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Featuring Thai Gold Food, Som Tam, Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen (Beach Road), 5 Little Monkeys Cafe, Thai-licious Boat Noodles, Sawadee Thai Cuisine, Long Chim, Blue Jasmine (Park Hotel Farrer Park), Little Bastard, Tomyum Mama
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
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Salivating just thinking about this Tom yum. The balance of sweet, sour, and spicy was impeccable and superbly tantalising. The soup was quite thick and barely drinkable but so good with rice. Generous amount of chicken and oyster mushroom as well(but a lot of finely sliced lemongrass which was a chore to remove lol). One of the finest Tom yum soups I've had and probably the cheapest for its quality. A must try here

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PSA don't get the fave deal lol it's so much more expensive cos their set lunch here is alr super cheap

Nice rendition that's saucy and well seasoned so it goes perfectly with the rice too. Egg was also done well as it was tender with a solid centre, perfect with the basil pork. Beans were not overcooked either and there's a bit of heat. Definitely above average and really affordable too


Good as ever but used to be in a nice tall glass now it's plastic cup lol. Maybe they're really busy nowadays

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A solid rendition, but overshadowed by the insanely good durian sticky rice. If you dont like durian this is a very good choice though

Given the price I tot it's gonna be a bigger portion instead of for 1, but damn this was soooooo good. The Mao shan Wang puree had just enough bite, such that it was soft and not fibrous, yet you can tell it came from genuine MSW. The flavour was top class as well. Must try if you love durian

Still soft but a lot chunkier than the fish cake and filled with seafood, this otah wasn't too bad but it was mildly flavoured and didn't have a dipping sauce.

At first I tot it's pretty mild but after a few bites, I gradually appreciated the well fried and separated grains, along with the chunks of juicy pineapple. Their olive fried rice is still the signature but if you've had that before, then this is worth a try

Pork collar was well marinated and had a pleasing chewy texture. Smoky too from being well grilled even though there wasn't much char. On the expensive side though

The fishcakes were definitely homemade as they had a unique soft texture. The highlight though, was the nutty sauce that's as texturally varied as it was tasty.

Depending on the choice of meat the price could vary

Unfortunately this was way too sweet from the coconut cream and overly creamy as well, to the point where we can barely taste anything else.


An above average rendition for sure, and it's not too spicy. Unfortunately penguin cafe's punchy rendition is still stuck in my mind and thus this wasn't as impressive

P.S. their rice is 1.55++ per serving. While I did mention I like rice that's "mushed" tgt rather than individual pearls the price was slightly unexpected

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A rather saucy rendition with an explosion of flavours. Superb esp for its price. Mix in the extremely fragrant sour green chili sauce for a little more refreshing aroma, the lime isn't needed at all. Beef was quite tender and there's wok hei. Amazing, we got another portion after we were done w the meal

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Would travel for food

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