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Healthy Eateries

Healthy Eateries

Featuring Alter Ego, Black Cow, Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen (Beach Road)
Annabelle Poh
Annabelle Poh

The strawberry ice shavings dessert was delicious and refreshing as it was topped with sweet and fresh strawberries and the ice shavings has a smooth texture.

Moreover, the customer service was great as the waiter and waitress greeted us politely and gave us warm welcome accompanied with good service.

The overall dining experience was wonderful and I will definitely visit Black Cow again. If you haven’t been there, you should head down for a visit!:)

We ordered the signature wagyu sukiyaki dish and curry katsu don. The wagyu sukiyaki was really delicious where the broth was very flavorful and the highlight of the dish is definitely the tender and soft beef slices. The black cow fishcake was soft, silky and smooth which tasted different from the usual. Overall, the quality and quantity of the dish is value for money. The curry katsu don was delicious as well but the sukiyaki outshone it.

In general, the food and dining experience was great and I would definitely recommend Black Cow.

The basil minced chicken was delicious and generous portion and the noodles were well seasoned. The Tom yum goong was sweet and spicy well blend with the kang kong. Overall the meal was affordable and tasty, definitely worth another visit!


The first order of business this new year is to try to eat clean (try being the operative word here), so I got myself a poke bowl with well… pizza fries on the side.

Having their signature marinade, Alter Ego’s The Wildcard features a generous portion of Avocado Miso Tuna, slow-cooked Kalua Pork topped with Ikura, greens and a bed of sushi rice. Colourful, healthy yet bold and flavoursome, the pre-set combination can get a tad heavy overall but enjoyable nonetheless.

Perfectly imperfect. Live in the moment✨

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