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Dos And Dons

Dos And Dons

Best dons I've eaten // you don believe me don you
Alicia Ho
Alicia Ho
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Went with the Truffle Tenderloin Don and because it is TGIF, decided to treat myself a little by adding on Ikura Shoyuzuke into my bowl. The beef was great though the portion might be a little disappointing to some people. Overall a good bowl of donburi and serves as a quick fix to the office people working round the area!

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Got the miso butadon and though it was fragrant and grilled to a nice char, the pork slices were rather dry and not as soft as I had hoped. But I heard from my colleague that the premium option is a lot better so I might be heading back to try when I’m feeling rich (which is impossible given the current the festive season 😭)


So glad this is on burpple beyond, had been waiting to try this for ages! One bite in and I’m sold. These lean yet tender beef slices were beautifully scorched to give off a slight charred taste. Special shoutout to the rice, which when blended with the sweet sauce from the beef, garlic bits, runny yolk and truffle scent gave a burst of flavours in your mouth. Got greedy and ordered the large bowl and was shocked at the generous serving. Couldn’t finish it but my friend gladly clean up the bowl for me.

Finally found time to try this! The beef Don comes in a set, with sesame tofu as starters, miso soup and an onsen egg which the Chef recommended me to pour over the beef slices. He first caramelises and sears the beef with sugar and other sauces, thus making it oh so sweet before putting in the other ingredients like tofu, mushrooms and shirataki noodles. Decided to be less adventurous and went for the cheaper option first, definitely trying the premium one on my next visit!

Albeit a little pricey, I thought the Truffle Wagyu Cheese Don was pretty worth the hole in the pocket. At first bite, there’s an explosion of flavours in my mouth - the slight char on the beef, the fragrance of the truffle, the light crunch from the tobiko and the smooth yolk from the egg. The portion was good enough for me but seeing that I’m a small eater, it might not be enough for the average Joe. The regular portion comes with a bowl of salad too! This mouth watering bowl definitely deserves a regular visit!

Came here for late lunch because I wanted to avoid the crunch time and beat the crowd. The Wagyu Mentaiko Bowl is as good as the truffle Wagyu Don they serve here. 😋 Will definitely be coming back to try their non beef dishes !

What I’d order over and over again. How does one get sick of barachirashi don?

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Greeted by an extremely potent truffle fragrance when I enter the shop, I was already hungry before I even sat down. A hole in the wall Japanese donburi eatery, their dons really do give you a bang for the buck. Their rice are infused with truffle oil and sprinkled with furikake which further enhances the flavours. The star of this dish has got to be the melt in your mouth good otoro. The ikura, seaweed, jellyfish, pickles and minced otoro were all great and made this truly a bowl to die for.

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Had a great Pleasure .... Bowl sometime back at Kabuke. Boasting a multitude of ingredients, it was a very luxurious bowl priced reasonably at $58. But with such decadent ingredients like Uni, Caviar, Wagyu Striploin, Foie Gras, Ikura, there really isn’t a focus for the dish; other than being ridiculously pleasurable ☺️

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Finally found the time to try Doco, even though I worked in the same building it is situated at. 🤷🏼‍♀️ got the beef option, where the beef was peppery and thinly sliced, thus making it easy to chew. It is topped by onsen egg and flavoured fish skin which added a slight crunch to the dish. 👍🏼

Wagyu + Foie Gras Meshi is a luxurious bowl of baked rice comprising of well marbled chunks of A4 Miyazaki Wagyu along with pan fried foie gras and runny onsen egg. As expected, the beef was soft and tender and melts in your mouth; while working harmoniously with the foie gras to produce the most intense of flavours to your palate. Definitely a must order when your patronised here !

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