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For all the best the West has to offer that can't quite be nailed down to a specific regional cuisine.
Russell Leong
Russell Leong

Cod was created to be the perfect fish for fish & chips, so I was glad to find out that utilises that flaky fish. The Cod & Chips ($24++) is a gargantuan meal, built from three colossal cod fillets battered & deep fried, along with a whole heaping helping of shoestring fries. In all honesty, it’s more cod & fries than cod & chips as the fries are a far cry from proper thick cut chips, but I’m just being pedantic at this point.⠀

Chips or no, the battered cod was absolutely stunning. Look at the subtle off white shade of the fresh cod. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my god, it even has crumbly bits. Yes indeed, the cod has everything needed to make you sweat profusely with pleasure. The firm, flaky fresh fillets of cod were the polar opposite of the deafeningly crunchy batter that encased it. Speaking of the batter, it’s truly beautiful. Crunchy and impossibly airy, it adhered to the cod rather well and made this dish oh so memorable.⠀

However, the brilliant batter was its own downfall. All that crunch came at a price, and that price was the absorption of a copious amount of oil. Truth be told, the first and second giant fillets were down easily & eagerly. It wasn’t until I cut into the third that the greasiness hit me like a truck, and my heart & arteries started begging for mercy. At that point, I was desperate for something bland, or something sour & zesty to cut through the grease, but all I had were fries that exacerbated the problem.⠀

With that said, I still firmly believe that this cracking cod & chips is downright decadent. Just don’t conquer it solo, share the love around instead.

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Croquettes are delish, but what if we really made ‘em ball out? answers that question with their Squid Ink Balls with Japanese Uni, which are priced at $26++ for a trio of balls. Since there were eight of us, we added on another croquette to make it two pairs of balls, but I don’t remember how much it was.⠀

The mashed potato filling within was charmingly creamy and velvet smooth. Enhanced by the savoury properties of the squid ink that’s been mixed in, the potatoes were satisfying savoury and umami. The exterior shell is delightfully crispy, and the uni carefully draped over adds a crazy amount of rich, briny creaminess. Still, close to thirty bucks for a trio of bite sized croquettes is pretty hard to stomach.⠀

For something a little more satisfying at the same price, the Grilled Argentina Prawns with Pisto and Pipirrana Pickle fits the bill. Kissed by the flames of the grill, these smoky shrimp are remarkably fresh and grilled just right. They are salted lightly, instead relying mainly on the pisto for flavour. Pisto is the Spanish offshoot of ratatouille, but a little spicier, more tomato-y, and the veggies within are diced into small bits. It’s spicy, tangy and salty, and it uplifts the flavour of the prawns.⠀

Not gonna lie, most of the appetisers at Lumbre were rather underwhelming, but the entrées are where it starts to get good.

@buttrmilksg is a halal certified Southern style fried chicken joint in Kinex. Yes, there are four malls in Paya Lebar, but Kinex is the awkward one that always gets left out of everything. Still, it’s where Buttrmilk have decided to set up shop, so that’s where I was.⠀

When I hear Southern style fried chicken, I think of chicken & waffles, therefore making Buttrmilk’s Hot Clucker combo ($14 nett) the glaringly obvious choice for me. A buxom, plumptious breast is pushed up by the jalapeño & cheddar waffle, and the lubricant is served on the side. As it’s a hot & spicy affair, the Buffalo Hot Sauce is the lube of choice, and it’s perfect.⠀

For what it is, these voluptuous chicken titt-um, I meant chicken breasts, are exceptionally moist. That could be attributed to the buttermilk brine that they marinate in overnight, as well as the brilliant batter. The breast is a real handful & mouthful, and you’ll have to stretch your jaw a bit to get a full gobble. It’s deep fried flawlessly, managing to lock in the precious little moisture of the chicken breast while cooking it just right.⠀

The chicken is a tad tasteless on its own, but the Buffalo Hot Sauce is the ideal lube for it. Spicy, smoky, sweet, salty and sticky, this flavourful sauce compensated for the shortcomings of the chicken. The jalapeño & cheddar waffles were fantastically fluffy, but I do feel like they could’ve been crispier on the outside. While the jalapeño slices within exploded with sour spice every time I bit into one of them embedded in the waffle, the cheddar cheese was conspicuously absent.⠀

For fourteen bucks, its a sufficiently satisfying boob job. Sure, there could be more buffalo sauce served, and the waffles could be just a little crispier, but it’s a decent deal all around.

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It is Wednesday my dudes, which means that it’s time to post some beef wellies. Gordon Ramsay was right, beef Wellington really is a showstopper, and it’s the centre of attention at every dining table it’s served on. @cherki_sg Pangium Beef Wellington ($30++) is no exception, as it comes pre-sliced in half for an epic cross section.

A massive slab of beef tenderloin is basted in Cherki’s proprietary pangium nut paste, and wrapped in mushroom duxelle and puff pastry. As you can see, that beef tenderloin is done to a delicious albeit uneven rare, and it really put the tender in tenderloin. The knife sliced through with light work, and chewing it was delectably easy. Pangium nut paste (aka buah keluak) tastes a bit like black truffles with a hint of black olives somewhere in there, so it made for a perfect fit with the earthy, moreish mushroom duxelle.

The puff pastry was fantastically flaky, but as expected of a beef welly, the bottom was quite soggy due to the juices of the tenderloin rendering out during baking. The savoury sauce poured over the welly exacerbated the sogginess, even though I appreciated its salty qualities. A easy fix would definitely be to put that sauce into a ramekin on the side. And of course, more sauce please. As for the soggy pastry, the only solution I can think of would be to sear the bottom on a screaming hot dry pan to try & evaporate some of those juices.

The Chinese mushrooms on the side were a nice touch, but they were a bit undercooked as they were slightly bitter. Despite the 3 faults of Cherki’s Beef Wellington, I was suitably impressed by it. Better yet, with #burpplebeyond, you can even get TWO beef wellies for thirty bucks! Yessir, @burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1 applies to ALL mains here! Now that’s the robbery of the decade!


And finally, we have @harryssingapore Beer Battered Fish & Chips. A single gargantuan slab of unidentified white fish is encased inside that ethereally airy beer batter, and it is DUMMY THICC. No seriously, the fish fillet is thicker than your average steak. The fish is firm & flaky, which makes it the ideal subject for fish & chips, but it’s not as moist and oily as I was expecting. In fact, it can be a little dry in some spots.⠀

Unlike the other entrées, the fish & chips being insufficiently salted isn’t that big if an issue due to the presence of the tartar sauce. I’ve always been an aficionado of tartar sauce; something about the combo of mayonnaise, lemon juice, pickles & dill just appeals to me on a deep level. Alas, there just isn’t enough tartar sauce to go around.⠀

The other important component of fish & chips are done excellently. The chips were a thing of beauty, and they were spiced & salted sensationally. So good, in fact, that we had no qualms about scarfing down every last fry.⠀

And for the last time (for now), thank you so much for hosting us @harryssingapore & @burpple!

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Friday, fryday, gotta get down on Friday, and that’s why we’re at @fiveguyssingapore. I’ve seen so many of my friends from on insta swear that Five Guys fries are the best in Singapore, and I’m starting to see the merits of their arguments.

Made with the finest Dutch potatoes on the day I visited, these French (technically Dutch due to the potatoes used) Fries were an absolute revelation. Each fry is pretty chunky, and it feels a lot like Five Guys made smooth, creamy mashed potatoes, shaped it into a fry, battered it & deep fried it in peanut oil. And good golly it works flawlessly. I suspect Five Guys used Heston Blumenthal’s triple cooking method to produce fries this crisp & fluffy, and the result is that these cajun fries are probably the best fast food fries in the market.⠀

Each fry was evenly coated with that salty, spicy cajun seasoning, and I found myself physically incapable of resisting the urge to shovel every last fry into my voracious maw. The fries taste pretty clean from being deep fried in the peanut oil, which is great as rancid smelling oil is a death sentence for any fried spud. This is the small portion of cajun fries mind you, and it’s about the equivalent of a medium sized portion of fries from most other fast food merchants.⠀

Five Guys may not have the most awe inspiring burger in the game, but they certainly got their French fry game on lock.


@joshsgrill onion rings are so famous that Beyonce wanted one of these rings to be put on her, and Ariana Grande even sang a song about them. Yes, these rings are incredibly affordable ($4.50++ a basket) and ridiculously awesome, but you might wonder why. After all, it’s just a few slices of onions that have been battered & deep fried, right? Well yes, but actually no, they are so much more than deep fried onions.⠀

If you haven’t already noticed, these rings are absolutely humongous. I don’t know where the heck they grow these mammoth onions used here, but Josh’s Grill has somehow found them. Of course, size means jack unless it’s delicious, and Josh’s Grill has that covered too. The seasoned batter coating these gigantic rings is crazy crispy & satisfyingly salty, shattering into tiny bits to reveal the soft & slightly sweet onion ring encased under the batter. ⠀

Of course, with great size comes great oil absorption, so these rings are greasier than a sleazy insurance agent. It’s not the fault of the otherwise breathtaking batter, but it’s just a natural consequence of having that much real estate to work with. The spicy mayo dip, while adding additional flavour to the rings, does exacerbate the grease glut problem with its own creamy richness.⠀

These redolent rings are irresistible, but you definitely gotta share them with your friends. Remember people, even Ariana bought 7 rings for 6 of her bitches.

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Brand new year, same old me spamming your Instagram with food porn and I feel no shame for it. has been on my wishlist for years, but it’s only recently that I finally got my ass in gear to dine there. @fyrjalanbesar opening up closer to my crib was a factor, but the real reason is that they’re now on #burpplebeyond.⠀

The @burpple 1-for-1 selection is disappointingly limited, but I was definitely NOT disappointed by this fantastic Free Range Half Chicken ($22++). Perhaps I approached this dish with absolutely zero expectations, but good lord this was divinely delectable. It’s diminutive in size but certainly not in flavour, as the little bird is grilled perfectly. Even the breast meat is astonishingly moist, juicy and adequately savoury. Those little char marks you see on the skin added a seductive smokiness to the bird, and it was damn near perfect.

The curious curried brown butter sauce was luscious & sapid with a little sourness to restrain the richness of the sauce. It really did taste of curry powder, but it lacked any sort of heat. What it didn’t lack, however, was flavour & satisfaction. The roast potatoes were done decently, and I’ve always loved olives so I’m a happy man with that.⠀

Fyr got off to such a good start with this hearty half chicken that me and my pals ordered seconds. And thanks to Burpple Beyond, those seconds were even sweeter.


It’s distressingly far away from Friday, but you can still turn it into Fries-day with Wolf Burgers’ Loaded Fries. These fries are loaded alright, with a generous deluge of nacho cheese all over, and a smattering of turkey bacon bits mixed in for extra hits of chewy, smoky savouriness.⠀

Wolf Burgers thicker than normal shoestring fries are pretty palatable, and they were fried to a wondrous golden brown and seasoned well. Fries tend to suffer the most from takeaways & deliveries, but I still smashed these fries though, and I’ll do it again.

I truly hope that brings their sublime seafood stew back soon, given that Singapore is currently in rainy season once again. Yep, it’s the closest thing we’ll ever get to winter here on the equator, and I’ll take it. Better than getting roasted alive, that’s for sure.⠀

A behemoth of a barramundi fillet is spectacularly seared and carefully draped over a pile of Venus clams that have been simmered in the the most brilliant bouillabaisse broth, and garnished with zucchini chunks & cherry tomatoes. The barramundi fillet is what truly justifies the asking price of $28++, as the fresh, majestically meaty fish is firm, flaky and the skin is delectably crisped up.⠀

The seafood bouillabaisse broth is simply stellar, with its sapidity and mild tanginess augmented by the glorious garlicky-ness of the bouillabaisse. The mildly briny & subtly sweet clams add even more flavour to the bouillabaisse, and the clams have the charming chew that makes these mollusks so highly desirable.⠀

The only thing that was lacking in this dish was carbs. I found myself constantly wanting for a couple of slices of warm bread to soak up every last drop of that breathtaking bouillabaisse. Actually, this seafood stew would work perfectly as a risotto too, come to think of it. Absolutely delicious, and I’m truly curious to see what specials Sevens Café has up their sleeves.


I finally got around to dining at @kedaikopisg second outlet at Haig Road, and I found out that Kedai Kopi has already opened up a third outlet. Yes, I am perennially late to the party, but the flavour party don’t stop at Kedai Kopi, and especially not with @tenderfreshsg.⠀

It’s been a long while without having Tenderfresh’s terrific fried chicken, and it is as beautiful as the last time I devoured it. The brilliantly battered skin is beautifully blistered & gorgeously golden brown, and each bite of seductive skin elicits an epic crunch. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of earth shatteringly crispy skin, the outer layer of chicken meat has sacrificed its juicy moisture for the cause.⠀

Fortunately, the deeper you penetrate, the moister it gets. The seasoning on the chicken is simple yet stellar, boasting a mouthwatering medley of spices, salt & pepper that is sure to satisfy your palate. It’s a ridiculously delicious fried chicken that can compete with and probably will beat many restaurants that also offer deep fried chicken.⠀

Two’s company? Hell naw, two ain’t enough. Think two dozen instead.

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On a menu mainly dominated by bar bites, the BBQ Pork Ribs ($26++) stick out a little awkwardly. In fact, they’re one of the only three entrées available at @beerbasketkatong if you’re rather ravenous, with the other two being Fish & Chips and beef steak with fries. The ribs stick out on the menu, but that’s a good thing.⠀

A half rack o’ St. Louis style spare ribs, which are the meatier ribs cut closer to the belly, are slathered in a smoky, splendidly salty & mildly tangy BBQ sauce and thrown on the barbie. The sugar in the sauce caramelises delightfully, giving just a tiny touch of crustiness to the redolent ribs, and sticks all of its fabulous flavour to it. An additional coat of BBQ sauce is painted onto this juicy rack, and then it’s ready for you to devour.⠀

St. Louis ribs are usually fattier than baby back ribs, so I was taken aback when I discovered that it wasn’t as juicy & fatty as I was expecting. While it is most certainly NOT dry, it was less moist than I would’ve believed. Which is why it’s even more astonishing that the meat is terrifically tender, easily & cleanly stripping off the bone with minimal fuss. ⠀

Along with a king sized bed of mashed potatoes & a mini garden’s worth of greens, this is a surefire crowd pleaser. One can never go wrong when they are endowed with a fully loaded, heavy & tender rack, and this is no exception.⠀

I appreciate the hospitality, @beerbasketkatong & @burpple!

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