What A Way To Spend The Day

What A Way To Spend The Day

Cafes/Restaurants (or any spot really) to spend a relaxed afternoon
Amelia PW
Amelia PW

Oooh this was such a satisfying choice from their extensive all day brunch menu!
The eggs were delightfully moist and creamy, but I think what impressed me the most was definitely the protein waffle that came underneath. I'm not sure if it's any healthier than regular waffles, but if they are, it's certainly a huge plus for they sure were tasty, and it reminded me of good ol' hotcakes! I especially loved the crispy edges. The tater tots were just alright because they had lost their crunch, but perfectly understandable because they were air fried after all. Overall, a very satisfying option and a great start to my Sunday! 😊


Back at Pacamara again, this time on a quiet weekday morning!
The ingredients here were extremely simple, but that's when you have to have those of the highest quality. The avocado was at its peak ripeness– soft but not mushy and extremely creamy. They've also upped the ante with another serving of avocado in guacamole form. Pair that with the very nicely toasted bread and beautifully poached eggs and it's golden.
I do think the combination of avo, eggs and toast can't go wrong, but with such quality and care given to each of the ingredients, this was certainly one of the best renditions I've had.


If you love cheese, I can't recommend this dish enough. They definitely don't scrimp on the cheese here, and every bit of the pasta was coated generously with the goodness. I was surprised that they used 4 types of cheeses (parmesan, mozzarella, mild cheddar and feta cheese) because all of them complemented each other perfectly well. I only wished more of the mushrooms was served but flavour wise, I thorougly enjoyed it.

You'd be surprised by how many times I've been disappointed by this seemingly simple dish at other restaurants, but the one here was really good! Crispy shoestring fries (that retained its crisp even at the very end) came wonderfully flavoured with the distinctive truffle flavour, and topped off with a generous heap of parmesan shavings. At that price, the value is unbeatable, and we never fail to order this as a starter whenever we come.

After all those greasy burgers in Australia, this was a welcome change. The patty comprised a generous amount of crabmeat, and went refreshingly well with a spritz of lime and the greens. While I wish the patty had a more crispy exterior, the fries were fried very nicely- crispy and not greasy at all. We enjoyed it so much that an additional order of fries was placed!
I would probably try the other dishes the next time I visit, but wouldn't hesitate to order the Long Black again. While it may be way too acidic to some, it was dark and bold, just the way I like it. One of my favourite coffees in Singapore!


So so stoked to have finally tried the scrambled eggs recommended by @veronicaphua. While flavour wise it was a tad too rich/creamy for me (but that's just cos i usually eat plain boiled eggs), the texture was really out of this world- super fluffy and smooth that it practically glided down my throat. The thick slices of bread that accompanied it were also very nicely toasted and buttered.
This was certainly a very hearty and satisfying breakfast, although I'd say skip the Earl grey jam (price not included; $2); the earl grey flavour was hardly detectable (tasted more like honey) and overall too sweet for my liking.


After a greasy lunch, this was a refreshing palate cleanser cum wonderful treat on a hot day, which is pretty much Singapore all year round.
The drink truly lived up to its name- it was an icy delight made with the most enticing of ingredients for the weather- basil, mint, pineapple and coconut water. For an additional $7, you also have the option of having vodka in your drink, which I passed up (just for this time). ;)

Great way to spend the afternoon, sitting on the high chairs and watching the chefs churn out the beautifully plated dishes.


I love how crispy and thick the perfectly toasted bread was! This dish made for a delightful light breakfast.

I love how this place stayed true to HK cafes, in terms of both the menu and the interior. Food was by no means stellar, but cha chaan tengs aren't known for delicious food anyway. They are establishments which have served people in HK quick, affordable & no frills meals, and this place has just done that. Simple, comforting food done right. If only they can improve on their drinks (the milk coffee and hk milk tea were unfortunately very bland)...


Made an impromptu decision to have breakfast here and boy was I glad we did!

Just like most cha chaan tengs, menu items were standard fare and ingredients were simple. Somehow though, this dish went beyond that- sure it was simple and light tasting, but the noodles didn't taste like the usual instant noodles and the luncheon meat didn't taste like it came right out of the tin. Not too sure what they did differently... but I like it. Pleasantly surprised with this dish, even though this is something I wouldn't usually order at a cha chaan teng.


Coffee is good, as expected from a team who is clearly serious about what they do.

My advice? Sit by the coffee bar (that's where the register is) and strike up a conversation with any of the friendly baristas who would be more than happy to share about coffee. Even I, who is by no means a coffee aficionado, genuinely enjoyed learning from such passionate people. Or, if you have had enough human interaction for the day, just sit by a cosy corner and while away the day with their interesting collection of coffee magazines.


This is quickly becoming one of my favourite places for coffee.
Strong and boldly-flavoured espresso, paired with perfectly frothed milk. I could really taste the sweetness of the milk alone!

The classics were playing loudly on the radio. Pav, the owner, was singing along to the tunes of "Forever Young" . The best part? Some of the customers were joining in too.

Sexy coffee? Check.
Sexier vibes? Double check.


A very pleasant dish that I enjoyed the more I tucked in. Pretty generous with the chicken pieces which was covered in a boldly flavoured curry sauce (albeit just a tad too sweet for me). The greens as well as the dollop of yoghurt was a thoughtful idea that balanced the whole dish lest it got too one dimensional. Tortilla wrap was well toasted, and cracked nicely with each bite. I had fun flipping it open and eating it like a mini pizza too!

I couldn't help thinking it would have been really interesting if a more "spicy" authentic Indian curry was used instead of this sweeter version which reminded me of a curry puff. Kinda like an Indian fusion dish.
Still, a great dish that I would love to come back for.

+very friendly service though note that no complimentary water is served.


I followed my heart & it led me to the fridge.

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