According to my senior, eating this chicken rice brings you luck for your exams HAHAHAHAH jk you need to study hard to do well.

ANYWAY, the chicken rice is not bad. The chicken is served cold and the soup is flavourful!! Don't specially go down to eat the chicken rice cause it's like any other chicken rice so what I suggest you to do is if you happened to be in that area then do head down and try it!


The tomyam soup is really good. The taste is slightly different from nakhon's tomyam soup and it contains a lot of ingredients. The basil chicken was especially good. The overall cost is slightly more than nakhon but they are more generous with their portion as well. The shop closes pretty early as their last order is at 8.30pm so it's best to eat early! Worth the try!! 👍👍


The food here is quite affordable and good for date nights! The Tom yam thick soup is super good and it only costs $6! The phad Thai was a little blend but the green curry and Thai milk tea made up for it! Overall experience was good!


So the total price for this meal was $29 and it was for 2 people. Okay so we ate a lot but the premium ribs was okay only. Not fantastic. The pork belly with preserved veg was pretty good and the dish itself cost $8! Their signature bak chor mee wasn't very fantastic either. Overall, the experience was so-so only so if you happen to be nearby you could just give it a shot!


The meal here is really worth it cause it's only $15 for the bowl tempura Tendon! The bowl consists of prawns, chicken tendons, mushroom, tapioca, squid and crabstick! They come in the spicy and non-stick versions so I would really recommend this restaurant! There is also the ice green tea which costs $2 and it is refillable! Super worth trying.


The food here is extremely good. The garlic Naan is super flavourful and the best curries are the butter curry chicken and the non spicy fish curry! Super worth the money if you like Indian food!!

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This is one of the best salads I've eaten in my entire life. It's super worth your money and it's filling. Okay it may not be the healthiest salad cause of the sauces or whatever but if you feel like you should be healthy you could take a minute to consider this place!


If you're in search for affordable burger meals in town besides Fat Boys, then this is the cafe for you! This cafe offers a variety of burgers and other mains such as salad and all day breakfast. The name of this dish is Woody Wood Piper and it costs $18.90. I think it's pretty reasonable for a cafe in town and the serving they give is pretty reasonable too! I think it's worth the try!!


This is one of the best chili crab pastas I've eaten! You can really taste the chili crab sauce and they are quite generous with the serving! This pasta is priced at $13.

Love exploring all the yummy food places in SG!!

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