Their Tom Yum bread spots a very prominent lemongrass scent which may not be a hit with everyone but I absolutely adore it, along with the tang and spice that's synonymous with Tom Yum. There could be more fillings though, but at this price point, there really isn't much for me to complain about.

Went with the fail safe option of Curry Chicken and it did not disappoint! Fragrant and savoury, biting into this was akin to biting into clouds (not that I've tried) 🤪

Yam Mochi was delicious! Packed with orhnee, floss and mochi, this was one hella yummy bread, where the fragrant yam paste and savoury floss complemented each other perfectly, with neither overpowering the other. The mochi had a texture akin to that of a nian gao (年糕), where it was really chewy and sticky, adding another dimension to the bread.

I love old school bread, especially those that come in aluminium trays where the bakeries used to sell by half a dozen. Chanced upon this gem and it brought back great memories for me! The owner of @thaibaang went to Thailand to master the craft before setting up shop here in SG and it was everything I expected it to be, soft, moist and fluffy with different fillings packed within. Bought plenty to share with the fam bamz!

Am already planning on a repeat purchase to try those that my family wiped out! 🤤

I do enjoy the Pain Au Chocolat here, where the pastry breaks into a thousand buttery shards with each bite, showering the plate (and the table) with its delicious crumbs. Despite the mess, I'd eat this over and over again.

The Kouig-Amann I tried this time round seemed to fall short of my expectations though, seemingly faring better the first time round I got it. Is it me or does certain food tastes better in memories? 🤔

Always at a loss on what to start off with when I order the Signature set from Brera, and after finally having come up with a plan of attack, I'd have to just go with my gut feel again cause some 'rat' at home would have swiped out some of the pastries that I wanted to try.

Layered with butter and spotting the succession of folds that's a distinctive profile of classic croissants, you'd find their croissants light, airy and shatteringly crisp after heating up, with a deeply caramelized buttery flavor. If you'd like an added omph, they offer them in both sweet (Almond) and savoury options which are equally good as well!

Situated not far away from Lola's Cafe is The Breakfast Club, which serves up brunch offerings all day, adding on to the competition for Lola given its very reasonable price tag. Spotting a name like that, one can't walk away without ordering their brunch items, which was what me and my friends did. While very affordably priced, I can't say their Breakfast Plate is the best brunch out there. Loaded with the classic ensemble of breakfast food such as scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms, bratwurst and french toast which you could swapped for pancakes, this was pretty decent fare, with nothing much to shoutabout.

Have long heard that this place is a 老字号, but never had the chance to be anywhere near the vicinity. Gotta thanks @sengkanggroupbuy for bringing them in!

This fragrant and flavourful glutinous rice is one of the better ones I’ve tried, with the portion being just nice for lunch. If you know of any place that serves nice glutinous rice, send them my way! 🤗

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Light, flaky pastry perfect for anytime of the day. Beneath the outer shell that gives way to a flurry of golden crumbs with every bite, lies the light and soft dough within, with semi-sweet melted chocolate pooling at the base. I gave the cruffins a few turns, coating the interior entirely with melted chocolate and my day is made! These were really tasty and I ended up with chocolate streaks down my hands even after coating the interior because they were that generous with the chocolate.⁣

Pain Au Chocolate⁣
A traditional pastry, the pain au chocolat is a yeasted puff pastry dough wrapped around chocolate 'batons', and in this case, 3 sticks of premium CacaoBarry chocolate bar, promising you chocolate goodness with every bite. They were the atas bread (cause i couldn't read them heh) I went for when I was a kid, when I stepped into the bakery and didn't quite feel like a chocolate sprinkles donut.⁣

My least favourite of the lot. It was pretty dense and dry and I would recommend you pair it with jam rather than eating it on its own.⁣

The bakes here should come with a warning, as once you have tasted them, you won't settle for pale, flabby neighbourhood pastries again.

Boasting a light, airy and shatteringly crisp (after heating it up, that is), with a strong buttery flavor, you could tell these croissants are a labor of love and definitely worth the calories. From plain croissant, to sweet (Almond) and savoury (Triple Cheese Ham) options, they pretty much covered all grounds and did exceedingly well at it.⁣

Got their Signature Set and can I just say, these are worth every penny. All their breads are made with premium ingredients from France and Japan, with no preservatives at all.

Before this, I had never heard of this bread, let say tried it. I mean, I don't even know how to pronounce this. (I Googled, it's kween-ah-mon) If people can't pronounce it, never heard of it, and yet it flies out the door and becomes one of their best selling items, you know it gotta be good. And they certainly did not disappoint. On my first bite, I'm sold. It's a denser version of a croissant, with sugar being liberally sprinkled all over and in between the layers, so that the end product is a crispy, caramelised outer crust with a soft centre. While it may look plain, with the amount of butter and sugar involved, do not undermine the calories 😱

The bakes here were pretty divine, and I suggest you read more reviews online before you start, in order to create your plan of attack. Unless of course, your family steps in and steals your bake then, you'll only be left with 1 or 2 pastries at best. But hey, that also gives you a reason to buy more.

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