Cafes In Damansara Uptown

Cafes In Damansara Uptown

Featuring Frisson Coffee Bar, Miru Dessert Cafe (Damansara Uptown), Shugatori Dessert Cafe, Haruka Bakery
Junior How Ka Chung
Junior How Ka Chung

Haruka Bakery had been moved from T6 Sungai Buloh to Kota Damansara. They are serving pastries, breads, egg tarts, cakes and even coffee ! More like a Deli cafes to me instead of a bakery. Their aims is to serve pastries with the fresh ingredients. Haruka Mochi (Mango flavour) is using the fresh sweet mango in season with imported rice flour as ingredients before serving. Compare with other common mochi, you'll find it surprise with your first bite. It's not really that sticky but in texture wise, it's more like shrimp dumplings but with the fresh mango in it, it does make it to a good one ! I bet you can tell when they are using fresh ingredients ! Maybe you'll worry about how sweet it can be but it's not just sweet like putting too much of sugar. From the first bite you can actually thought you are eating fresh mango instead !


The Yin & Yang waffle (RM21.90) is one of their best seller, consisted of two half of charcoal and classic waffles, came with minty mango and strawberry compote, roasted almond nib, meringue crisps and a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream. Compare with other waffle, it is crispy kinda texture, similar like waffle from 'I.S.'. However, I think the waffle might be tasteless without the mango and strawberry. A bit pricey, not really a best waffle place to me based on my preference. The place is full house during my visit even though it is weekday.


For those people who always go for food hunting around cafes, if someone asked which cafe is serving the most generous portion of food, I think the answer would be Frisson Coffee Bar. There's no doubt that the new Frisson that just renovated not only serving good food around Damansara Uptown, but also having good lighting, which also easy to capture some nice food photo for Instagram purpose. They are proceeding self service method, which taking the cutlery and water from the station all by ourselves. Food in frame (from above to below): Salted Egg Dory Fish Mac & Cheese (RM26.90) (lunch hour RM22.90), cheesy mac & cheese with mushrooms, curry leaves and olives with Frisson's rendition of Salted Egg on deep fried paprika dory fish. For mac & cheese lover out there, you should try this cause it is just cheesy enough, not those kind of over cook mac and cheese that ruin the texture of macaroni, plus the dory fish is really fresh. Recommend to share with others if you tend to try other dishes since the combination of salted egg and cheese will make people feel filling. Next, Baked Breakfast in a pot (RM26.90) (lunch hour RM22.90), baked eggs with a choice of minced beef OR vegetarian with potatoes, carrots capsicums and brinjals topped with cheese, infused with 19 different spices and also served with raisin bread. The combination are just right, plus the beef is tender enough. Lastly will be Aglio Olio (RM19.90) (lunch hour RM14.90), serve with sundries tomatoes, black olives, chili flakes and mixed herbs. Compare to others, the pasta is not oily and probably because of the strong flavor of other dishes, it is a bit of tasteless for me. The lunch hour promotion is only available on weekdays only, except public holidays, from 12pm until 3pm, and it is only for those that labeled with 'LUNCH' wording on the menu. The set lunch also include with choices of tea or juice, or top up RM5 for any drinks from their coffee menu.


Miru had opened for quite some time but still the hype is there, especially when they opened their second outlet at Pavilion. Was thought the outlet at Damansara Uptown will be less crowded but apparently the shop is still full of crowd, especially after dinner time. Food in frame: Shibuya Honey Toast (RM16), an original Shibuya Honey Toast topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Plus it is coated with a thin layer of butter sugar on top, which actually enhance the flavor of the toast. I don't think there is any negative comment on the dessert since it is really delicious. However, regarding with the portion wise, it is better to share at least two people for a toast. And also they serve the free flow of jasmine tea for every customers. It would be good if the table is not that sticky.

I eat what I saw. 🤗

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