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Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

Featuring VCR (Jalan Galloway), Artisan HQ (Petaling Jaya), Common Man Coffee Roasters KL, KAKIGŌRI (Taman Paramount), Wild Sheep Chase, Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar, Softcore Molten Cake Co., P.S Tokyo, Haraju Cube, BingSu Cafe
Calie Tang
Calie Tang
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The colours on this is just gorgeous. Chocolate, pear ganache, pear gel, and pear cube.

If you love sour, you’ll like this one. Chocolate, lemon ganache, lemon gel, marmalade, lemon segments and mint. Plus, it looks like a real lemon!


Desserts here are just too pretty to eat! The Green Apple consists of chocolate, apple ganache, apple gel, fresh apples and dew. This was a winner amongst the rest!

Expected a light icy texture but it was super rich and yummy!

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Made in house with their own Australian recipe, this is a must have! Warm and gooey with vanilla ice cream. Perfect to end the meal, or have it for tea!

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Frozen yogurt, nutella, banana in chocolate waffle. Love the sourness in the yogurt. Nutella was just a bit at the belly of the fish.

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Meant to be with black sesame waffle, but they ran out. So we had the pandan instead. This combo comes with nok-cha ice cream, cornflakes, oreo, red bean and mochi. The green tea ice cream is a tad bit sweet. But nice overall.

Two of my favourite in one. If you’re doing a takeaway, be sure to keep it chilled before eating.

Freshly made in house gelato with your favourite Malaysian flavour! D24 gelato! It was creamy but would love more durian it in. Tried the Italian chocolate as well and it was so so good! RM10.90/scoop. Expect to see different flavours each week such as nangka and avocado.

Minimalistic interior and probably have around 10 tables or so. It was packed when we went with a 30 minutes wait. If you’re there for drinks, takeaway would be quicker. In frame: Signature beancurd served with soymilk and 2 toppings (choose from rice balls, grass jelly, pearls or adzuki beans).

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Smooth shaved iced with grass jelly and adzuki red beans in the middle and topped with boba and crushed peanuts. Get your cameras ready as it’s being served! :)
The soy ice is already sweeten so we didn’t add the sugar syrup that came with it.

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Buttermilk waffle with rocher and Nutella ice cream. Slight crunchy waffle with soft centre. Both flavour ice cream were amazing!

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