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Nothing better than brunch with great companions! Haven’t met up with my friends for a long time, partly ‘cause of COVID, but largely due to everyone’s clash in schedule #adulting so I was more than happy when we all could finally meet for brunch at a nice cafe like @lowercasesg ! The cherry on top was that @burpple Beyond 1-1 deals were available here, which made it all the more worthwhile to dine there as a big group (split into 2 tables, of course!)⁣⁣

The place had a nice vibe to it, being spacious yet cosy, with some families having brunch, and students or adults working at a corner. I found their LC Breakfast Platter delectable, choosing scrambled eggs as my choice of eggs and was delightful to find they had added what seemed like paprika to spice it up! Their pancakes were soft and fluffy, and I drowned them in a sea of maple syrup, just how I like them to be. ⁣

On a side note, what do you think is the best time for brunch? 11am or 1pm? My friends and I couldn’t seem to come to a conclusion. All answers are welcome! ✨

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When you run out of ideas for breakfast, you go back to the OG.

The old fashioned butter cake was pretty nostalgic. It had that strong buttery fragrance which reminded me of the pound cake my folks used to buy for me for breakfast when I was a kid. Those days where simple pleasure includes having a slice of cake with hot Milo, though I have slowly evolved to coffee as I aged.

It arrived well wrapped in cling wrap, which kept it moist even though I didn’t have it the same day I received it.

If Big Breakfast sounds too much for you, go for the simpler Eggs Benedict to satisfy you; classic poached eggs with hollandaise sauce on buttered brioche toast. The best part about this is there's Burpple Beyond 1 - 1, so bring your family down to share the joy! Thanks Burpple for the invite and Communal Coffee for the warm hospitality!

Look, we all worked really hard during the weekdays, so when the weekend rings, we aren't asking for much, just the best treatment we can get, in the form of brunch. Big Breakfast - A classic platter for when you want a little bit of everything. This fills you up nicely with sauteed mushrooms, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs atop a slice of toast, spinach, a small serving of salad on the side to balance everything out. Thanks @burpple for the invite and @communalcoffeesg for the warm hospitality!

Boy was I impressed with this iconic local breakfast. Not only were they soooo generous with their handmade kaya, they also put in a large slab of butter in between the bread. It was amazing how they managed to stuff them into the bread and still managed to keep it thin and perfect for biting into. Every bite has a promising droplet of melted butter that’ll drip down the corner of your mouth, but hey not complaining, I like my butter 🧈 simple, no frills breakfast, just the way I like it.

While their pancakes might have been a letdown, this pastry here did not disappoint. ⁣fluffy and flakey, every bite was filled with sweetness which was well balanced with the sourness from the passionfruit. Mmm 😋 ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

Who's in the mood for some oysters with with a chilli-shallot-fish sauce dressing?⁣⁣ yes, I had this for brunch, don’t judge ahhhaha

Foie Gras 'Latte' caught the eyes of almost everyone at the table, so we ordered it without much hesitation. What we thought was an interesting pairing of coffee and foie gras turned out to be foie gras soup in a cup. The foie gras was blended with cream and chicken stock, and topped with milk foam which made it look like latte. I do enjoy the richness of the flavour, but can't seem to pinpoint how I feel about foie gras being served in soup form. It was queer at first, but you start to grow a liking to it after a few mouths. We dipped the accompanying brioche into the soup and mmm, best of both worlds ⁣

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Patronised them over the National Day weekend and we opted for the National Day menu to share. Now, the menu is rather different than what they usually serve because they injected local flavours into every dish. First up we started with bread of the day served with seaweed butter which was amazing! Utterly creamy and rich in flavours, you simply can’t stop devouring this amazingly fluffy piece of dough. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

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Initially thought these pancakes were overrated but I know what the hype is about now. Utterly fluffy, the reviewers weren’t kidding when they say these pancakes were incredibly light and delicious. If you want to save some calories and skipped the whipped cream, I’d say save it. Pairing the pancake with the whipped cream along with the maple syrup is the ultimate indulgence you shouldn’t miss. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

Brunch is my favourite mealtime of the day! Sourdough was tough, dry, and not easy to tear apart. Cheesy mushrooms were decent but the sausage was mehh 😕 can give this a miss

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