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Perfect tea break after all the shopping craze! ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

Wasn’t expecting much from the dessert since they are more known for their poultry and barbecued meats but I was impressed with their Lemon Meringue Tart. It had a good balance of sweet and sourness, without either overpowering the taste of the other. 💯

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Went to @andsoforthsg for their highly raved about immersive theatre and interactive dining and boy did I have a jolly good time! My favourite dish has got to be their dessert, you guys gotta go experience it for yourself!

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These churros were way too good to be true! Sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, it was crispy on the outside and really chewy, almost mochi like on the inside. I could eat it by itself even without the accompanying chocolate sauce! Thank you @burpple for this invitation and Sabio Tapas Bar for your hospitality!

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Of all the cakes I’ve tried, my favourite has got to be the Yuzu Chiffon Cake. It was fragrant, zesty, and overall, more dense than the other cakes. Comparably, the strawberry one had a milder taste and has a lighter flavour compared to the Yuzu.

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These beautiful coloured puffs makes for a good tea break snack with your girls! Utterly filled with thick tea infused cream, they start oozing out once you sink your teeth into one of these too-pretty-to-be-eaten puffs. The shell was crackly but not enough to make a mess of things which was great! I love how each of these puffs carry along a distinct hint of aromatic tea flavours yet not being overpowering. Thanks @burpple for the invitation!


Pretty mediocre green tea desserts, doubt I’d come back anytime soon. ☹️

This Apple Tart is fantastic. Utterly crispy and flakey with a slight hint of charred to it, they certainly did not scrimp on their apple slices which was pretty sweet and had a slight sourness to it which was perfectly balanced out by the caramelised tart and dollop of vanilla ice cream.


Absolutely loving the chill vibes here. Reminds me of my time in Australia, enjoying my food and not giving a care in the world ☺️

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One can never go wrong with sticky date pudding at PS 😋

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