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Featuring Tanuki Raw (Orchard Central), Japanese Curry Express, Swee Choon Dim Sum, Tendon Kohaku (Suntec City), Miam Miam (Bugis Junction), Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory (Bugis Junction), Ramen Champion (Bugis+), Megumi Japanese Restaurant, Let's Meat Up, Nakhon Kitchen (Bedok 136)
Jason Ng
Jason Ng
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Now this Biryani is on a whole new level. The mutton-on-a-bone is really tender and has little to no gaminess. The curry goes perfectly with the nicely seasoned and spiced basmati rice. The portion is huge as well. Get a non-sweet teh limau($2.50) to counter the heaviness of the biryani itself!

The chicken murtarbak(~$8) is really good as well, as they managed to make the prata dough slightly crispy, which adds another dimension to the murtarbak itself. This is way better than most murtarbaks I've tried in other places. I didn't even need curry go with it!

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This is a place you must bring your friends or your family, as the food here is superb, yet really well priced. We ordered about 6 dishes, including the Thai green curry ($6), Tom Yum fried rice ($6) and the Tom Yum Soup ($6.80) which were the more notable ones.

The Thai green curry was really creamy and strong in the Thai basil flavours which I love alot. The Tom Yum fried rice was so good on its own that we cleared it within 5 minutes, and totally forgot to squeeze the lime. The Tom Yum soup was refreshing and the seafood used are really fresh.

Did I mention that you can also use your burpple beyond? With the beyond discounts our total bill for 5 people turned out to be $39.60, super affordable to the mass and we left with really happy tummies. Will be back for more!


One word. SUCCULENT. The chopped pork Lechón are extremely tender and juicy. Forget about the calories (and fats) and just enjoy this wonderful porky goodness that will send you back wanting more. In my opinion, this is so much better than the Chinese sio bak. Get a plate of chilli with light soya sauce to drizzle the pork with for extra kick!


Prepare to spend a long time trying to cut the long strands of cheese because it almost seem impossible with this dish. For any cheese lover, this dish is a must get because its so SHIOK dipping your fried chicken tenders in the really cheesy sauce. The potato wedges at the bottom are heavenly as well, as they get a little burnt and get well coated with all the cream sauce. It's truly the queen of all cheesy fried chicken!

I'm back to Comida Fiesta again and the food here taste really homely as usual. I had the Beef Caldereta which had such tender beef slices and a flavourful stew sauce that goes really well with rice. Rice is definitely a must order with this beef stew, as the flavours are really heavy! Other must orders include the Spanish chicken and sizzling pork sisig!

I would like to shout out to the service crew at Comida Fiesta, as their service was wonderful and they accommodated with most of our requests! It's really a hidden gem in the east!


One look at this and you can imagine the size of the fish they gave us. They were generous in their portions and when you thought all of it is probably just batter, cut open and you will reveal a thick layer of fish that tasted really fresh and clean. Add some malt vinegar into your fish and chips to make it less gelat as you wolf down this delicious plate of fried fish goodness

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I was afraid that the burger was going to be small as I was hungry, but boy I was wrong. The portion of the burger was huge and the burger itself surpassed my expected standards. The bacon on the top was pan fried well, as its flavours were released without being too hard to bite. Although the patty was a little dry, I had no other complaints for the flavour of the patty had the right level of smokiness. I'm really glad for the tangy sauce used in the burger as it eased down on the whole jelatiness of meal.

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I've been to Swee Choon for many instances, but it is the first today that I've tried their noodle dishes. In my honest opinion, I'm not a big fan of it as the dishes are good but lack the wow factor. Their dim sum dishes on the other hand, are consistently good. Dim sums to get are the steamed pork ribs that are bursting with umami flavours, the fried mee suah cake, their salted egg yolk buns and to finish off, their Portuguese egg tarts!

On a side note, you can reserve seats through Chope and pay through favepay for some cashbacks!

The meal at Comida Fiesta was initially skeptical, as it was an empty restaurant located at expo. However, we were lucky that we weren't fooled by the external appearance as the food were really fantastic, especially the pork sisig. It has a good blend of savoury and smoky flavours, the lime added a citrus touch to the dish, and the raw egg held everything together nicely. Furthermore, the portion was amazingly huge. It was a really hearty meal! Will be back for more!


The shrimp wanton noodle ($9.95) has a really good broth with 4 large wantons that are filled full with juicy shrimps. The winner of the meal has to be the chilli as they used roasted dried chilli with sichuan peppercorns for the smoky flavour and numbing sensation that added another dimension to the dish.

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Dian Xiao Er boasts high quality food, wonderful ambience and high standards of service. Their Mongolian pork ribs have a smoky garlicky flavour with a chilli spice that gives you a certain kick. Vegetable dishes wise they are not oily nor too salty. Their signature herbal roast duck is really good as the dangui herbs will offset the usual gelat-ness of roast duck, making it really addictive. The service in Dian Xiao Er is amazing, as although we were at the corner table, they did not forget about our request and served our dinner promptly. What a wonderful meal!!!

The sashimi slices were really thick and fresh, and the rice had the right amount of vinegar in them; they were good enough to eat on their own! The only small disappointment would be the size of the Don, as I would definitely want to eat more of such good quality food!

However, such will be a steal if you use burpple beyond!


Love to travel for food and seek new places to satisfy my appetite 😋

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