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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Tiny portion. The red ruby doesn't have crunch at all in the middle which is a huge no for me. Ice cubes are random at also, they just get in the way. It's such a tiny dessert that it's not going to warm up significantly in the short time you will devour it

Flan was tasteless but on the whole, the balance was there because the caramel coconut milk sauce worked wonders with the shaved almonds, their almonds were ridiculously good and imposed much character on the dish

Must try if not for the price and the nonsense ice cubes

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The king river prawn is alright, I tot it's not very naturally flavourful. It's got hardly any sweetness, just a mild natural saltiness

The vermicelli was flavourful, different from the normal prawn vermicelli elsewhere but not significantly better

This was delicious. The broth was kind of like clear tom yum, it's got all the flavours but a different balance, it's prominently sour with quite a bit of sweetness and is more drinkable overall.

The crocodile ribs were fantastic. It tastes 90% like the most tender pork, with a little bit of bounce like frog legs.

The seafood sauce was amazing too. Idk what's different about it from normal Thai chili sauce but it's better

Must try, it's not just novel it's damn good too

The flavours were pretty good, given it's a tryhard upscale restaurant the spices were quite muted though

Not too bad

Quite pricey, two skewers for 12++. It's succulent but not charred, I mean it's hardly moo ping tbh. Decent but I wouldn't have ordered this if I knew it tastes nothing like normal moo ping. The shichimi and crushed peanuts would have been extraneous had the skewer not been under seasoned

The service by this dude is unpleasant, he's very loud and very commanding like an encik. For a tiny place it's weird that he tries to make his presence as known as possible, plus in a way that emulates upscale dining?? Idk maybe it's just me

Quite a huge portion, the meat was pretty tender, it's a very clean flavour and the skin was crispy

Overall not bad at all, but nothing unique if that's what you're looking for

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Tbh I'm not sure if it's something I've had before but the bean had a fantastic crunchy texture, and the accompanimeny was so ridiculously umami, from the minced meat to the thick sauce and the ikan bilis

Must try, really really good


The prawns were pretty decent, and the tanghoon had a good flavour from the bits of pork fat and generous amounts of garlic

Not bad at all, esp at this price for deshelled prawns


It's passable overall

The flavour profile was abit different from normal, less sweet and more sour. It's not a very dry style of fried rice, unfortunately the grains were abit dry. Egg was decent tho. There's a bit of wok hei too

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Overall this place is very good but very expensive. In general ask for less spicy. And book in advance cos it's painful to seat outside during the hot day eating spicy food

This was weak. Smoky chili was interesting but not worthing ordering for

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Usually minced but they will ask you if you want it sliced. Please get the sliced beef, minced ones are everywhere but a tender sliced version is difficult to find

I think they use tenderloin, the beef was so tender and lean. Very fragrant and pretty hot. Can ask for reduced heat, because the tenderness of the beef and the aromatics leading to the great sauce is what makes this dish stand out.

Highly recommended if you're here, the execution is superb

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Absolutely delicious

Milder In flavour than most because they don't use a lot of bean paste but the flavour was bomb with a gentle wok hei and perfect wetness, underlined by a slight umami. Slightly crunchy texture which I liked very much too

It's basically kangkong if you're wondering what these fancy names are for this veggie, but different variety from what we are used to

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