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Dough-nt Think I Could Ever Give You Up

Dough-nt Think I Could Ever Give You Up

I JUST WANNA HAVE ABSolutely the best pizza & breadsticks.
Amelia PW
Amelia PW

The filling and bacon wasn't the greatest, but wow is the bread super soft and fluffy! Before I even realised, I'd finish half of this despite already having breakfast plans. It did remind me of the popular grilled buns in Bangkok. There was a slight taste of yeast initially, but thankfully that was masked when I reached the filling. They have both savoury and sweet flavours available, and prices start from $1.60 for a small (regular) sized bun. I'd love to hit their sweet buns next- I got my eyes on the yam! 😉


I'm always partial towards these kind of paus which boast a fluffier skin. The ones here were really soft, though I wish it had a bit more of a chew. Personally, it was just a tad too sweet for me, maybe because I'm more used to the other kind of paus. The meat filling was of good quality; generous chunks that weren't oily at all. Do it justice by steaming it before consumption!


Popping it in the toaster oven for a couple of minutes certainly did wonders for this treat! The exterior was crispy, flakey and extremely buttery, while the insides remained fluffy such that I could tear the layers apart easily. The pastry comprised lusciously thick swirls (none of that dainty tea pastries that serve to make you only hungrier), making every bite delightfully satisfying. This was certainly comparable in taste and quality to a French bakery that I loved in Australia, and it makes me happy (& frankly a little terrified for my waistline) to know where I can get such quality pastries in Singapore now. I'd definitely have to try the other selections soon!


Pricier than most other baguettes, but it's one of the best ones I've had too! The outside was hard and crusty like any respectable baguette would be while the interior was amazingly soft and fluffy.
A very well executed baguette made with authentic ingredients (the owner shared it was made with French flour) to boot. ☺


Disclaimer: I wasn't hungover.
But I can imagine how this may taste good for those who are- flavourful and salty toppings on chewy pizza dough. Too bad the crust was too tough for my liking, and I think it would definitely taste better eaten onsite. I prefer the Free Bird, but my equally non hungover (I hope) work friends had good reviews for this one.


I bought the sweet potato and yam buns, and I am very, very happy with both.
Buns were soft, fluffy and had good elasticity while the filling was so generous that it threatened to spill out of the bun when I sliced it in half. It's not often you find something both the young and old will like- in addition to it being colourful (so picture worthy for young folks), the older generation will be heartened to know that the buns are naturally coloured- in this case green tea for green and charcoal for black.
If you're having it there, definitely ask for the hot ones by the counter- it'll make a world of difference! If you're taking it away, the guy said it's good stored in the chiller up to 3 days & steamed for 10 minutes. I can attest to that- I had them on the very third day because I like to test my limits, jk.


Back for another lunch set! Pastas for the sets change everyday so there's always something new. That day was my first (and definitely hoping for not last) encounter with this beautiful mentaiko pasta.
Prior to this, my only experience with mentaiko was in mayonnaise which I liked, but it was mostly drowned by the creamy sauce.This pasta however, was generously coated with mentaiko and balanced well with the crunchy cucumber. It was savoury, salty and flavourful and had me slurping every strand with joy. Do take note that it might be too strong tasting for some, but mentaiko fans like me will surely rejoice.
This was such great value especially since mentaiko can be very expensive and they definitely didn't stinge on the ingredient. Yum!!!!


Super stoked to have my hands finally on this! Burrata was oozy and creamy... basically any cheese lover's dream. Spread it on the perfectly toasted homemade (emphasis on this, because I'm impressed at that dedication), and paired with the tomatoes. A delightful way to whet the appetite or curb hunger pangs before the mains arrive.


This was so aptly named for I can hardly think of anything more comforting as a starter than two perfectly cooked and runny eggs mixed with (or rather flavoured by) mushrooms and chorizo and finally topped off with cheese. The only thing I can think of that can make this better is a side of well toasted bread to dip into the mixture. Luckily, we had also ordered the Burrata which came with bread so I'm a happy camper!


Affordable lunch sets priced at $12 are on the weekday menu but this meat ragu was sooo worth the +$6 top up.
Pasta was well cooked and firm to the bite, but it was the ragu that made me wanna lick my plate clean at the end of the meal. Balanced with both beef and pork, the meat sauce was not overpowering at all. Instead, it was well balanced savoury goodness coupled with extra tender beef cheeks.
I just had this a couple of days ago, but I'm already dreaming of going back for this again. And of course, to finally get my hands on the highly raved Burrata & the new Truffle Pig Ears.


So I was warned that this might be very strong tasting, but I went ahead anyway because it's one of their specials. And to my surprise, I actually really really liked it! Yes the Italian herbs really came out strong in the sauce, but it was hearty & savoury and it clung onto the thick chewy noodles perfectly. The dish was indeed incredibly flavourful, and I can see how it might turn some people off, but I actually really enjoyed it. The beef slices however, were quite tough. Otherwise, this was really a good pasta dish I will come back for.


So I promised myself I'd be back for their bagelwiches, and I'm glad I did.

The A.B.L.T was really an average, basic sandwich but The Salted... yes, that's where it's at. Meat came in thick slabs which I'm definitely not complaining about. Forget about all your deadlines because... the food coma that entails is hard to beat. But it's so worth it!

*they weren't kidding about their garlic bagels! I was expecting garlic powder, but it came in fried sprinkles. Only reason why I didn't enjoy it as much (& I love garlic!) was because there were already so many bold flavours going on.


I followed my heart & it led me to the fridge.

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