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Eating old school pastries like these always brings about a sense of nostalgia. These tau sar piah are soft and flakey, but somehow manage to maintain firm and in shape to hold the generous fillings within. I always prefer the sweet fillings over the salty ones, how about you?

Their tart is great for all occasions, especially for afternoon tea! I lux it up a little by adding a scoop of raspberry ripple ice cream which I got from the ice cream uncle downstairs #supportlocal Raspberry-ception ✨ absolutely adore the raspberry fragrance off every bite, and the saltiness from the crust to balance it off.

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Always wanted to give them a try, but never found myself anywhere near the hood of Tampines, which was why I was glad when my friend told me they were offering same day delivery with limited slots on their IG Stories. Turned on my notifications since then and managed to secure a slot, YAS 💪🏼 ⁣

went a little overboard and got 12 of it in 4 flavours: Nutella, Cream Cheese, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Fudge. Had the Nutella one and felt it was a little dense, not as fluffy as I would like it to be. While the Nutella fillings might not be substantial (as seen in 2nd photo), it was certainly sweet enough since there were sugar dusted all over. The team had clearly put thought into this. Anymore Nutella and it’d be a sugar bomb. Personally prefer the Cream Cheese version more as it was lighter on the palate and had the right balance of sweetness. ✨

These traditional cakes got me reminiscing about my childhood, where my mom always buys them for breakfast. All the different colours always attracted me as a kid, wanting to try all the different creams available. They were light and fluffy, and a delight to munch on. While these weren’t as fragrant as the cakes in my memory, they suffice to bring me some joy amidst these pandemic.

Still thinking about the food at @yunnanssg ! These beancurd pudding with brown sugar were the perfect way to end off the meal. Velvety texture that’s lusciously soft and smooth, it wasn’t overly sweet despite being paired with brown sugar. Since dining in is an option now, I believe I’ll be heading down really soon for the full experience!

Childhood memories were made of these. Guess my love for pastries like such, were largely influenced by my pop. Being the traditional machismo Asian man that he is, he loves tau sar piah, kueh and all things similar and always pairs them with his Kopi-O. As such, I grew up trying all kinds of pastries and listening to his stories on how “they don’t made it the same anymore”, “these are machine made”, “last time the pastries very fragrant one, what’s this nonsense I’m eating now”. Hence, I’m always on the lookout for nice pastries to bring them back and let him relive some childhood memories.⁣

Gin Thye is easily my go to for this, with the pastries soft and flakey, but somehow managing to maintain firm and in shape to hold the generous fillings within. Got it off @shopee_sg @ginthyesg store, with 6 sweet and 6 savoury tau sar piah going at just $10.80. What a steal!⁣

I understand pastry industries like this is a tired trade, slowly losing favours among the younger generation and I can only hope, it won’t die out. Feel free to let me know if you have any good suggestions for tau sar piah! Thank you in advance on behalf of my pop! 🙏🏼


Have been eyeing their IG worthy pies for a while now, and wanted to wait for a special occasion to get it. Finally got down to ordering this Raspberry Ripple Pie for my dad, and it was definitely a hit with my family.⁣

It’s a very light dessert, with every mouth bringing about a subtle raspberry fragrance, while the saltiness from the crust cuts the richness of the pie. The crust, while not crunchy per se, still provided a nice bite to the pastry. Those roasted pistachios littered above it were the cherry on top. This is perfect with a cup of tea, and I wouldn’t mind ordering their Nutella Pie in future as a guilty pleasure!

I adored their selection of generously filled macarons, with each of them being small and light with just the right amount of crisp, followed by an indulgently smooth filling. They do ‘melt’ rather fast, as the filling were slowly becoming soft while I was taking these photos, so eat them fresh out of the fridge! They were a hit with my folks too, as it wasn’t overly sweet like some of the typical ones we taste in SG. I guess, the real sweetness came from this surprise delivery, which was more than sufficient for me ✨

Love how everyone’s spreading love this CB period. Ever so grateful for all the love showered upon me. Here’s wishing everyone a great day ahead! ✨

Jumping on the bandwagon, I managed to score myself the newly launched Brown Sugar & Sea Salt Milk by @fnnmagnolia . Taste wise, yeah, it does have the familiar taste of a brown sugar milk tea, with the aroma faintly lingering in your mouth. And if I could put a sugar level to it, I'd say 25%. I mean, that's expected since it got a Healthier Choice label from the Health Promotion Board. So if you've done nothing but snack all day long during this CB period, and is starting to worry about your waistline, yet still stubbornly want to get your boba cravings fixed, then this might be your go to. ⁣⁣⁣

But I still like my boba sweetness at diabetes level (hahaha), so this didn’t quite cut it for me, though it’s sufficient to curb my cravings for the time being. I was thinking maybe I could “zhng” this milk up by adding more brown sugar myself. What do you guys think aye?⁣

looking forward to the day where we can all go out for desserts again 🍫 I miss the richness of the chocolate desserts here, all the quality without a hefty price tag, definitely one of the better dessert places to patronise!

Judging by the speed of which my family wipe out these treats is a testament to how good they are. I was slowly savouring my choice of dessert, Black, pairing it with a cup of hot tea and looking through my social media; and wanted to try the Lemon Tart only to find out my family has finished their share ... makes me wonder how long did I devote my time to endless scrolling on social media. ⁣

That aside, I did thoroughly enjoy my chocolate dessert. Comprising of 64% Valrhona orange chocolate mousse, every bite was soft and smooth, seemingly ice cream like. The orange inset gave the dessert a much needed citrus element, which helped to cut down on the cloying sweetness of the chocolate. I initially thought the bits on the side was peanuts, but they turned out to be cacao nibs, even better 🥳 ⁣

Still a little bummed I wasn’t able to try the rest of the desserts. Guess I have to order it again and hide them from my family 😅

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