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Awesome spicy hotplate of chicken topped with tteokbokki rice cakes, sweet potatoes, onions and cheese! Looks amazing, tasted amazing!

This pot of beef rib stew is chock full with Australian beef short ribs that are marinated overnight, then slow cooked for 6 hours in Masizzim's secret recipe sauce. The meat is fall-off-the-bone tender and the sauce is just divine to drizzle over rice to eat with, not forgetting those delicious Korean glass noodles in the stew too!

You can choose to have the stew non-spicy soy based or spicy base from level 1 to 4 and customize it by adding cheese ($2) and toppoki ($2) to it. This is one place I will think of having my meal whenever I'm around Orchard area.

Beef Rib Stew - Favourite.
The beef that can slide off from the bone easily. Marinated overnight for the flavours to fully seep into the meat before slowcooking it for 6 hours in their in-house recipe sauce. Their stew is all different for the various meat and this is the spicy version level 1.
Steps to select your stew:
Step1: Choose stew (Beef/Chicken/Pork)
Step2: Choose flavour - Soy (for beef & pork only) or Spicy (level 1 - 4)
Step3: Choose noodles - Korean udon/glass noodles
Step4: Choose optional add-on for $2each.

Note: the noodles here are very few bcos it's added for texture and not as a staple.

I would recommend the rice balls.
Thanks @masizzimsg and @rachelxie for the warm invite.

The beef ribs must have been swimming in the gochujang sauce for quite a long time as the meat falls off the bone very easily. In addition, the collagen on the meat creates an umami flavour from the long stewing process.

Besides the stews, you can also order the Masizzim rice balls ($8). We opted for the anchovy filling and it was the few times that we are allowed to "play" and have fun with our food as we get to mix the ingredients up and shape them into rice balls.

Address: 313, Orchard Road, 313 Somerset, Unit B3-02, Singapore 238895

Indulged in these dishes a bazillion times a week some months ago in the name of work; now, I'm missing them very much, especially the kimchi soup that's given an added depth of flavour with Masizzim's beef rib stew sauce.

The addition of the QQ sweet potato noodles really perfect the whole dish - makes you really want to slurp and go 'ahhhh' in this the weather!
Thank you @masizzimsg for feeding me and @sixthsensepr for the lovely invitation!

Beef stew was hearty and broth was delicious! My brother wasn't feeling well so we opted for the miso broth, no spice. The egg roll was gooey cheesey deliciousness! Couldn't really taste the honey element thoughπŸ˜‚
We upgraded to tuna and anchovy riceballs as well- I prefer tuna as the anchovy is too crunchy-I lile my riceball to be soft and plus they tuna had mayo which was a total plus point!
We ordered the grapefruit yogurt drink to share and it was really refreshing; it has an icy texture which reminds me of slurpee! The grapefruit atop was a nice decoration.

Indulged in these dishes a bazillion times a week some months ago in the name of work; now, I'm missing them very much, especially the kimchi soup that's given an added depth of flavour with Masizzim's beef rib stew sauce.

Aside from the killer stews, I really enjoyed the honey mustard cheese egg roll ($9.80) My personal favorite amongst the 2 egg rolls offered, this was egg as thick as a Christmas log stuffed with melty cheese and laced with sweet honey mustard.
The flavours were generally milder which were a nice contrast to the intensity of the stews, providing a nice balance to the meal.
Side note: I really like how you can call a service staff to your table by pressing that white button instead of frantically waving to no avail.

Their garlicky chicken was highly recommended by both of my friends and colleagues. So i got to try it!! I love Chir Chir for its variety. No matter what you like, fried, sauced, creamy or baked, you have plenty of choices here! Beside chicken dishes, menu also includes salads, cheese fries, soup and drinks! The price is very reasonable, with chicken dishes priced around $30, which are good for two.

They are expanding much quicker thab its competitors. Now with branches at Bedok, Chinatown and Jurong East.

Tip: Option to mix 2 flavours if you are ordering the whole chicken.

fret not, there's @chirchirsg in Chinatown point that opens till 3am daily. Perfect if you're out and about Chinatown doing last minute CNY shopping
Don't mind me as I put a wet blanket over their famous Nest SnowΒ ($32.90) which had infested my instagram feed for months with images of golden brown chicken tenders sitting over a bed of cream sauce. Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn to the arresting visuals of golden brown topped with fresh whipped cream and shavings of Parmesan, mozzarella and cheddar; however, it all fell to pot when I realise that these spicy Cajun chicken tenders were incredibly unpalatable. It's mucked up dry innards, insubordinate with the hot plate of cheesy cream sauce below. A pool that resembled something similar to canned cream of chicken soup, unstirred. Yikes
More after the jump; to my blog of course. Fry-day just got real
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This is the small portion S$25. Steamed Pork Belly. As you can see that the pork belly is not that fatty but rather meaty. There are 2 ways to eat Suyuk. You can eat it with the cucumber celery slices with black bean sauce or radish, bean sprout with garlic sauce. It is so nice!!! Two of us and we can finish this!

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