Thanks to 8dayseat for publishing the article on how the elderly hawkers need our help, otherwise I'd never have found this gem! Known for his Sweet Potato Ondeh Ondeh and Gula Melaka Tapioca Cake, my kind groupbuy host went down the day after the article was published to bring these goodies back for us but apparently everyone else had the same thoughts and most of his kueh was sold out, save for limited boxes of his ondeh ondeh.

Unlike the usual Ondeh Ondeh that I'm used to, these had a nice, fragrant sweet potato scent, and you could even taste remnants of mashed sweet potato left on the chewy ondeh ondeh skin. Upon sinking your teeth in, the pool of gula melaka within burst out in your mouth, spreading sweetness across your palate. The uncle showered his ondeh ondeh in a sea of desiccated coconut, which provided a nice crunchy element to the kueh kueh and I easily gobbled up all in no time.

These donuts have been highly raved and hard to get since they were a home based business and now that they have evolved to an actual shop, they are still pretty elusive 😂

Luckily, I managed to snag a box of these soft and airy donuts showered with sugar granules. How they managed to hold the generous amount of custard cream within them is beyond me because they simply exploded when I tried to tear them into half. The texture of the cream was consistent throughout, smooth, velvety and cool ('cause I took it out of the fridge and I must say, it tasted better that way)

I started off with the Vanilla, which was a good choice considering how its fragrance was the lightest of all despite the prominent use of vanilla beans. Mild and subtle, this was really light on the palate and you could easily devour one yourself without feeling bogged down by it. Right on the other spectrum is its Chocolate counterpart, which was much richer and aromatic without being cloyingly sweet.

I enjoyed the Taro Coconut, where the faint taro scent gently perfumed your nose as you leaned in to take a bite, though I personally felt that it could be a little sweeter to allow the taro to shine through.

Didn’t particularly enjoyed it because it wasn’t sweet enough for me though it was understandable since it’s soya bean tart and not egg tart. 🙃 My personal preference is to have it at room temperature because the tart was softer as compared to having it chilled. Any of y’all tried this before?

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Finally got to try these elusive egg tarts that seems to get sold out pretty fast! felt it’s overhyped because given the price point ($2.30), I could possibly get better egg tarts elsewhere. Personally prefer the cookie crust over the pastry crust as the latter spots a limp crust even after heating it up. Cookie crust has a better bite, but there was nothing much to shout about. Can consider giving it a miss if you’ve got no time to queue ☹️

Always a fan of the kuehs here! Ondeh ondeh was gobbled up in no time and decided to keep some of the tapioca kueh in the fridge for second round only for them to turn sour the next day 😱 please finish all your kuehs in one setting people! Those pesky desiccated coconut are hard to store 🥺


These elusive Orh Nee Tarts and Cheese Tarts from June Bakery are pretty hard to come by, and for good reason. The buttery crust crumbled with every bite, and seemingly melted in the mouth. The luscious yam paste, with its subtly sweet flavour, was a nice complement to the savoury buttery crust and both flavours melded together beautifully. Not a fan of ginkgo nuts, I dug them all out and left it aside and finished this pastry 5 mouths in. The Cheese Tarts was loved by my brother, with me preferring the Orh Nee Tart. Cheese filling was a little gao for me, and this was more savoury than it was sweet and I like my pastries sweet. Still a decent cheese tart nonetheless!


Yuzu Meringue - Fresh and light, this cake was given a yuzu twist before being enrobed in a beautiful golden brown, toasted meringue. The citrusy zest was prominent with every bite, with the sweet, marshmallow texture of the meringue perfectly complementing it to counter that tartness.⁣

Yuzu Cheesecake - textbook perfect with the right amount of yuzu zest! I preferred the meringue variation over this.

Have long wanted to give this Orh Nee cake a try and am glad I finally did. Was surprised to find bite sized chunks of yam nestled within the lusciously smooth, velvety puree layered in between the cakes, offering some sort of textural variation from the soft, vanilla sponge. Crowned with a generous amount of chantilly cream and crunchy white chocolate pearls, it's amazing how they managed to ace the ratio of each element to make sure they all come together to form such a delicate cake. Definitely worth the hype!⁣


Eating old school pastries like these always brings about a sense of nostalgia. These tau sar piah are soft and flakey, but somehow manage to maintain firm and in shape to hold the generous fillings within. I always prefer the sweet fillings over the salty ones, how about you?

Their tart is great for all occasions, especially for afternoon tea! I lux it up a little by adding a scoop of raspberry ripple ice cream which I got from the ice cream uncle downstairs #supportlocal Raspberry-ception ✨ absolutely adore the raspberry fragrance off every bite, and the saltiness from the crust to balance it off.

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Always wanted to give them a try, but never found myself anywhere near the hood of Tampines, which was why I was glad when my friend told me they were offering same day delivery with limited slots on their IG Stories. Turned on my notifications since then and managed to secure a slot, YAS 💪🏼 ⁣

went a little overboard and got 12 of it in 4 flavours: Nutella, Cream Cheese, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Fudge. Had the Nutella one and felt it was a little dense, not as fluffy as I would like it to be. While the Nutella fillings might not be substantial (as seen in 2nd photo), it was certainly sweet enough since there were sugar dusted all over. The team had clearly put thought into this. Anymore Nutella and it’d be a sugar bomb. Personally prefer the Cream Cheese version more as it was lighter on the palate and had the right balance of sweetness. ✨

These traditional cakes got me reminiscing about my childhood, where my mom always buys them for breakfast. All the different colours always attracted me as a kid, wanting to try all the different creams available. They were light and fluffy, and a delight to munch on. While these weren’t as fragrant as the cakes in my memory, they suffice to bring me some joy amidst these pandemic.

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