A sweet ending to my meal, we had the churros with vanilla ice cream where vanilla speckles can clearly be seen. Fried to a golden brown, the churros was coated with a layer of sugar and boasts a crispy exterior along with a soft core. You can have the ice cream and churros separately or dipped the latter into the ice cream for a better experience.


Their Signature Gelato Bun was really good! The warm and crispy craquelin choux puff wraps your choice of gelato - lychee yuzu sorbet in our case, and I was surprised at how the puff was able to hold up its crustiness instead of turning soggy. Lychee Yuzu was a nice combination with a faint fragrance lingering behind even after the bun was long gone.

If you think you're looking at sushi, look again.

This is their Sushi Gelato, which is the 2nd instalment in their 12 Surprises 2022 series where a new concept would be launched each month of the year. Cleverly and gingerly shaped like sushi, the gelato does not taste like sushi at all. Instead, they used gelato spotting the same colours to mimic the sushi design, such as Coconut to mimic rice, Mango to imitate tamago and Watermelon as salmon. However, they did use actual seaweed and inari to hold the 'sushi' together. While it may taste a little too adventurous for me, it was still a really interesting concept 🌟

Peanut Cake is one of their signature and I can see why. The nutty fragrance wafted in the air, even with the box closed. The subtly sweet sponge cake layers are ridiculously soft, with my fork sinking in easily and making it impossible to stop at the first slice. The light layer of cream coupled with the generous amount of chopped nuts sprinkled over it was what gilded the lily.

The Custard Puff was pretty textbook with nothing much to write home about, and I do wish there were more custard in it.

Got myself the Kaya Cake, which reminds me of the one my mom used to get from Swee Heng when I was a kid, with a cross cross design at the top (not sure if any of you remember it 🤣) This old school cake was subtly sweet with the familiar fragrance of kaya lingering in the mouth after the cake is long gone. The soft sponge cake was layered between the jelly-like, gelatinous custard which gave off a minty feel since I just grabbed it off the fridge. While it was good, it certainly didn’t dazzle, since the Peanut Cake took the limelight.

Found this gem of a place tucked away in the corners of Yishun. Moin Moin is a gelato shop that offers the usual classic flavours like Cookies & Cream, Matcha to more intriguing ones like White Chrysanthemum and Osmanthus Lychee. The latter caught my eye and it certainly did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed the fruity sweetness which goes along well with the subtle floral notes. Was glad I ordered this to go with my Dark Chocolate, which could be a little heavy and the Osmanthus Lychee helped to change things up a little.

The waffle was crispy on the outside, and doughy on the inside 💯 the temperature contrast of cold ice cream and hot waffles is pure bliss guys, it will always be one of my go to desserts!

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Their vegan, organic ice cream tasted a little too healthy for me 🤣 it wasn’t bad, just that it wasn’t satisfying enough for me. But if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to the usual Ben & Jerry’s then this is the one for you.

Their Ice Cream in Husk was such a treat too! I added on Gemstones, which are actually red rubies, made of water chestnut cubes coated in tapioca flour, thus giving off a delightfully gummy ball with a surprisingly crunchy center. These vibrant red gems spots a floral, rose like fragrance that complemented well with the coconut ice cream and flesh and serves as the perfect summer treat! If you’d like to bring these ice creams home, they sell them in tubs that you can conveniently bring home to share the joy with your family!

Thanks to 8dayseat for publishing the article on how the elderly hawkers need our help, otherwise I'd never have found this gem! Known for his Sweet Potato Ondeh Ondeh and Gula Melaka Tapioca Cake, my kind groupbuy host went down the day after the article was published to bring these goodies back for us but apparently everyone else had the same thoughts and most of his kueh was sold out, save for limited boxes of his ondeh ondeh.

Unlike the usual Ondeh Ondeh that I'm used to, these had a nice, fragrant sweet potato scent, and you could even taste remnants of mashed sweet potato left on the chewy ondeh ondeh skin. Upon sinking your teeth in, the pool of gula melaka within burst out in your mouth, spreading sweetness across your palate. The uncle showered his ondeh ondeh in a sea of desiccated coconut, which provided a nice crunchy element to the kueh kueh and I easily gobbled up all in no time.

These donuts have been highly raved and hard to get since they were a home based business and now that they have evolved to an actual shop, they are still pretty elusive 😂

Luckily, I managed to snag a box of these soft and airy donuts showered with sugar granules. How they managed to hold the generous amount of custard cream within them is beyond me because they simply exploded when I tried to tear them into half. The texture of the cream was consistent throughout, smooth, velvety and cool ('cause I took it out of the fridge and I must say, it tasted better that way)

I started off with the Vanilla, which was a good choice considering how its fragrance was the lightest of all despite the prominent use of vanilla beans. Mild and subtle, this was really light on the palate and you could easily devour one yourself without feeling bogged down by it. Right on the other spectrum is its Chocolate counterpart, which was much richer and aromatic without being cloyingly sweet.

I enjoyed the Taro Coconut, where the faint taro scent gently perfumed your nose as you leaned in to take a bite, though I personally felt that it could be a little sweeter to allow the taro to shine through.

Didn’t particularly enjoyed it because it wasn’t sweet enough for me though it was understandable since it’s soya bean tart and not egg tart. 🙃 My personal preference is to have it at room temperature because the tart was softer as compared to having it chilled. Any of y’all tried this before?

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