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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Overall this place is very good but very expensive. In general ask for less spicy. And book in advance cos it's painful to seat outside during the hot day eating spicy food

This was weak. Smoky chili was interesting but not worthing ordering for

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Usually minced but they will ask you if you want it sliced. Please get the sliced beef, minced ones are everywhere but a tender sliced version is difficult to find

I think they use tenderloin, the beef was so tender and lean. Very fragrant and pretty hot. Can ask for reduced heat, because the tenderness of the beef and the aromatics leading to the great sauce is what makes this dish stand out.

Highly recommended if you're here, the execution is superb

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Absolutely delicious

Milder In flavour than most because they don't use a lot of bean paste but the flavour was bomb with a gentle wok hei and perfect wetness, underlined by a slight umami. Slightly crunchy texture which I liked very much too

It's basically kangkong if you're wondering what these fancy names are for this veggie, but different variety from what we are used to

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mainly pepper taste but somehow very, very delicious. Everyone was blown away by the plain looking rice, with subtle flavour.

However there's hardly any olive taste, nor was it very fried. The grains were quite soft and clumped together. It doesn't bother us when it's this good literally good enough to keep eating on its own but if you're looking for olive fried this, this isn't it at all

Must try

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I was surprised this is the pot, not the individual portion. It's quite tiny but enough for everyone to get 2 small soup bowls. There is a lot of seafood though, from prawns to squid to fish all cooked well. There's about 20 whole brown mushrooms at the bottom too so rmb to dig when serving

Flavour wise it's balanced with quite a bit of heat. It's as clean tasting as it looks, since you only get 2 small bowls I think the normal spicy level is bearable(with a lot of ice water)

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Can choose beef and pork as well

Decent execution, she loved it though. Normal spicy level is pretty hot, I would advise asking for less spicy unless u love spice. They used chicken breast though, it's still quite tender but it's not as good as dark meat.

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Finally here after having wishlisted this place years ago.

This was delicious. Balanced flavours of sweetness from pomelo and seafood, umami from bits of seafood that's pretty fresh, slight heat from chili sauce comes together to make a very good salad. Despite the name it's not overly sweet like dessert and just generally very well executed


The components were okay, coconut ice cream was abit too melted and slightly icy. Damn difficult to eat tho, I won't get it again unless someone in the group must eat a dessert

The pork was really good, well marinated and more loosely packed than you expect (it's not one solid chunk of meat).

Very tender, springy, but take note there's no crispiness at all

PSA waiting time is more than 30mins even when it's not packed, be prepared and bring someone you really want to catch up with

Portion is tiny, 3 prawns and very little vermicelli.

Vannamei was very fresh though, usually the head comes with a fishiness but this doesn't have, while the meat was bouncier than usual as well.

Vermicelli had a good texture. Unfortunately it clumps tgt and doesn't mix well with everything else, but girl said her lala vermicelli didn't have this problem.

The base of the vermicelli was deep and not jelat surprisingly but it was difficult to pinpoint the source of depth, the shellfish flavour only seemed to account for a portion of it. I'm inclined to think there's some msg in there, but probably not too much

Overall it's pretty alright, not the most value for money though. I would come here again if the waiting time was much shorter

It's decent, the tea taste could have been improved.

The 4 prawns were huge, but slightly dry from deep frying? Nonetheless the vermicelli had a light shellfish flavour and was extremely addictive without being too heavy. Worth a try, quite a unique taste compared to the rest

Nonetheless I guess there's quite a bit of MSG in this too


Would travel for food

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