A simple dessert with mango ice, some brown sugar jelly and vanilla ice cream, this was a bit lackluster and nothing to shout about. Go for their chendol instead!

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Was in the vicinity so I thought to give it a try instead of the usual Ah Chew Dessert which was round the corner as well. The building it was in looks very ulu and I didn’t even know the building was still operating since it was pretty late at night. Until I saw people walking out of the building only then I made my way in. The shop is pretty big with 3 units altogether, compromising of mostly teenagers, likely from the art school nearby. It’s a very homely place but don’t expect to stay long as it was so noisy, could barely hear myself speaking. Desserts wise, the Chendol was pretty good, love the Pandan jelly in the creamy coconut base, along with red beans on the side. The Mango Ice wise, a bit lackluster and nothing to shout about.

Bumped into some MediaCorp artistes here, so I guess this place is quite well known indeed.

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The Taro Tiramisu had a stronger tiramisu flavour as the taro element got overpowered by the tiramisu. Nevertheless, the purple hue was still very nice to look at!

Am pretty sure this place will be a hit with kids as I’ve seen multiple kids running around the pit while I was there. Good way to tire them out so they go home and toh immediately 😂 parents please take note 🤭

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The Coconut Bingsu had to be the star of the day with its cute presentation 🤩 the shaved ice were fine with what seemed like raspberry pops at the base of the shaved ice before it’s topped with a regular vanilla ice cream.

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Popped by here and was in for a surprise! There’s a ball pit in the middle of the shop with seats and table within, enabling the kid in you to immerse in the environment that would otherwise prove inappropriate had you been in the indoor children playground 😂

I had their Honey Soufflé which was utterly airy and fluffy, almost cloud like. My only qualm was the accompanying honey which was rather uncommon and I much prefer maple syrup with my soufflé.

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Essentially good ol' classic chocolate chip cookies amped up with hazelnut, sea salt and candied orange for an extra touch of flavour! Walking the line nicely between crunchy and chewy, the edges boasted a nice crisp, while the center is soft and ever so lightly chewy. I would have personally preferred it if they do without the nuts, though I think that helped with the texture since the nuts gave it an extra crunch.⁣⁣ Laced with a smattering amount of sea salt, it added a savory component to this cookie, but what I truly enjoyed was the subtle, citrusy element from the candied orange, which added depth and I do wish there were more of it to go around.

While basque burnt cheesecake may be nothing new to most of you, they certainly serve up a mean one. It may not be photogenic at all, without all the bells and whistles that usually accompanies a cake, but this cheesecake with its scorched surface can be hard to resist (and hella hard to photograph 😂)

Flavoured with imported vanilla (look at those vanilla specks!), this is intensely creamy, seemingly biting into melted cheese, with the texture of a cake only appearing towards the end. Made with a special blend of 4 types of cheese, the flavour profile was surprisingly light and well balanced. If you're looking for a very rich dessert, you've found it!⁣

Ended off my meal with the tangy and refreshing Lemon Yuzu which got high praises from the group. It scored points aesthetically, in the shape of a lemon perched above a bed of cacao crumble and yuzu jam. Breaking apart the lemon shell, you’d find lemon mousse that’s not too heavy on the palate. Definitely a must order here!

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A sweet ending to my meal, we had the churros with vanilla ice cream where vanilla speckles can clearly be seen. Fried to a golden brown, the churros was coated with a layer of sugar and boasts a crispy exterior along with a soft core. You can have the ice cream and churros separately or dipped the latter into the ice cream for a better experience.


Their Signature Gelato Bun was really good! The warm and crispy craquelin choux puff wraps your choice of gelato - lychee yuzu sorbet in our case, and I was surprised at how the puff was able to hold up its crustiness instead of turning soggy. Lychee Yuzu was a nice combination with a faint fragrance lingering behind even after the bun was long gone.

If you think you're looking at sushi, look again.

This is their Sushi Gelato, which is the 2nd instalment in their 12 Surprises 2022 series where a new concept would be launched each month of the year. Cleverly and gingerly shaped like sushi, the gelato does not taste like sushi at all. Instead, they used gelato spotting the same colours to mimic the sushi design, such as Coconut to mimic rice, Mango to imitate tamago and Watermelon as salmon. However, they did use actual seaweed and inari to hold the 'sushi' together. While it may taste a little too adventurous for me, it was still a really interesting concept 🌟

Peanut Cake is one of their signature and I can see why. The nutty fragrance wafted in the air, even with the box closed. The subtly sweet sponge cake layers are ridiculously soft, with my fork sinking in easily and making it impossible to stop at the first slice. The light layer of cream coupled with the generous amount of chopped nuts sprinkled over it was what gilded the lily.

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