodie L

Forever and always! I have no idea why they left, any ideas?


Sanpoutei has good stuff, if you have the stomach for it. Ordered a ramen each and that was a mistake for the three of us who got the normal ramen; as tasty and flavourful the broth was the amount was simply too much for us! On the other hand, the Tsukemen was just right -- portion and brothwise. And since then I just kept coming back for more Tsukemen! 🤗

Run by friendly Singaporeans who are passionate about creating an authentic izakaya experience, Shukuu is a homey, comfortable spot to wind down a big group of friends. Its unpretentious vibe puts you at ease instantly, as you sit back and nurse a cold beer. For a refreshing start to the meal, get the Maguro Yukke ($12) — fresh tuna chunks lightly marinated in sesame and la-yu chilli oil, made silky-smooth when the quail egg yolk is mixed in. If you love mentaiko, you must have the satisfying Rosti Mentai ($8), long strips of potato 'noodles' doused in irresistible mentaiko sauce, and the Kani Gratin ($7), a baked crab dish mixed with cheese and mentaiko. From the yakitori selection, go for the generous chicken thigh ($4) which is tender and juicy. Also treat yourself to some Sake no Sakamushi ($12 for three), oysters steamed with a splash of sake! Split a big bottle of house sake ($138 for 1.8L), it's very worth it.
Avg price: $60 per person with drinks
Photo by Burppler Russell Chua

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For a tasty lunch without hurting your pockets, I'd definitely recommend Hide Yamamoto.

$20 Ramen Set, $30 Robata Set -- Ramen set comes with Gyoza as pictured above, Tonkotsu Soy Ramen with tender fatty pork pieces and green tea (hot/cold). Robata Set comes with small appetisers (I had the most delish marinated tuna cube and konbu), Wagyu Shabu Shabu Slices (like, two or three big ones that melt in your mouth), and grilled fish with rice. Both deals come with Ice Cream dessert.

The food was good, though nothing super impressive that would pull me back. Nonetheless worth a try!


I'm an avid fan of Tanuki Raw's Foie Gras and Truffle Yakiniku Don, so much so I've frequented the place numerous times to eat the same damn thing -- it really is their best seller for a reason! However we all have our flaws, and the 'Raw' in Tanuki is definitely not their forte.

My previous encounters with their raw fishy dons were never too pleasant, substandard, but this negitoro don ($18) made sure I would be sticking to my Beef and Foie Gras for a long long time. It is aesthetically OK, but the bowl tasted like it was microwaved for a minute -- not cold nor hot, the negitoro was a lump of sticky, not-so-fresh minced tuna. I shared this and the superstar maki with my friend and we struggled with finishing up the bowl.

I still love you Tanuki, I love your superstar roll (bc it really is everything I love in a roll YAAAS mentaiko mayo salmon cheese tempura flakes oh bless this) and your beef and foie gras bowl (amen amen) but please do something about the fishies!! Tanuki no raw plz.


To be honest, I haven't heard much good reviews about their curry from my friends but my own experience certainly changed my impression on this place. Their Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice at $12.90 is slightly pricey (as with most Japanese Curry places tbh) but I reckon it's worth it. The cutlet was cooked crisp and juicy, golden brown and curry (level 2 spiciness) tasted great - not thick but still dense in flavour. Service was good as well, so I'd recommend it!


I love kimchi and I love spicy tuna, but a bit too much of kimchi and the balance is lost -- my friends and I struggled to appreciate our Tuna. Please, LESS KIMCHI! Much preferred the Umami Salmon one for more balance in the taste buds, but this was still nonetheless enjoyable for all of us.


Jodie L

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God blessed us with good food

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