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Featuring Wildseed (The Summerhouse), Ramen Keisuke Tori King, Teppei Syokudo (Republic Plaza), Ji De Chi Dessert (Jurong Point), Kinotoya Bake, Tipo 00, La Belle Miette, La Belle Miette, Uni Murakami, Hakodate, Europa Cake Shop
Cafehoppingkids .
Cafehoppingkids .
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It’s tough comparing it to #kokoblack as I got different flavours from both but the hot chocolate here is slightly more affordable. I personally like dark chocolate to be darker and more bitter but it was nicely balanced with the milk; creamy and not overly rich. The milk chocolate was a sweeter option perfect for those wanting a sweet hot drink
📍@lindt_australia, Lindt Chocolate cafe, DFO, Southbank, Melbourne, Victoria

With natural light and high ceilings, the cafe has great ambience and equally great food. Service is also 5⭐️ and they gave us a free iced coffee as one of our orders was delayed. The donut came with a nicely done beef patty, cheese & salted caramel and while it sounds like the oddest mix, it somehow worked together in a sweet-salty meaty flavour profile although I would have liked the donut to be a tad less sweet. I also highly recommend sharing it as it can get a bit too sweet and rich if eaten alone. The savory brunch dishes of charsiu egg benedict and the weekly special of pork croissant egg Benedict were both really good with their unique Asian-western flavours. Especially liked the curry hollandaise of the pork croissant. The #unicornhotcakes was the only one I found to be more gimmicky at it’s pretty high price. While it made for a nice dessert and the lychee fairy floss & matcha soil was a nice touch, the roti fritters hotcake, banana and Oreos were nothing particularly special and the matcha ice cream lacked matcha flavour
📍@theglassden, 15 Urquhart Street Coburg, Victoria, Australia

The portion is quite large and there’s a good variety of Malaysian/ Chinese rice and noodle options. The #saltedeggchicken was well-done with its crispy skin and tender meat. While the sauce was a bit oily and perhaps could do with slight spice, the salted egg flavours were there and it was an overall yummy meal.
📍Rice Bar, 121 Grattan Street, Carlton, Melbourne, Australia

Not sure if it wasn’t set long enough because it was freshly made or if it was just not made as well as usual; we found the cream to be too wet and not firm enough. It was also slightly off balance with the liquor and cocoa powder overpowering the coffee flavour. Compared to the tiramisu from the nearby #docespresso nearby, I would still recommend doc instead
📍@kingandgodfree, 293-297 Lygon Street Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The benefit of being small is to have them crispier at the sides while remaining light and fluffy, a nice sweet treat. We went with the basic option that comes with butter and a choice of sweet sauce that complements the slightly salty butter. We chose maple and strawberry jam and enjoyed both options
📍Dutch Pancake, @vicmarket (winter night market now on every wed 5-10pm till 28 August)
#cafehoppingkidsmelbourne #cafehoppingqueenv

There is a minimum order of 370g ($10) and it usually works out to around ~$12-$16. The soup itself is tasty with the mix of sesame, garlic, vinegar, and your choice of how spicy you want it to be. Love the great selection of vegetables, meat, seafood and noodles. It does get crowded at times but with winter coming, it’s the perfect meal to warm the stomach & heart.
📍Ma Xiao Er Spicy Hot Pot Dips, 111-113 Grattan Street, Carlton, Melbourne, Australia

On a weekend either go before 10am or after 2.30pm to avoid the long queue. We waited about 40 mins for our table (arriving at 11.30am) and 20 more for the food. My personal favourite is still the #chillicrabcroissant with it’s fresh crab meat, soft fluffy egg and crisp croissant. The #pulledbeefburger had an asian twist of spices and a super generous serving of beef that left us highly satisfied. The #duckcongee was good, tasting similar to my grandmother’s homemade congee - smooth and flavorful. For people who’ve never had good savoury duck congee, this is one to try and I especially liked the dehydrated mushrooms. Only criticism was the seaweed cracker that felt like it was left out and a bit soft
📍@humbleraysmelb, 71 Bouverie Street Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

4th time back but their ice cream never fails to make me happy, even when it’s a cold winter-y day ☺️. Had the #pistachiopraline which is nutty but a bit sweeter today than usual, classic favourite #saltedcaramel, and one of my personal favourite #pandancoconut
📍@gelatomessina, 237 Smith Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia
#cafehoppingkidsmelbourne #cafehoppingfitzroy

The #soninlaweggs had very crispy bacon, fried shallots and curry leaves on roti, with a yummy chilli hollandaise. Loved how all the ingredients came together with just the right level of spicy kick; only wish was to have more roti over the current thin small piece for better balance. The #chickenkaraageburger was a tasty and nicely fried chicken with chilli mayo, corn slaw & vegetables, with a side of fries that were nicely crisp on the outside while retaining a soft potato interior. The corn and salmon fritters was nicely executed with a tasty mix of herbs and pesto
📍@addictfoodandcoffee, 240-242 Johnston Street Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia
#cafehoppingkidsmelbourne #cafehoppingfitzroy

The food isn’t anything spectacular but yummy & satisfying. #soulfulbreakfast was a generous portion of two poached eggs on sourdough with avocado, mushroom & thyme & two hashbrowns . The #acaibowl felt a bit diluted and we found the big serving of peanut butter to be an odd pairing and too rich compared to the berry flavours, thus leaving it untouched. The ricotta pancakes were fluffy and of good texture, pairing well with the goji-pistachio crumble and toasted coconut, but a tad sweet together with the ice cream and maple syrup
📍@platform1ormond, 501 North rd Ormond, Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

Can’t seem to justify the high price of the beef one because the cutlet form meant we couldn’t appreciate the quality of the wagyu meat. It’s good but nothing amazing to scream about and 😱💸. The pork one was good but could do with more sauce though we did appreciate the nice crisp texture of the crust that balanced with the tender meat.
📍@saint.dreux, Level 2, St Collins Lane Centre, 260 Collins Street Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

There are different flavours from classic Belgium to chilli to our chosen hazelnut one. We really enjoyed the nutty aroma of the hazelnut. While the #hotchocolate was rich and thick, it was also smooth and not overpowering in a way that we would get sick of it. It was also just the right level of sweetness. But it is quite pricey so not something one can keep indulging in
📍@kokoblackchocolate, 167 Lygon St, Carlton, Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

Just two kids trying out food around 🇸🇬 Instagram: cafehoppingkids

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