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Sorely disappointed with their ice cream cones. The ice cream was great, but the cones were dry and flat. Also, they placed cornflakes at the bottom of the cone to lower the quantity of ice cream placed in (?) I felt cheated hahaha! Meh, shall stick to their waffles next time!

Quite possible the fluffiest cinnamon sugar dusted, deep fried dough I’ve had thus far! Every bite was guaranteed a crisp exterior with sugar lining your mouth thereafter. The accompanying chocolate sauce was super thick, I left it out and ate my churros naked, which is more than enough for me.

This was a rather unusual pairing, which turns out to be nice union that was quite refreshing. One of the more interesting desserts I have tasted till date. Note that mine here is lacking the peanut crumble due to allergy so that the taste might differ slightly!

Thick, gooey dessert might just be everyone's go to when we were a kid, and now that we're all grown up, such gooeyness (think: caramel and chocolate sauce) does not reflect well on our health report. Yet, a sticky date pudding might just hit the right spot, and I thank whoever came up with this creation. The warm pudding that comes with a dollop of ice cream gives your tastebuds a juxtaposition of temperatures. Godmama has a different take on this dessert, as compared to those on the local scene, serving it with red dates and longan tea. This is a refreshing change I welcome!

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Quite possibly my favourite place to go to for warabi mochi now 🥰

Ain’t no one stopping me from my ice cream on this chilly night

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Famed for their unique flavours such as chicken rice ice cream, I still went with the relatively safe option of vanilla keke

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soft and fluffy, but lacking the fragrance of butter. Nothing much to shout about though the ambience and aesthetics here is 💯 ⁣

This sweater weather and festive season has got me all the feels for brunch and I’ve been guilty of devouring more pancakes and pastries than I’m supposed to. Got this Apple Crumble Pancake which came in a pretty huge portion, it was really good at first, but does get jelat very fast with that much dough going on, and starts to lose its appeal after a while. Good for sharing though!⁣

FINALLY! The queue has died down a little at the Jewel outlet and I got my hands on this highly raved about ice cream cone. The strong whiff of waffle cone smell in the air was enough to tempt one into getting every single scoop to go with the cone. Quite a number of flavours I was looking forward to try were not available at the time and I eventually settled for the Lychee Raspberry which was a fairly refreshing option. But here’s a special shoutout to their thyme cone, which is handmade on the spot. Spotting an earthy flavour, it’s very aromatic and crispy and simply goes beyond expectations ✨⁣

Came here for a quick coffee run and I’m so glad I decided to get their Almond Chocolate Croissant. This buttery, flakey goodness was a pure delight, spreading warmth all over during this rainy season. I thoroughly enjoyed the richness of the butter and the well-balanced sweetness from the chocolate at the base. This pastry definitely has that signature soft but crisp outer layer with a rich chewy body. Found out from the staff they got this from Mother Dough and I’m now adamant on heading down for more of it.⁣

Another crowd favourite, their Molten Chocolate Lava Cake hit all the right spots. Topped with icing sugar along with a scoop of ice cream (vanilla, matcha, paddle pop, strawberry), slice the cake apart to reveal the thick, gooey chocolate that's expertly encased within the cake. Talk about decadence 🤤.⁣⁣⁣

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