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Featuring Tsuta (Pacific Plaza), Chikuwa Tei, Teppei Syokudo (Republic Plaza), Yong Xing Mian Jia Can Shi, Ah Boy Chicken Rice (Choa Chu Kang), Kinotoya Bake, Smöoy (Northpoint City), Tipo 00, La Belle Miette, Uni Murakami, Hakodate
Cafehoppingkids .
Cafehoppingkids .
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Offering a wide range of flavours, the #macarons here are not only gorgeous in their pastel-like colours but also delicious and of great texture. The #saltedcaramelmacaron is their best seller and we can see why it’s recommended with its rich salty-sweet filling that isn’t overpowering. The #ginandtonicmacaron is one to try if you’re looking for something more unique. We loved the mix of citrus lemon with mild alcohol. We found the strawberry-rhubarb-passionfruit one a tad too sweet and it would have been better balanced with more passionfruit. Their valentine day special #pinkladyapple was slightly disappointing compared to the other flavours as it was quite a muted apple and cinnamon flavour.
📍@labellemiette_, 30 Hardware Lane (other outlets at Collins St & Richmond)

It’s a legit pho, with a tasty soup broth and smooth rice noodles (and lots of beansprouts), explaining why it’s always crowded with people. We got the beef strips and ball option and while the beef balls were a bit tough, the strips were tender and enjoyable.
📍Pho Bo Ga Mekong Vietnam, 241 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

It’s hard to pick amongst the many delicious looking desserts on display but we went with the decadent looking berry tart and tiramisu. The #berrytart was a winner, being full of berry flavour with a nice balance of berries, gelatine and tart. If I had to nitpick, I would have preferred a crispier tart to balance the jelly like berry mixture or perhaps more tart but it was a hearty satisfying tart nonetheless. The #tiramisu was nicely done with its fluffy light texture but we found it a tad too sweet, with a bit too much cream and needing more coffee flavour.
📍Europa Cake Shop, 81 Acland Street, St Kilda, Victoria
#cafehoppingkidsmelbourne #cafehoppingstkilda

Made with creamy organic milk, is it light on the palette and refreshing. We enjoyed all the ones that we tried (and the kind staff let us try a lot) but eventually went with apple raspberry and passionfruit. The #appleraspberrysorbet was really refreshing and unique, with a nice balance of citrus and berry. The #passionfruitsorbet was sweet-sour and and a refreshing treat
📍@fritzgelato, South Melbourne Market, 11/322 Conventry Street

It came with the original tonkotsu soup base that could have perhaps been a bit richer, boy choy, bean sprout & marinated egg (that was slightly over cooked and not as flowy) and two pork belly. The fatty pork belly was grilled well and tender (although I personally prefer less fat meat). Overall, would still recommend #shujinko for a ramen fix! And they’re open 24hrs so it’s great for a late night treat as well
📍@shujinko.official, 225 Russell Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
#cafehoppingkidsmelbourne #cafehoppingxramen

While it also serves wine, we only went for the food (having tried many wineries already) and it’s good quality food with good service & ambience. The meat platter is quite substantial with lots of different meats and a delicious chicken liver pate (that was my fav) & feta cheese. The #seafoodpaella could do with a tad more flavour but it was very generous in ingredients and the slightly charred bits of rice was highly enjoyable
📍@ibwine, 316-334 Maroondah Hwy Healesville, Victoria

It came with 5 different kinds of meat, lots of side dishes (corn cheese, kimchi, cabbage, pumpkin, sweet tapioca), and a choice of hot pot. We shared this set among 5 people and it was just nice. We enjoyed the different meats (beef brisket, tenderloin, pork neck, marinated oyster blade, marinated pork belly fillet) and our chosen #budaejjigae was a very satisfying soy based hot pot packed full of tofu, vegetables, sausage & ham with soft magi noodles. Our chosen set was the cheaper option so the earlier non-marinated meats weren’t the tastiest but adding it with the given salt/ sauce made it yummy nonetheless.
📍@yeongabbq, Yeonga Korean BBQ restaurant, 1 Cobden St, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Meant for sharing, the empanda and croquettes were delicious and flavourful. Sepia was a juicy tender squid in squid ink sauce that paired well with the crispy kale. Our waiter recommended pairing it with #chorizo and while we enjoyed the chorizo, we found putting it with the squid ink sauce (as recommended) to be a bit too salty for our palette. The star was the beef and we opted for entrana, the undercut section of a cow. It was tender and cooked perfectly over charcoal to have a nice char and smokiness. Chinchilla and a salsa dip were served at the side and they made for a great refreshing match to balance the heavy rich dishes.
📍@palermomelbourne, 401 Little Bourke ST Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

#charcoalcustardbun is a rel new edition to the menu. It was surprisingly good as a sweet treat to end off the meal. Initially shocked to not see any flow when torn open but the initial disappointment went away once we tried it; it with a nice moist custard filling in a fluffy charcoal bun. We liked that it was light on the palette and not overly sweet. Available on #burpplebeyond, one can get 1-1 steamed/ fried dim sum, dessert or congee but do note that once you use Burpple, you can no longer use the #favesg 10% cash back!
📍@dimsumhaus57jlnbesar, 57 Jalan Besar, S208809 (near Jalan Besar Mrt)

Make sure you go with someone cause the portions just need to be shared (or if you skip a meal before that you mighttt be able to finish). Famed for their chicken schnitzel/ chicken parma, we were all happy and full after the delicious meal. The #schnitzel is done really well with a crisp thin outer layer surrounding tender meat. It came with a tasty special mushroom sauce. The #chickenparma is the same schnitzel but topped with Parmesan cheese and tomato mix. It’s tough choosing a winner between the two so I guess it comes down to whether you prefer cheese/ mushroom. The “beer-battered” chips kinda tasted like normal chips but the coleslaw was yummy. Would say skip the sides (the main portion is big enough anyway even when shared among 2) as the garlic bread was a bit tough & plain.
📍@universalrestaurant, 139-141 Lygon St, Carlton Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

It’s not the most unique of flavours or aromas but a decent and enjoyable cup of coffee nonetheless. Didn’t try the food at this cosy & visually pleasing cafe this time around but the group seemed to enjoy it overall despite the general complain of it being on the salty side.
📍@stovetopcafe, 1/108-128 Leicester Street Carlton, Victoria, Australia

All hand-made, the pastas are of amazing texture. Each of the sauces were also really well-balanced and our favorite sauce was the tomato wagyu one that was the special pasta of the day. The rabbit pasta we felt had the best pasta and the rabbit meat was incredibly tender. For squid ink, it wasn’t rich or thick as most places do and more of a lighter citrus-y version and we were divided, with some enjoying this version more than others. They also serve a delicious complimentary garlic basil bread and the ox tail appetizer was really tender and flavorful meat.
📍@tipo_00, 361 little bourke st Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Just two kids trying out food around 🇸🇬 Instagram: cafehoppingkids

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