Middle Eastern

Middle Eastern

Featuring Artichoke, The Halal Guys
Marc T.
Marc T.

In this first collaborative mash up, Artichoke and Joo Bar teamed up to present the best of Middle Eastern and Korean flavours over the past two Sundays! The four mains featured here are Crabbibi (soy-marinated crab & maple-infused bacon with za'atar crouton & kimchi), Arti-Joo Fried Chicken, Pig Bang (Bossam-style braised pork sandwiched in pita bread), and Lambbokki (pulled lamb shoulder & fried tteokbokki in gochujang gravy).

My top pick goes to the shish taouk fried chicken. Coated with rice flour and deep-fried to crisp perfection, the lemon juice and yoghurt used in the marinade not only tenderised the meat, but also kept it juicy and flavourful. What really wowed us was the garlicky and deliciously potent toum dip! Make this dish a permanent on the menu, please! #AnnyeongHabibi

đŸ“·: Canon EOS M5, courtesy of Canon Singapore.


1.5 munchies: Apparently I was told that the Chicken Gyro Falafel from The Halal Guys is a must-have after visiting the MoMA. Just when I was anticipating to be wow-ed by this value-for-money dish (US$7), the rice was tasteless and strips of chicken were dry. The "special" white sauce also tasted like regular mayonnaise to me.

Little had I known that this meal turned out to be the most miserable and painful one I've ever had. Not only was I shivering and struggling to eat my food by the road at -2° C, I was also later contracted with giardiasis – an infection in my small intestine that was caused by a microscopic parasite. Another NTU classmate of mine, who had eaten the wrap from the same roadside stall a few days before I did, got it far worse than me. She even had to be sent to the Emergency Room and put on drips!

This is why I don't usually eat or get fascinated by street food when I travel. Not anymore, ever. #munchinginNY


Marc T.

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