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Snacks On The Go

Snacks On The Go

Featuring Tai Cheong Bakery (Holland Village), Ji Xiang Confectionery
Sean Ng Jun Kit
Sean Ng Jun Kit
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Super yummy egg tarts! Got recommended by a Friend. Located at Tai Cheong Bakery within Holland Village, these tarts are a steal!

Crust: Buttery and light, it was so good! (I got the freshly baked batch).

Egg custard: It was lightly sweetened, goes really well with the crust.

Durian-egg custard: A must try for durian lovers! They were generous with the durian filling!

Price: $1.90 each
Personal grade:
Egg custard: B+
Durian custard: B

Have you tried the best Ang ku kueh yet? Here it is! Having made over 20 years of kueh it's no wonder their AKK is so tasty!

The AKK skin: The texture is consistently chewy and soft across all the AKKs I bought! It has a slight mochi-ish bite to it and it goes well with almost every flavour!

The AKK (mung bean): honestly not a big fan of mung bean, but the flavour is strong and not too sweet.

The AKK (salted bean): Savoury with a slight peppery taste, it is a must have if you're feeling a bit exotic!

The AKK (coconut): Super yummy, perhaps the best out of all the AKK I sampled! The sweetness of the coconut filling is well balanced, and goes really well with the skin!

Price: 80 cents each
Personal grade:

Mung bean: B-
Salted bean: B+
Coconut: A+