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Featuring Tanuki Raw (Orchard Central), Japanese Curry Express, Teppei Japanese Restaurant, Ryo Sushi, Manzoku, Ikoi Japanese Restaurant, Kanshoku Ramen Bar (orchardgateway), Salmon Samurai (100AM), HANA, Black Cow
Amy Yuan
Amy Yuan
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I feel the omakase we had at @yodajapanesedining was worth the $100++ as Chef Fabio served plenty of premium quality ingredients throughout our meal. Here's what we had in order:
1) Oyster shooter - It was the huge and creamy variety and the dressing was a good blend of savoury and spicy with a hint of sour.
2) Raw squid and okra with mentaiko - Chewy and slimy with an umami kick.
3) Cold poached egg with wasabi-marinated octopus and ikura - A really sensuous creation.
4) Sashimi - The botan ebi shrimp and thick cuts of otoro, chutoro and kanpachi were superbly fresh. When we were done, the shrimp head was taken away, deepfried and served again, all hot and crispy this time. Total scrumptiousness.
5) Two kinds of tempura with mentaiko mayo - I love, love, love the natto and seaweed because I am a natto fan. The Tai fish with Shiso leaf was also delicious.
6) Crab and foie gras - The former, which was really fresh, had been cooked in a light sauce, while the latter was pan-fried. The chunk of braised daikon below proved a nice foil to the richness of this dish.
7) Mangalica pork with burdock root crisps, edamame and potato salad - I chose to replace the original item of lamb with this because I am more of a pork person.
No regrets.
8) Sanbo Rice - Not shown here but I posted this separately as it is too good!
9) Somen with chives - The soft noodles look plain but every strand was full of flavour from being cooked in a tasty stock.
10) Japanese musk melon - One half was original but the other had been soaked in whisky (thanks to @jiaknonstop's instructions to the chef). Both were divine.
Conclusion: The ambience of this rather spacious restaurant isn't anything to shout about but the quality and variety of the food at those prices makes it worth traveling for.

Any of the Salmon Bowls are reasonably priced at $9.90 each!
Just decide how you would like your salmon to be done (raw, poke, mentaiyaki or cooked) and your choice of base (udon, brown rice or salad) - so fuss free! Do yourself a favour and add on $2 for their Salmon Miso Soup! That's no ordinary miso soup, chockfull of ingredients added (salmon chunks, radish, carrots) - so so tasty and wholesome!
The Salmon Mentaiko with udon would be definitely one of my favourite - especially with their salmon cut and served fresh daily, you are definitely in safe hands of the @salmonsamurai 🗡

This was a hosted tasting by @salmonsamurai, thank you @coolheart for the kind invite and @nantheless for the warm hospitality!

Side dishes : Crispy Chicken, Sweet Potato Tempura and Sotong Ball Price was acceptable! Though sides were pretty expensive

It won't be long till this new addition at Far East Square is discovered by the healthy-eating office workers in the vicinity, so head down as soon as you can to avoid the long wait. Yuki Onna serves tasty Make Your Own Bowls (from $7.90) as well as Dons (from $13.90) and Sushi Sets (from $12.90). The medium Make Your Own Bowl ($15.90) comes with a salad base, two fish options, one carb and five toppings — enough to sate one very hungry tummy comfortably. Choose from four fish marinades for either your salmon or tuna — original shoyu, yuzu shoyu, yuzu miso or spicy. Then add on sushi rice, quinoa (additional $1 charge) or have it strictly with greens. Finally, go crazy on the toppings — cranberries, cherry tomatoes and even olives to add extra flavour to your bowl! If you're looking for something fuss free, opt for their Bara Chirashi ($14.90) instead. It comes with thick chunks of salmon, tuna, hamachi, tobiko and ikura. Although portions run small for the Cold Truffle Somen with Hotate ($14.90), the simple but flavourful bowl comes with a generous topping of caviar and sliced Hokkaido scallops, definitely worth splurging on especially since there's no GST or service charge!
Avg Price: $15 per person
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo

Crispy bread skin, soft bread meat. The soup has a strong lobster taste! 😄

Lots of new mentaiko goodies at Fart Tartz for fans of the coral-coloured roe (like myself), and this is my favourite! Here, a light cream sauce saturated with minuscule beads of the beloved pollock roe clings to strands of al dente linguine, while glistening salmon roe add extra-savoury pops of pleasure.

💸 $12
When my friend first told me that we were going to Fortune Centre to eat, I was apprehensive because Fortune Centre, with its dilapidated exterior sure did not look like a place where one can find good Japanese food. 🤔 But I've learned not to be too quick to judge for often, we find such food gems in the most unexpected places.

Tucked away in a little corner on the third floor of Fortune Centre, Japanese Curry Express looked like a mini coffeeshop. No frills, cash only place hence the affordable price tag on their food. (Yes, no service charge & GST!)

I ordered a bowl of the Salmon Mentai Don ($10) and upsized it for additional salmon for just $2 extra. The mentai was torched to perfection and complemented with fresh and tender salmon slices. The rice was sticky and had this slight vinegar taste that wasn't too overwhelming but just right, exactly how Japanese rice should be like. ☺️

I polished off the entire bowl in no time and was left satisfied, both tastebuds & tummy were happy 👍🏼 Definitely worth coming back for!

So we came to the area starving and wondering if we should get ramen or chirashi don. In the end, my friend who was craving for chirashi don insisted on this and we went. Definitely didn't regret it at all since the chirashi don is served with a generous amount of fresh salmon, tuna, swordfish and scallop bits. I wasn't a fan of tuna and the tuna served here is so good, even better than the salmon. The cubes of fishes are so really good. My friend literally left a piece of tuna at the end because he wanted to slowly savour it. 😂😂😂 But I prefered the rice in my beef don since it came with more sauce (cue EGG YOLK)... I would strongly recommend you to order this since the beef is too tough. This is WAY better. Best of all, this is only $15!!!!!!!!!!!

Prices are before GST. Tried the Truffle Pasta ($18) and it was really quite good! Seafood aglio olio pasta is nice too!! Had a go at the Ice Cream/ Gelato but thought it was just meh. The waffles i have to warn, are not your typical big round waffles but a thin long piece on a stick, not quite worth the price! Would def return for the pasta and perhaps try the roasted chicken because we saw many people order that and it smelled really good!! Picnic sells food of all different ethnicities btw

Honestly just one of those that you try just for the novelty of it. The presentation of the 'flying' soba is nice but taste was meh.

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Cold Truffle Somen with Hotate ($14.90)

Everyone orders this too. I felt it was alright, though a little disproportionate because I had hoped there would be more Hotate (scallops). No regrets ordering thus, but also not sure if I'd order this again.

We did order some sides within the order sheet ✏📄, but they somehow got lost in transit & were never served.

💵 Cash only
☀ Alfresco seats (no air-conditioning)
💻 Accepts reservations - I Facebook messaged them

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