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Cafehoppingkids .
Cafehoppingkids .
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One can choose among their many bagels and to have it plain/ with cream cheese ($5) or choose a savory option. I went with smoked trout and although it was yummy, it could do with more substantial pieces of meat as I mainly tasted the creamy sauce that was enjoyably flavourful but not overpowering. I did like my choice of the everything bagel that had lots of different nuts and sesame on it.
📍@5dimebagel, Five & Dime Bagel Co, 16 Katherine Pl Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
#cafehoppingkidsmelbourne #unimelbfm

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The kind staff also allowed for samples of the different flavours. We enjoyed the signature tart which is original sweet-sour yogurt and the chocolate honeycomb that is similar to chocolate ice cream. Green tea is quite light and could do with richer tea flavour while salted butterscotch was a tad too salty alone but went well with the signature and chocolate flavours. We really loved the wide array of toppings and would highly recommend the chewy mochi, and pearls that have a nice citrus burst of flavours. If you’re a fan of sesame, the sesame crumble was really rich and yummy. Would also recommend topping it with chia seeds and sprinkles for a nice crunchy texture to complement the smooth yogurt
📍@iloveyochi, 194 Faraday St, Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

They also serve unlimited free tea which is a plus. The steamed dumplings ($8.80/15 pieces) had a yummy filling of pork & vegetables and were of substantial size, leaving us full and satisfied. The #xiaolongbao ($8.20/6 pieces) was also nicely done with a juicy pork filling and soup base. However, the taste wasn’t anything spectacular and the dumpling skins were a bit too thick for our personal preference.
📍Shanghai Village Chinese Restaurant, 112 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

It’s always so tough choosing among their huge array of flavours so we ended up getting many scoops 😅. Their scoops are quite substantial but I guess that just adds to the joy. Got the refreshing and unique pandan one again which is among my top choices. Also really enjoyed #pistachiopraline that was nutty goodness with its mix of pistachio and many other nuts, and #strawberrysorbet which is really packed with fresh strawberry. The #saltedcaramelcoffee flavour was highly interesting as it was salty, sweet and bitter all at once. The coffee bitterness did overpour the salted caramel a bit and it left us a bit confused as to whether we liked or didn’t like it. The #tiramisuicecream had all the classic flavours with a good balance of alcohol.
📍@gelatomessina, 237 Smith Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia
#cafehoppingkidsmelbourne #cafehoppingfitzroy

Although a bit pricey, the #tiramisu is one of the best I’ve tried. Instead of the usual mascarpone cheese, goat cheese is used to give it a slightly richer flavour. It’s a perfect balance of sponge, pavaseni biscuits, coffee and cocoa and won our hearts with just one bite. Sadly, they were only left with 2 of these popular desserts by the time we went at 7pm on a weekend. Thus, we were also recommended the #lemoncustard that was an interesting and delicious mix of lemon, biscuits and peanuts. It was not sour as expected and a surprisingly substantial and heavy portion so would recommend sharing it!
📍DOC espresso, 326 Lygon St, Carlton, Victoria, Melbourne

Despite always having a long queue on weekdays from the uni crowd, the service is fast and the food delivers 😌. They have a small menu with choices of chicken, beef or vegetarian (tofu), as well as udon or rice.
📍Don Tojo, 164 Cardigan St, Carlton, Victoria, Melbourne

At a pretty affordable price (even when adding $3 for meat), you get a delicious pork broth packed with flavours; I can’t pick out all 10 ingredients that supposedly go in besides the peanuts, coriander, garlic & ginger but the highly flavorful soup leaves me wanting more. The noodles are fresh and springy and cooked really well. You can also choose your spicy level so for those wanting more kick, adding lots of Sichuan peppercorns is an option. Already imagining how good this warm satisfying soup will be when winter comes~
📍@hi.cq, UniLodge D2, 26 Orr St Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Despite the slightly steep price, we keep going back for more cause the happiness is worth it. We especially enjoyed the #pecanpie; it was really well-balanced and a perfect mix of nuttiness from the pecans with salted caramel and a buttery tart. It might get a bit rich due to the heavy strong flavours so sharing between 2 is perfect. The #blackberrypie is also well-executed with the sweet sour blackberries paired with a crumbly tart. Some might prefer the tart to be crispier but we enjoyed this crumblier softer version.
📍@purepiemelbs, The University of Melbourne Farmers Market, Union Lawn, Parkville, Victoria, Melbourne (every Wednesday 10.30am-2.30pm)
⚠️ #purepies operates physical shops at Docklands & Port Melbourne
#cafehoppingkidsmelbourne #unimelbfm

For an affordable price, they serve delicious warm drinks. The #matchalatte was among the best I’ve tried with its rich matcha powder nicely balanced with the milk to make for a perfectly enjoyable bittersweet cup of #matcha. The #hotchocolate was also equally flavorful and rich without being overly thick or sweet. Can’t wait to come back to try their coffee
📍@littleroguemelbourne, 12 Drewery Lane Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

It is quite authentically Malaysian, having nice herbal aroma that is lighter and less peppery than I’m used to but still a good broth. It could perhaps do with slightly longer simmering to get deeper pork flavours. Even without any carbs (didn’t want to pay $2.50 for multigrain rice), it was substantial and a filling portion for 2 as it came with a good amount of pork ribs, meat, meat balls and enoki mushrooms. The meat wasn’t the most tender but nicely cooked, and liked that the beancurds soaked up the soup
📍Aunty Franklee #肉骨茶, Melbourne CBD, 205 Russell St, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

After failing to eat it two weeks in a row, we camped when we saw a new batch being prepared and were the first in line to get it after 15 minutes. It’s a delicious satisfying mix of rice and seafood and the small comes with 3 #mussels while large comes with 5. The rice was tasty but I think given that we were the first batch, a longer time to simmer could have allowed for better seeping in of the seafood flavours.
📍@mikes_mussels, The University of Melbourne Farmers Market, Union Lawn, Parkville, Victoria, Melbourne (every Wednesday 10.30am-2.30pm)
#cafehoppingkidsmelbourne #unimelb

It comes with individual choice of up to 2 soup bases, plus 2 pieces of abalone/ beer/ plum juice. The #abalone was a bit tough & flavorless so maybe getting a drink would be a better option. We liked that there was a good variety of items, both cooked and for the hotpot, along with a sauce station, desserts & fruits. The spread also included various dim sum and dumplings and we all liked the #xiaolongbao. There are spicy and non spicy soup options and while they weren’t the most flavorful, it was still enjoyable. The quality of meat was also not the best but decent for the price of this buffet. Overall, would say it’s a good place to go if you’re missing hotpot/ Chinese food without having to make a hole in your wallet!
📍House of Delight, 206 Bourke Street (up the escalator)

Just two kids trying out food around 🇸🇬 Instagram: cafehoppingkids

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