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Featuring Artistry, PUNCH, The Malayan Council (Bussorah Street), DC Super Heroes Cafe (Marina Bay Sands)
Isabel Ying
Isabel Ying

** Aquaman Seafood Marinara **
Tomato-Based Pasta bombarded with prawns and mussels. I enjoyyyed it, the sauce for the pasta could be better but its really delicious.

Worth the price if u have Eatigo!
Huge thanks to Eatigo for making my food trips around Singapore. 🍽💛

Cost: $26.90
Rating: 7/10 (very little variety of seafood especially with the price for 26 bucks pasta)

The portion of this dish is unbelievable huge, can be shared between two pax. The cream is amazingly thick and creamy. I would highly recommended this dish as one of the top 5 dish in Malayan Council

The cost for this dish: $26
Rating: 9.5/10 (too little ravioli/ pasta)


The portion for this lemak padi Duck Pasta is also one of the popular pasta in Malayan Council. It is popular for its unagi sauce smoked duck. The texture of the smoked duck is just gastronomic. It blew my mind away.
It is one of my favourite dish.

Price: $16
Rating: 8/10 ( i prefer tomato-based pasta in general)

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This dish is absolutely popular in Malayan Council. I have seen so many customers ordering this, the portion is so huge that u can share among ur friends because it is impossible to finish by 1 person. And the texture of the beef ribs is soo juicy, tender, lip smacking.

My boyfriend loves this dish SO MUCH

Price: $39

Too little nutella. And a non-fragrant donut. Also very heaty. Fun to look at and pop in your mouth but really nothing special

4.5 munchies: Sandwiched in two sun-dried tomato buns, the breaded crab cake is generously stuffed full of blue swimmer crab. Even though the crustacean was finely shredded, every mouthful had a good bite of it. The house-made chilli crab sauce served on the side was absolutely smashing – spicy, sour with just a tinge of sweetness. It was perfect to go with the crab cake and for dunking the crispy shoestring fries in. If only they've got some deep-fried man tous! #Burpproved

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