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Weekday Lunch Ideas

Weekday Lunch Ideas

Featuring Alter Ego, Fasta, Kuro Maguro (Tanjong Pagar Centre), Sō (nex), A.S. Seafood Soup (Bedok), Koufu (HDB Centre), Honolulu Café (Westgate), The Soup Spoon Union (VivoCity), The White Kitchen by Tokyo Latte, Everyday Come Coffee Shop
Janice Yip
Janice Yip
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This $3.50 porridge at Everyday Come Coffee Shop totally surprised me. Firstly, I have a prejudice towards coffeeshop porridge because I had too many bad ones. Nowadays I don't even bother with trying... so I stood outside the stall really long before parting with my $3.50. The porridge was filled with sweetness and flavour. Aside from that, the fish slices were thick and plump, it's such a joy to eat! Because of this experience, I'll give some other Hawker porridge stalls another go!

I am pretty much a fan of this An Sheng Seafood soup. Usually I will choose the bigger bowl that cost $8. I'm even thinking of upgrading my selection to the premium fishes.

The broth of this soup is really sweet. All the natural sweetness of the ingredients can be tasted through the soup. I especially like the strongly flavoured pork cubes in the soup. The fish meat as well as the prawns are also very generous. For Hawker food especially lunch, it's an awesome treat!

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Mala Xiang Guo has become a very popular dish among food courts and Hawker centers. I really enjoy eating it and always try to have it whenever I can find someone willing to share a bowl with me. The one at Koufu Toa Payoh Hub is my all time favourite. I feel that the flavour in terms of the Malaness is just spot on. The ingredients are to my liking and I always get a warm sense of satisfaction after I had my bowl from there.

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This is probably the most affordable ramen I have tasted that made the mark and is extremely generous with their ingredients. I was impressed that the broth is close to those ramen I pay $16-17 for and the generous char siew and egg that comes with it. Why do I need to go to such ramen joints when So offers me $10 ramen of equal quality?

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I never knew that Thai food consist of instant noodles. I always thought that Thai noodles are like the glass noodles and pad thai. So imagine my fascination when my colleague told me about this Pad Mama which I chose seafood to be fried with it. It's awesome, really nice, not oily or sticky and definitely a quick fix lunch!


I visited fasta on a weekend but my honest view is that it's more suited for the working crowd. It's a healthy bowl which allows for mix and match pasta choices and the portions are very generous. I just add that the food isn't hard to eat but as a pasta lover, I still prefer restaurants pastas

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I really have full praise of the food at this cafe especially since I have a soft spot for Hong Kong food. The food at Honolulu cafe offers comfort above all else. Simple food, but makes it easy to just eat there everyday with its variety. It's too bad I didn't manage to try the egg tarts in my last visit.

For more details on the food experience visit http://bluntandfussyeater.blogspot.sg/2017/04/honolulu-cafe.html?m=1

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This baked tomato spaghetti is perfect comfort food for a busy day at work. The cheese on the chicken chop is just right and I like the tomato taste that it's of the right level, not too saltish. While it's nothing out of this world it's definitely comfort food.

Visit http://bluntandfussyeater.blogspot.sg/2017/04/honolulu-cafe.html?m=1 to read more about Honolulu Cafe


Tried the curry chicken flavour and it's pretty authentic in taste. I got a soft spot for instant noodles and picked the Nissin noodles option even though the waiter said the ramen option is better. I liked that this version the chicken is roasted not the typical white chicken. It's comfort food, nothing out of this world but it's definitely an option when you are in Jurong


This sashimi don is real treat for sashimi lover. The fish is fresh and of the right size. The don is flavourful and light. In my view, the portion is also just right.

I found myself in unfamiliar territory when I had to lunch at changi business park. The salad bar at Greenwitch offers unique ingredients which I don't see at other salad bars in CBD. The food really is very delicious and refreshing because the ingredients totally suits my palate!

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Enjoyed two healthy bowls of soup as I try to eat clean on weekdays. Sg chicken ragout and Tokyo chicken stew are both my hot favourites. I like the creamy texture of the ragout and the oriental and chicken flavour brought out by the chicken stew. Gonna try their salad next!


I live for the best experiences. Pursuing the most enjoyable food and sharing with everyone.

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