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Because we all know there's a second stomach for that.
Amelia PW
Amelia PW

Microwaving it for a few seconds rewarded me with a slice of really fluffy and soft cake, but unfortunately the cheese did not melt into a gooey mess I was hoping for. The cake at room temperature did taste too eggy for me, but that wasn't a problem when I had it chilled the next day.

So TL;DR: if you're all about that soft, fluffy texture in cakes, definitely have it warmed up in a microwave. But if you find the flavour too eggy and the cheese too mild, try refrigerating it and you might find yourself enjoying it a little more like I did! 😊


I've always loved this place for churning out consistently good waffles and soft serve, but unfortunately this time it was more of a miss for me.
Although I still loved the texture of the softserve, the earl grey flavour was too intense and greatly overwhelmed the lavender. I found myself missing the subtle floral notes of the latter which I loved the flavour combination for. Waffle texture remained crispy and fluffly on the inside, but didn't have much of a flavour. For once, I was grateful for the maple syrup drizzled onto the plate so I could add some sweetness to the waffle.
Menu and pricing seems to have changed too, this time you can't choose the toppings (pre-allocated according to your softserve flavour) and the double waffle option comes with an extra serving of softserve in a cup, which means it's more expensive than previously too. Portion of the softserve was really generous, but honestly, it's all alot of food so I would recommend for a party of at least 3 to share.


I've been wanting to try this for the longest time and I'm so happy I finally gotten around to it when we were looking for dessert.
And I am pleased to say their froyo didn't disappoint! It wasn't too sweet at all which I really appreciated, and you still get the very slightest tanginess from the yoghurt. Toppings were pretty good too, I'd recommend the choco wafer sauce to add a good amount of sweetness and texture and the popping bubbles which were really fun to eat (though I'd probably not get the strawberry ones again), while the brownie brittle was too hard and didn't have much of a flavour. I wish they had more fresh fruit toppings, or perhaps they had already sold out because I came really late. Cheers to the friendly girl behind the counter for giving me a generous amount; froyo is always kind of a "see luck" situation when it comes to serving size, and I guess I was really lucky that day☺
Oh and apparently their yoghurt has more health benefits (detoxifying etc.) too because it contains charcoal, which isn't too huge an edge for me, but certainly a cherry on top of the icing.


I've had a couple of their other flavours before, and was never impressed till I tried this.
They didn't ask for my preferred sugar level, but this was thankfully, not overly sweet. Never thought mango and cheese would go well together, but this really blew me away! The cheese taste was subtly present, but I think what worked was the pleasant saltiness that complemented the sweet mango. A really refreshing icy treat!


Liked that it wasn't too sweet and the it did its job well in cooling me down amidst the heat. But the grass jelly itself was hard and tasteless and everything just felt thrown together from a pre-made source. Not my favourite dessert from here.


I've always ordered the mango sago plain but the heatwave in Singapore lately made me make insane decisions. And by insane, I mean insanely good. This time, I had it with a scoop of ice cream which made a world of difference. It added another level of intense mango flavour and creaminess to the dish. The pomelo didn't do much to the dish, and I recommend just spending the money to order to get that scoop of ice cream instead.

Don't get me wrong, this was a pleasant dish to end the meal with. But I have to admit I was slightly disappointed. When I think of sticky date pudding, I imagine digging into a dish that will make me nearly sick at the very last bite because it is so sweet that it borders dangerously around being cloyingly so. I think of cutting through a pudding that gives me a hard time cutting through it because it is so gooey, chewy, and sticky. But sadly, my imagination failed to materialise in this pudding.
I admit, however, I must be of a rare breed because it seems that most diners enjoy this dessert as it is. It certainly wasn't a bad dish, just a case of expectations set wrongly.


Not an unforgettable dessert, but it wasn't bad. While I thought the elements of the dish could have been better executed (grapes made for quite a peculiar topping, and I was hoping for a more decadent cheesecake), waffles were decently fluffy and the berry compote was on point!


Keith, the friendly owner of the restaurant, actually suggested to mix everything before consuming, but I actually enjoyed the thick, luscious coconut cream as it is. Still, mixed together, this icy dessert with an assortment of ingredients was great respite in the sweltering heat. Also, such a gorgeous dessert!!


I knew I couldn't leave without trying this when the next table ordered one immediately after they finished their first.

The mango, cut in thick slices, was fresh and sweet. I loved the inclusion of the purple rice as well; it felt like I was enjoying 2 desserts- the traditional mango sticky rice with the white rice (yum) and pulut hitam with the purple (double yum!!).


Though Creamier trumps in the number of ice cream flavours offered, I'm still partial to the Earl Grey Lavender which Sunday Folk's also has. Waffles and ice cream were just as amazing, but I will return to Sunday Folks instead just because their space feels less cramped.


I'm usually not a fan of custard, so I wondered, how good can a custard puff get? Answer: apparently very good.

Chewy pastry with a crusty exterior, generously filled with such beautifully light custard that oozes out immediately the moment you sink your teeth in.
Matcha fans will also be delighted with their green tea take. The matcha flavour blended so well with the custard!

Thanks for the recommendation, @veronicaphua. The raves over this is 100% justified.


I followed my heart & it led me to the fridge.

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