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Featuring Kyushu Pancake Café, Stateland Coffeehouse, NINJA CUT, Old Hen Coffee Bar, Wild Honey (Scotts Square), Dong Po Colonial Cafe, Citrus By The Pool, The Playground Coffee, Jones the Grocer (Dempsey Hill)
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

Grab your last few opportunities to enjoy favourites like this Mentaiko Aglio Olio, Hainanese Risotto, KFC & Waffles or their desserts such as the Mochi donut with soft serves before @stateland_coffeehouse closes their door for good on 31st December 2019.

A perfect example of a Japanese-Western fusion dish of pan-seared prawns, spaghetti Aglio Olio and Mentaiko sauce. Experience the burst of sweetness from 5 fresh, plump tiger prawns, coupled with the salty brininess of the popping tobiko. Toss the al dente spaghetti in an umami-filled Mentaiko sauce, sprinkled with white sesame seeds and nori strips. Though creamy, the sauce is especially delectable when it gets coated on each spaghetti strand without being too jelak.

It’s a pity to know that they are closing, so please do catch them soon, and I’d be more than happy to be jio-ed along. 😄

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Sad to read about the impending closure of @dongpocolonialcafe, which will be shutting doors after tomorrow due to the end of lease at Kandahar street. It’s one of the old-school cafes standing that serves nostalgic bakes. First tried their Christmas log cake few years ago and my mum was impressed with not just their bakes, but also the ambience and decoration of the cafe. When asked if they will be shifting to another location, Dong Po’s boss explained that they will be taking a break for now. 😢

Since I was in the area, I took away some of their bakes that will soon become fond memories. They are generally not overly sweet; the Apple Aloe Vera Cake had some apple jam on top and slices of aloe vera sandwiched in between layers of the fluffy sponge cake. Shaped interestingly as a sampan is their Pineapple Tart, which had a buttery tart crust and a thick pineapple filling. I am not a cream lover but this custard cream puff was nothing too eggy or milky so yes, surprisingly light flavored! And finally, the Florentine cookie bar of almond slices glazed with honey baked over shortbread. Probably the sweetest over but the nuttiness was welcomed.

The cafe was fully occupied this afternoon and the queue was long. But do drop by to grab their cakes and pastries for the last time. Farewell and hope to see you guys soon again!

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A hearty breakfast that has everything from carbs to proteins to fibers! Price might seem a little steep but the portion was walloping, enough to feed 2.

You won’t get bored of the dish as it’s so varied. Pair the silky moist scrambled eggs on the airy sourdough toast and some lightly salted butter. More carbs to indulge in would be their crispy hash brown. Glad that their English pork sausages didn’t have a strong porky smell/taste and in fact quite enjoyable except that they were a little burnt. Bacon’s not my kinda thing for its oiliness and saltiness but an English breakfast wouldn’t seem to be complete without bacon. Thankfully the veggies such as the sautéed baby spinach, baked beans and slow-roasted tomato helped to tone down the grease and a mix of sautéed mushrooms adds an earthiness.

Left me bloated although it was shared but I am sure I would like to have it again!

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Hidden in a corner of Northern Singapore beside Woodlands Swimming Complex, Citrus by the Pool is a halal-certified casual dining place that serves mainly western cuisine, with some local fusion.
Thanks to @chopesg's promotion of 30% off mains on weekend mornings, prices are even more wallet friendly! The star of this seafood risotto was the creamy saffron sauce; a hint of floral, a touch of dry spicy note, which I thought helped in bringing out the sweetness of the seafood even better. Not a cream lover, and I was afraid it was too creamy, but it was a pleasant surprise that made the sticky risotto even more palatable as it cuts through the butteriness. A slight disappointment was the seafood used were frozen ones (perhaps except the prawns), texture was hard and lack of flavour. Freshness is essential guys.

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I would name this sweetie in Wild Honey's All Day Breakfast menu as Tropical instead, if I could. Its pretty presentation got me all excited such that it took me a while to lay my fork on it as I didn't want to spoil the beauty 😍 Nicely cut into 4 portions that were bound with fresh passionfruit creme patisserie, the waffle was of such soft and moist texture, and sinks into teeth with each bite. Disappointingly, it didn't have much coconut aroma and taste as it was supposed to. But I guess the toasted coconut flakes made up with its roasted nutty flavour. The freshly sliced mango and baby bananas were exceptionally sweet, so you could tell how ripe they were. And there we have, some floral elements, but no they aren't the edible petals. Drizzle some aromatic passionfruit syrup with slight tart flavour for a wonderful finish!
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Team black or team white? I am more of a white coffee person and I would say the creamy white cold brew here is pretty impressive. Rich and smooth milkiness of a well rounded coffee that leaves a lingering aroma. It sure perks me up! 💯
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I gotta say I enjoyed this teriyaki chicken donburi much more than the braised pork belly donburi! Again, they are generous with their meat portion. The baked chicken thigh was perfectly marinated with their homemade teriyaki sauce that I couldn't care much about the fats i was going to take in from the chicken skin. The chicken was also well baked, soft and juicy on the inside, while slightly charred on the edges of the skin.

Together with some pickled cucumber and a flowy oozing sous-vide egg, the teriyaki chicken was served on a bed of fluffy sticky furikake rice. But what laid between the meat and the rice was a thick layer of sweet creamy mayonnaise that obviously ruined the overall taste. I didn't enjoy my rice tasting so sweet which also slightly masked the teriyaki flavor. It would be much better if the mayonnaise was served separately.


This Braised Pork Belly Donburi ($14) felt like the Taiwanese Lu Rou Fan, except that the meat used is pork belly pieces instead of minced/cubed pork.

In this bowl, you get eight big pieces of pork belly braised to the right tenderness. You could also taste the flavors of the soy sauce and spices absorbed by the meat, likely during the simmering. Perhaps some braised sauce should be poured over the rice, which was a little dry in this case. (I paired it with rose tea)

Nothing too special about this Donburi actually, even with the addition of 2 types of pickled cucumber and a braised egg.


This was my second visit to Ninja Cut. Wanted to get the Char Siew Peekaboo initially but I was told that it wasn't available because there's no Char Siew, so I ordered the Polenta Mash but again it wasn't available since the meat used was also char siew. The staff offered to change the meat to pork belly, hence I requested for the Char Siew Peekaboo's meat to be changed to pork belly. To my dismay, the staff said no?? Like huh, why not when it can be done for the other Char Siew dish?? Reluctantly she did it for me eventually. Anyway, the pork belly was pretty good, not too fatty and oily. Ate it together with the pickled lotus root as the lotus roots were too sour and a lil spicy. The Sakura ebi, however, added a special twist to the dish as a whole.


Not the usual kind of tiramisu that I was expecting. In fact, it was a turn-off for me despite the generous serving of mascarpone cheese. It just felt like a dry stack of pancakes slapped with tonnes of whipped cream.


Topped with a vanilla ice cream scoop and berries, the pancakes made of specially selected Kyushu wheat grains were really fluffy and filling. However the berry sauce was a little too sweet for our liking. The afternoon tea set (4 choices) was very worthwhile, at $15/set with any selected beverage.


Foodie for life <3

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