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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

The 4 prawns were huge, but slightly dry from deep frying? Nonetheless the vermicelli had a light shellfish flavour and was extremely addictive without being too heavy. Worth a try, quite a unique taste compared to the rest

Nonetheless I guess there's quite a bit of MSG in this too


I asked for less chili padi, which I think really works.

It's v tasty, garlic, oyster sauce, and loads of MSG. Must try if not for health concerns.


Pretty intense stuff, the sweetness and the heat was apparent but not over the top. Could do w a tad more body and the seafood was average(squid was overcooked esp)

I don't eat this v often but this one was quite well balanced, not overly sour

Not rlly a big fan of this, the texture wasn't the best after takeaway and it absorbs the oil. I doubt it's stellar even at its best but probably passable. There were ppl who enjoyed it tremendously though

This was pretty good, each grain was well separated and while a tad soft, they're packed w flavour. Generous amount of ingredients too

V savoury and garlicky but thin, abit too spicy though. Portion not generous too

Absolute stunner. The braising liquid is probably the best of its kind I've had. It's light but umami and the sweetness makes it incredibly addictive. If the meat was a tad more moist it would have been perfection. Chili was punchy too, got heat and loaded w garlic. A must try for sure

Pretty average. Nothing wrong w each component but mango is in season now (4.5 for 3 at NTUC) and it's sweeter than this.

They didn't allow change to matcha w red bean so this was the complimentary dessert after the mango sticky rice hiccup

My only complaint was that the coconut ice cream melted a lot after being served on the warm tapioca, probably better if they were separate. Oh and also while the two elements weren't overly sweet on their own, they tasted abit saccharine together

Otherwise this was delicious. The tapioca was cooked in a thick syrup and the texture is right between dried tapioca and fresh. Best to share but I wiped it out myself

The sticky rice was ok but the mango was very sour. Not mango season but the staff very nicely offered to change another dessert, so all's good. Probably just wait for mango season then

Huge bowl. Sufficiently sweet, sour and spicy to be shiok. Fresh seafood makes it a good bowl but not as impressive comparing to their fried seafood vermicelli or kangkong

Would travel for food

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